The Aqua Cameo

By SailorMiaka

Author's note: Hey y'all. This is my first real honest to goodness all by myself fan fic. I love reviews! Comments, praise, flames whatever can be sent to me at Happy Readings!

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The winds rustled through the leaves of the secluded house. To any onlooker it was a normal house, two stories, typical country home looking. Not the type of house you would expect for Japan's most famous racer and violinist. What the onlooker didn't see was the enormous garage behind the house. Inside the garage was a vast collection of cars. Mustang, Celica, BMW Z3, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborgini, Jeep, Mercedes SUV, all part of a larger collection. Those being the ones that were yellow and navy blue anyway. The turquoise Mitsubishi Ecilpse sparkled from under its cover while the maroon Toyota Solara waited patiently for its owner to take it out. The woman chuckled as she walked closer to the house. She knew who resided here. She knew what they were like. The winds picked up whipping her black cloak around her petite frame. Her dress, a revealing thing that exposed much of the wearers breasts and slit to mid thigh on both legs, fluttered in the breeze showing her lithe legs and the laces of her strappy heels. She slowly made her way to the house. Into the kitchen she went, silently passing through the door that was both dead-bolted and triggered with alarm systems. She smiled. Those 20th century appliances didn't apply to her. She was above time, not part of it anyway. She walked past Hotaru's room, brushing a tear as she continued on, past Setsuna's room. The sound of computer keys clicking furiously in the small hours of the morning brought back too many memories the visitor didn't want to remember at the moment. Climbing the stairs she reached her goal: Haruka and Michiru's room. She past through the door and for a moment just stared at the couple. Haruka was on her back, Michiru snuggled into the crook of her arm. Her head on Haruka's chest. They were so cute. The visitor choked momentarily and the once again familiar sight. She smiled sadly. Still after fighting the Death Busters, Nehelenia, Galaxia, they were ignorant of just who they were, what they were. The final strand of memories, the memories that Crystal Tokyo was depending on, that made their sleep restless and put their guard up was still just out of their grasp. Tonight though, that would change. The visitor walked toward the night stand on Michiru's side of the bed. She reached around her neck and unclasped the heavy Aqua cameo that rested just above the hollow of her throat. Laying the necklace on top of the nightstand, she turned to go taking one last look at the couple, chuckling because she knew they were about to get the ride of the century. She left the house and began walking down the street, watching various gifts being placed. Sapphire earrings, a Jade hair clip, an orange sapphire bracelet, a ruby medallion, a pearl ring, the peridot medal, and finally the topaz ear stud. With each gift came a visitor. Each visitor had a target. Each target needed their memories. Michiru's visitor walked into the group. Hand encircled the womans waist. She smiled as she looked into her lovers face, noting the gleam in the teal eyes and spoke. "Honestly, Haruka. I thought you would never leave that garage." "I'm sorry Michiru, but we don't have them in the millennium." Removing their hoods, the visitors laughed. The Princesses and the Prince formed a circle, the planet symbols flashing on their foreheads as they called on the powers of their planets. They disappeared from sight never to be seen again, except maybe in the memories of the people they had once been.