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Soooo, this story is labeled underneath Robin and Starfire because I guess it's fits more in the plot-by the SLIGHTEST. But in reality, like in Teen Titans episodes, EVERYONE gets their spotlight. So really, this should've been a Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Terra story xP

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Full Summary: Nightwing discovers a Bat family secret, Starfire's brother-Wildfire-comes crashing to Earth, Raven buys a new journal and is in for shocking results, Beast Boy's trying to figure it out, and Terra's friendship with Aqualad heats up.

Pairings: NightStar, BBRae, CyBee, AquaTerra...Wildfire/OC, some BlackX and...that's all I can say for now. Of course, you could already tell by my stories that I hardly ship the first four-and the first two will have my heart exploding in fangirl feels ^.^

Wildfire/OC should be easy to explain; you'll see what I'm talking about.

And plus, you don't have to read Run This Town: Titans Together if you haven't read it yet. This story is easy to understand anyway. Just go with le flow...:)

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Click clack, click clack. Clickity clack clak.

The Titans leader was busily typing away his email message-and yes, people still do emails. Last time they checked, Bruce Wayne didn't own a Facebook or Twitter. You're kidding right?-to his father of all purposes and legal actions. This was a normal thing shared between them. There would be the occasional transmission call, but it was mostly emails to check in on how the other person was doing.

Aaaand send.

The Ops doors opened, and the masked hero strolled in a few minutes later. The first thing he spotted was a redhead, sitting on a stool, her back slightly leaned forward against the kitchen counter. From the looks, she was looking through a magazine and was animated by what was on the pages. Her skin was an exotic shade of orange, her hair long, naturally voluminous and a flaming red. And her green eyes with light green scleras was her signature mark of being a Tamaranian. The sunlight hit her perfectly from where it shined through the huge window/screen that displayed across the room, with the entire view of the city.

He smirked, making his way over to her, unnoticed.

She turned a page, cheek resting against her palm, when arms paler than hers in contrast wrapped around her slim form, and her backside and head were gently pressed against someone's front. Her heart jumped, and a smile spread across her own lips.

"Greetings," Starfire said, still looking through the magazine.

"Hi there." Nightwing rested his chin on her shoulder. "What'cha doing?"

"Skimming through this 'mag-a-zine'. You Earthling's have an...odd choice of vocabulary."

"And you Tamaranians don't?"

Starfire was quiet, still smiling.

"Where is everyone? The Tower's been kinda quiet..."

"I think our friends are down in the garage. I was just about to go down." Starfire turned around in her seat, leaving her magazine there, and wrapped her arms around Nightwing's neck. Nightwing rearranged his hands to a more natural position on her hips, and she pulled his mouth to hers for a kiss soon afterward.

Nightwing and Starfire were indeed back together. Almost a year ago, their relationship had came to an end after a heated argument over Robin, Nightwing's former alias, and his cold attitude; Starfire had compared him to Slade, now dead, and Robin didn't take that too well. He eventually left to go spend some time with his father and step-brothers and sisters before making his return for the downfall of Slade-and his first time as Nightwing.

Starfire pulled back from the kiss, giggling at Nightwing's dazed expression. She hopped off the stool and the two proceeded down to the garage.


Cyborg was working on the T-Ship, and Beast Boy was actually allowed to work on the T-Car; Terra was sitting inside the car in the passenger seat, nodding her head to the music, which was playing from the T-Car as the boys worked; the changeling was leaned over, his back arched. He was wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers with no shirt on.

His strong backside was in a great view from where Raven sat. She was in the corner, reading. Her long hair was in her face so she didn't make it obvious that she was occasionally staring in her green boyfriend's direction. She couldn't help it. His back was slightly shining with sweat, and the muscle exposure sure wasn't helping.

Raven snuck another peek, biting her lip.

Beast Boy knew that she was watching him too; that's why he ditched his shirt, along with the fact that hot air from outside blew in from the open garage door. His enhanced senses heard her intake of breath whenever she did it, feeling her eyes boring into his back. If he turned around to wipe his hands, his front would be exposed, and he had a strong feeling that her cheeks would turn as red as her monstrous father.

In the center of his chest was a faint scar from when he was stabbed during battle. It was Malchior's doing, and the changeling had indeed lost his life; miraculously, he came back after Raven sent Malchior to a dark demension.

"Like what you see, Rae?" he said before turning around to face her.

Raven's nostrils flared as her cover was blown, but her face cleared out just as quickly. "You're an idiot."

Beast Boy grinned as Nightwing and Starfire came down in the garage. "I know, but you love it."

Raven rolled her eyes.

"If you don't mind me asking," Starfire said, sitting down next to Raven. "What ever has Beast Boy done this time?"

"Being stupid and attractive," Raven mumbled.

Starfire giggled, watching Nightwing stroll over to his N-Cycle to observe it. "Are you going to do some working on your N-Cycle?"

Nightwing nodded, running his fingers along the cool metal. "I left my tools upstairs. I'll be right back." He made a brisk jog as he exited the garage to go upstairs. Entering the Ops, he was about to cross the room to get to the doors when he heard a faint beeping sound coming from the big screen.

He slowly turned around, recognizing the sound of a transmission call. The screen read:



Nightwing inched towards the screen, now curious and suspicious at the same time. Looking around himself and double checking that he was alone, he accepted the call. He preferred to be alone during these calls, unless Starfire or Raven was with him; the Titans met the Bats not too recently, as well as the Batman himself-and Catwoman too, who was apparently his wife now. Beast Boy, and Terra, completely flipped out and embarrassed Nightwing to no end. The dinner was filled with question after question from the green teen. Cyborg was okay, and Terra was close to getting on Nightwing's nerves. Starfire was perfect, even though she was nervous with meeting Nightwing's father figure, and Raven had the most self control.

Nightwing took off his mask to be respectful-and it was just so natural to look at his father with his own blue eyes. Soon he came face to face with an older blue-eyed man sitting at a desk, and a butler standing beside him.

"Bruce," Richard said. "Alfred. It's good hearing from you."

"Likewise," Bruce replied. He looked wary, tired, and almost like he was about to go into shock right then and there for some reason.

"It's nice seeing you again, Master Dick," Alfred said with a smile, and Richard returned it.

"So what's going on?" Richard crossed his arms.

"As you know..." Bruce hesitated, trying to form his thoughts into words about his wife. "Selina is...very good with keeping secrets. And she's a sneaky, conniving woman..."

"And you married her because...?" Richard commented, and Bruce's eyes narrowed at his son.

"Bruce..." Alfred said quietly, and Bruce's face went back to its wary look.

"Anyway, recently we have got to talking..." Bruce continued. "She was being too sweet to me, cooking my favorite meals, giving me back massages..."

"Is this story getting better or R-rated?" Richard made a face, and Bruce rolled his eyes.

"Look, Dick-she got to talking about you and your family," Bruce said slightly harsher than intended, and Richard knew he wasn't talking about the Bats or the Titans.

"What about my family?" Richard asked in a much quieter tone.

"She told me something that I just wouldn't believe, up until I saw with my own eyes." Bruce studied Richard, seeing him get tense and uneasy.

"What...did she tell you?" Richard gulped. It could be anything, especially if it had Selina Kyle written all over it.

Bruce took a deep breath, and he was silent for almost a solid minute. The suspense was killing Richard, he knew.

"She told me that the day I took you under my wing...she'd taken someone under her wing too. Someone who she's kept secret this whole time. Someone she thought of as a daughter. She never showed her around or brought her out often because Selina did everything she could to protect her. Joker was at large, your parents were murdered..."

Richard's eyes narrowed. "What're you...?"

"Dick..." Bruce leaned forward. "You still have a family member left in the Grayson bloodline-in your generation."

Richard felt his heart stop for a moment, now speechless.

"Her name is Ariana Marie Grayson."

"And..." Richard licked his lips. "who is she to me?"

Bruce exchanged glances with Alfred. Alfred knew Bruce couldn't say, so he did it instead.

"She's your younger sister, Master Dick..."

Orignally, I was gonna have Ariana's middle name be Mary, but in my opinion, Marie flows better :) And Ariana is such a pretty name-it made me think of Ariana Grande!

Soooo...I think she'll be an awesome character to work with. I hope you all will like her too!

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