The Aqua Cameo

By Sailor Miaka

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Aqua Cameo
Ch 10

"The pain of Retribution"

'YOU?" screamed the inner senshi and Mamoru.

Usagi hung her head and burst into sobs, the pain of these violent memories exploding in her heart. She lifted her eyes to the shocked ones of her friends and immediately buried them in her knees once more.

"What happened? Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, of you please just tell us what happened." Mamoru said quietly.

THe outer senshi glanced each other's way before Setsuna began her story once more.

"It was all over. Endymion was on the ground, you inner girls collapsed around what you thought was our princess' lifeless body, we outers just arriving on the scene..."


"NO!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Mercury

"Serenity!" Mars cried, slamming her fist into the ground.

"No, this CAn't be!" Venus lamented.

Jupiter looked on in shicked silence, unsure of anything, until a gloved hand clamped on her shoulder. She was spun around with a force and came face to face with a pair of stormy green eyes and a hauntingly familiar face.

"What the hell happened here?" demanded Uranus, her hand instinctively reaching for Neptune's.

"Beryl." Jupiter said flatly, recognizing the Sailor Senshi she hadn't laid eyes on since she was four years old.

Uranus released her and sank to her knees. She cursed silently, rose and began the walk around the destroyed kingdom. THe injured Senshi rose to join her. Neptune clutched her infant daughter to her chest, the tears falling down her face. the destruction took her breath away. The capitol was ablaze, the palace nothing more than a large pile of stones and broken furniture. So much destruction. For a such a petty reason. Neptune closed her eyes as the tears rolled down her cheeks. If only these stones could talk, she thought. What would they say?

They might recount to the next visitor, how no one saw the wounded princess rise fron her bloody place next to her love. How no one heard her screams of anguish as she realised her beloved prince was dead, and that the child she carried would never know her father, if that daughter survived at all. Rage filled Serenity's heart as she saw the Senshi together. Traitors! her mind screamed. They should have protected him! They should have protected Me! She dismissed the nagging little voice in the back of her head claiming that if she had of transformed into Sailor Moon instead of being afraid, that she might still have a beloved, and a Kingdom. Revnge was the only thing on her mind. Revenge against those who had failed her. Her friends.

She stood once again this time, the holy sword of the moon in her hands. She quietly crept around the battle field, collecting little items. An enchanted harp, a mystical bow, a golden whip, and magical leaves. Her laughter, once so pure and friendly, now so cruel, echoed in the deserted courtyard that was littered with the bodies of the former Moon Kingdom.
She walked past the bodies of Luna and Artemis and of her dying Mother. She paid no heed to her mothers whispered calls. She kept on walking. Until she reached the senshi. She smiled and waited to attack.

Mercury was the first. She turned, feeling someone watching her. Her eyes bulged from their sockets as she saw Serenity standing before her, wielding Mercury's sacred waepon, the Aqua Harp. Mercury felt first hand the pain all of her enemies felt as she was hit with her most powerful attack, the Aqua Rhapsody. She lay panting on the ground, just consciencous enough to see serenity raise the sword of the moon high, but not conscience enough to feel it enter her body.

Mars, the all knowing priestess, never saw the flame arrows of her sniper bow until they had passed through her body. She crumpled to the ground and as Mercury before her, saw the raised sword but did not feel its pain.

Jupiter was uneasy. Mars and mercury were no where to be found. She heard the crackle of thunder before she felt the sizzling pain of her Oak evolution. SHe fell and rose, only to be felled again by her own attack. She stood once more and looked around. She heard the sound of a sword going through flesh and looked down to find a sword through her own abdomen. She turned in time to see the hatred in Serenity's eyes and give her a gaze filled with pity.

Venus was terrified. She saw the bodies of her friends, each laying in a pool of blood, their weapons sticking out from the bodies. She heard the sword swing and the whip snap. One caught her by the leg, the other missed completely.

"WHY? She yelled at her attacker.

"You failed." Said her beloved princess in an inhuman voice.

Venus closed her eyes as the sword entered her body and she felt her blood mingle with those of her senshi sisters.

"We forgive you Serenity." She whispered with her last breath.

Serenity leaned on the holy sword for support. Her strength was leaving her. she swallowed and went in search of the outer senshi. Two women who had protected her and her love affair while hiding their own, a Legendary soldier few had seen, and a tiny infant no one suspected to grow into a senshi. They were none of these things in her mind. They were simply blocks into getting what she needed. The talismans.


"No more. I can't bear to see this." Neptune sobbed against her partner, for once losing her tranquil demeanor.

"It's allright love, somehow it will be alright." Uranus soothed to her lover, and softly cooed to the infant in her arms.

THe women met Pluto and retreated back toward the castle to meet the inner senshi. The blood bath that greeted them wiped out any emotion they had had left. To see their young proteges laying in death, defeated by their own weapons, it was too much even for them. Haruka and Michiru ran to Rei and Makoto, collapsing at their sides. Setsuna stood silently over Ami, letting the tears stream down her cheeks. Hotaru sobbed in her mother's arms, not understanding what was going on.

"When I find the low-down, filthy, son of a bitch who did this," Haruka growled through her tears, "They will wish that they had never been thought of!"

A strangled breath caught their attention, Beneath haruka, Makoto was taking her last breaths.

"Forgive her. We did." was all she said before her eyes closed for the last time.

"Forgive who?' Setsuna said.

"Forgive me." came an eerie voice.

"Serenity!" Cried Neptune raising to her feet and rushing to her Princess. When she embraced the girl, she looked deep into the soulless eyes of a girl who had once been the joy of so many's life.

"Serenity?" Neptune asked cautionusly.

The girl only looked at Neptune, before throwing her to the ground with such a force that baby Hotaru fell from Neptune's arms.

"What are you doing?!?!" uranus screamed, rushing to her lover.

"Revenge is sweet." Serenity replied.

"Revenge? For what?" Setsuna demanded.

"You failed. You were supposed to protect me and yet I find that you leave me for dead in a puddle of blood from the man I loved and you didn't even care!"

"We thought you dead." Neptune said softly

"So did they." Serenity said motioning the fallen Sailors.

"You? YOU did this?" Haruka cried.

Serenity smiled a cruel smile before nodding. She was not the sweet girl they had all loved. This was a stranger who smiled back at them. In the next second, everything happened. Neptune leaned to grabbed her infant daughter, only to find her already in the arms of Serenity.

"Your talismens. On the ground, now. Or the baby is the first of you to go."

Neptune burst into tears as she immediately laid down her mirror. Uranus glared but followed suit and laid her sword next to its partner. Serenity looked expectantly at Sailor Pluto. Pluto shook her head.

"If you are really going to go through with this madness, then so be it. But I will not surrender the orb."

Serenity glared before pointing to a corner of the triangle she had formed with the mirror and sword. The outer senshi stood shocked, they had been told that together their talismens would summon the destroyer of Plantes, Saturn. Yet there was all three talismans and nothing was happining.

"Oops." Serenity said with an inhuman giggle, " I forgot the guest of honor."

She laid the baby in the triangle and instantly a purple glow surrounded them all. Neptune and Uranus screamed for their daughter, while Setsuna discreatly vanished. When the light faded, a 14 year old girl stood in place of the baby. Her eyes held the wisdom of the universe it seemed and she gave a look of pity to the little princess before her. Uranus and Neptune cluthched each other as they realized what serenity was about to do.

"Destroy this place--wipe the memories from the history of the world, make sure no one ever remebers it." the moon princess commanded.

she walked over to Neptune and Uranus.

"Die with your arms around each other, as I will with my beloved. You two always did have it easy."

"Easy? how?" Neptune shot back, venom dripping from her voice. "You flaunted your love for Endymion, Haruka and I had to hide. I was sent away when i was discovered with child and yet you seem not to care that you are murdering your own--"

Michiru's words were silenced by a swift kick to the stomach. Haruka lunged at the tiny moon princess only to be hit herself by a blast of energy that sent her sprawling to the ground. Michiru looked up to see the sword flash and felt the burn of the blade as it entered her skin. She heard Haruka's cry of Rage and then heard the sickening slide of sword into flesh. In one blow, both were humbled. The undefeated lovers of the millenium lay silent in a collecting pool of their blood as they reached for one last embrace before death. She did not hear Michiru's curse

"I was forced to sacrifice my daughter for you, Princess. Never will I do it again. Never. Your own will be first. I will not let you harm my Hime ever again. Yours will die before mine."

Saturn's eyes grew cold and hard as she spoke the three words no one had ever heard and lived. She surveyed the landscape, hating to end and erase such a beautiful thing. She saw the princess take her love in her arms and looked at her expectanly.

"Death Ribbon Revolution." Saturn whispered.

She let the glaive drop.

And the flash filled the sky with the lights of the rainbow as the Glaive of Saturn crush the Silver crystal into seven rainbow crystals, and watched as her fellow senshi were carried into the sky by crystal sphere's into the future were a happy life hopefully awaited them.


Tears flowed freely in the living room belonging to Haruka and Michiru. No one had dry eyes.

"You all hate me now." Usagi sobbed

"Usagi." Ami said

"We forgave you long ago." Minako replied, wiping her tears.

"But I did not." Michiru said bitterly. "I never understood you, Usagi. never. You would plead with us for someone's life, yet not hesitate to go after a heart crystal the next. You held the choice between life and death so many times. But something in you never would let go of the massacre you created. When Chibi-Usa gave herself up without a fight for Hotaru...It blew me away. Then even after we screamed at you for going after Saturn when she destroyed Pharoh 90. You wouldn't give up completely again. For that--I forgive you. You saved My hime from death the same way you condemmed her. Now forgive yourself."

Usagi smiled and flung herself in Michiru's arms. The two mothers looked at each other and for once understood. Love was the most important thing in the world, followed by both trust and Unity. Now there were no secrets, no grudges. They were free to grow, to move on and more importantly to look forward to the day when the spires of Crystal Tokyo would rise overhead. Until then, they vowed they would watch over each other. No one noticed when the jewelry vanished. Setsuna merely chuckled and returned to her computer, a new story to record.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ 30th Century~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"WoW! Look at this necklace DOni!"

"This is great! But mom won't ever let us touch it Neri!"

"WIll so!"

"Will Not!"



"Adonah Miranda Ten'oh! Neriede Marina Ten'oh! Whatever are you two quarreling about?"

The two little girls, called the twin terrors, lifted their treasure to their mothers eyes.

"Will you tell us a story about this Mommy?" Neri said, twisting her fingers into her mothers' aqua curls.

"Pretty please?" Adonah said giving the pleading grin she had inheirented from her father.

Michiru smiled as she gather her twin four year ould daughters into her lap and began to tell them a story about loves of the past and a princess who felt so sorry for crimes of the past that she had kept a whole kingdom from being bulit.