Maura entered the darkened bedroom with Jane in tow. She flicked on the bedside lights, and walked straight through to the other side of the room. She stopped in front of the closet entrance, in the same spot where she had been standing that morning. She didn't turn around, and just swept her hair around to the front, exposing the back of her neck once more.

"Unzip me," she requested, breathless.

Jane smirked. "Yes ma'am."

Jane pinched the zipper and slowly slid it down Maura's back, watching the fabric split in the middle, revealing the soft skin underneath. When it reached the bottom, Jane placed both hands on Maura's shoulders and slid them down her arms, peeling off the dress in the process. Maura made no effort to pull herself free, and stood with her arms pinned in her sleeves against her waist, her head still dipped forward. Her breathing was heavy and shallow.

Leaving the dress bunched up around her waist, Jane grabbed Maura's hips and pulled her tight against her, pressing her open mouth against the side of her neck in a wet kiss. She sucked and licked gently, leaving a wet trail as she made her way to the other shoulder, intoxicated by the scent she found there. Jane was slowly grinding her hips into Maura's ass, who was eagerly arching into her.

Pressing her whole body against Maura's, Jane placed her wide hands on the front of Maura's thighs, and slowly slid them up onto her stomach. Inching higher, she briefly stopped right under her breasts, feeling the silky edge of the purple bra. Maura was panting in anticipation. Finally, Jane lifted her ample breasts in her hands, cupping them fully, kneading the soft mounds between her spread fingers. Maura threw her head back and a long moan escaped her lips. Jane's fingers found her nipples and grazed against them in slow circles through the fabric of her bra.

"Oh my god, Maura, you're so sexy...", she breathed into Maura's neck.

Maura answered with another moan, and Jane pinched her nipples a little harder in response.

Abandoning her breasts, Jane gently pushed Maura forward with one hand, while holding on to her hip with the other, forcing her to bend over. It took Jane a few seconds to unclasp Maura's bra, and as it loosened up, she pulled the doctor back up to slide both hands under the cups, letting the weight of her breasts fill her palms.

Maura exhaled long and slow, Jane's touch sending shivers of pleasure down her back and into her core. She felt goose bumps forming on her forearms and she closed her eyes to focus on the sensations that Jane was causing all over her body. She could feel the grinding of their hips together, slowly swaying in unison. Maura pushed her ass back into Jane, and the process thrust her breasts forward into Jane's hands. Jane groaned her approval.

"I think it's time to get you out of these," Jane finally decided. Her voice was hoarse with desire. She pushed Maura's dress past the curve of her hips, down her thighs. The dress pooled around her feet. The bra followed. Jane hooked her thumbs in the sides of Maura's lacy underwear and pulled it slowly down, revealing the doctor's perfect ass. Once it rested with the dress on the floor, Jane grabbed Maura's hips and slowly turned her around to face her.

The blonde's lips were slightly parted, full and flushed from her arousal. Her eyes were dark, eyelids hooded. Jane threaded her fingers through her hair on both sides and pulled her in for a searing kiss. She moaned as she penetrated her mouth with her tongue, finding and greeting Maura's.

Jane loved the feel and sight of Maura naked in front of her. Her hands went on a journey to explore her body, covering every inch of skin, kneading the flesh without restraint.

"Maura...," Jane breathed into her ear, "you're so beautiful. I want to feel you..."

The blonde moaned and turned her head to recapture Jane's lips. She grasped at Jane's hand and guided it between her legs. Jane gasped at the wetness that greeted her fingers. Maura's juices were coating her inner thighs. Jane pushed Maura against the wall and pressed her whole body into her. Maura bit her lip in anticipation.

"Your voice is so sexy... Keep talking to me...," she requested breathlessly.

Jane didn't miss a beat. She only had to speak the words that were already in her mind. "You're so wet, baby... You're dripping down your thighs... You feel so amazing."

She started gliding along Maura's folds, grazing her clit, hovering over her entrance, then going back up. Maura was tilting her pelvis into her touch, moaning in pleasure.

"I want to fuck you so hard... I want to feel you, inside... I want to hear what I'm doing to you."

Hearing her own crude words ignited a surge of raw lust in Jane, and she bit down on the doctor's neck, sucking on the pulse point she found there. Maura whimpered and grasped at the back of Jane's head, urging her closer. Wild with desire, Jane took her mouth again, rough and wet. Maura cried out inside her mouth.

Jane looked down to see Maura's breasts pressed against her front, with the fabric of her black dress still between them. Her hand slipped in-between their bodies and she splayed her fingers on the doctor's breast before pinching a nipple between her fingers.

"I love how your tits feel in my hands..."

Maura gasped, and her mouth fell open at the tortuous pleasure. She could barely keep her eyes open to look at her detective. All she could do was grind her hips against her and pant helplessly, her body set on fire by Jane's hands and mouth.

The brunette stared intently at Maura, at her head tilted up against the wall, her mouth gaping open to catch her breath, her eyes heavy and hooded from the pleasure she was eliciting. Seeing her friend like this made her wonder why she'd ever waited so long to do this. This was meant to be.

"Spread your legs for me. I want to fuck you and feel you come in my hand..."

Before Maura could respond, Jane plunged three fingers inside her opening and hooked them high in the front. Maura threw her head back against the wall and cried out. She inhaled and stopped breathing.

"Do you feel that? I'm the one who makes you feel this way... Your pussy is so hot and wet... You're so ready for me."

"Yesss... Oh Jane..., Jane..., Jane..., Jane..." Maura was breathing out her name like a mantra.

Jane started thrusting her fingers in and out furiously, deep and hard, making sure to press her palm against her clit at the same time.

Maura immediately responded by whimpering in shallow, erratic bursts, higher and higher. She could feel her orgasm gathering already, and she hoped Jane was ready to brace her against the wall. She squeezed her eyes shut and focused on Jane's hand.

"Are you ready to come? Are you going to come for me?"

Maura vigorously shook her head yes, biting her lower lip, holding her breath for a few seconds. She desperately rocked her hips against Jane's hand, and Jane made sure to maintain the same rhythm. Maura suddenly relaxed, reaching the point of no return.

"You're mine, Maura, all mine. Come for me..."

"Oh Jane, yes, make me come... I'm going to...come... Oh, yes, oh! JA-NE!"

Maura arched into the wall, as her whole body seized and stilled. Her inner walls tightened around Jane's fingers rhythmically as the climax crashed over her. Jane pushed her up against the wall, sensing her knees ready to buckle. Maura was quietly moaning Jane's name over and over again, riding the orgasm for a long minute before it slowly subsided. She nuzzled into Jane's neck, her eyes still closed, waiting for her racing heart to calm down. She kissed and tasted Jane's perfume and sweat, licking and kissing it off lazily. She finally opened her eyes to find Jane's gaze on her, a loving smile on her lips. Maura kissed it and smiled back. She could feel her legs shaking, begging for some relief.

"Oh god, I need to lay down."

Jane gathered her in her arms and lifted her up. Surprised, the doctor squealed and wrapped her arms tightly around her neck. Jane carried her a few steps to the bed, and gently set her down. Maura pulled her down on top of her, reaching for the bottom of her dress and lifting it up.

"Are you as wet as I was?"

Jane smiled and nodded. "I believe so, Doctor Isles."

"Oooh! I like this game. Take off your clothes, Detective. I'm going to have to examine you."

I never continued this story, never got to the "examination" part. And since then, I wrote "Fantasies", which pretty much did that, or close enough. Maybe one day I'll feel inspired. Right now I'm busy with 1888. Thank you for the love and reviews, you girls are the best!