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Richard yawned, waking up just as the sun hit his face. He squinted his eyes.

Starfire, on the other hand, began smiling and stretching, careful not to thwack him in the face. "The star on your planet is quite energizing, is it not?" She blinked and opened her eyes.

He smiled sleepily, "Good morning to you too."

"It is..." Starfire sat up, cupping the side of his face,"a pleasant morning..." and she leaned down, kissing him softly on the lips. Surprised but willing, he kissed her back with rising enthusiasm, braiding a hand through her locks. Surprising him further, she hitched a slender leg around his hip, pulling herself up and over on top of him. Her back arched as his hands roamed down that area, arms wrapping around his neck and fingers running through his dark hair.

The alieness giggled at her boyfriend's dazed look when she pulled back.

"Wow..." he said. "Feeling better, I see. Sleep well?"

She nodded. "You and Blackfire have given me hope." She ran the back of her hand down his cheek and jawline. "I thank you again."

"I welcome you."

She giggled again as he kissed her.

Dove looked up from stirring her coffee as Starfire entered the room. "Hello, friend! My apologies for my...behavior the day previously."

"It's okay, Starfire. Just as long as you're back to your bubbly self."

"YAY!" Starfire hugged her tight. "I am the thrilled! I was doing the hoping that you would still be my friend!"

"Of course! Now can-you-please-let-me-go?" Dove gasped out. "Kinda squeezing out the air supply there!"

Starfire released her grip and giggled, then the Ops doors opened. The empath and terrakinetic girl walked in. The alieness squealed, "Good morning my friends who I hold so dear!" She reached for them and squeezed them tight.

"Do Tamaraneans go through PMSing?" Terra asked Raven over Starfire's shoulder, patting her back. Raven shrugged.

Starfire, oblivious to the exchange, just pulled away and giggled. "Who witholds the hunger? Shall we break the fast?"

"I'M GAME!" Cyborg and Beast Boy boomed, barging in the room as if they had been listening in the entire time. Speeding to the kitchen, the two best friends nearly knocked over Raven and Terra; Beast Boy caught Raven before she could fall, giving her a kiss on the cheek in greeting, then raced Cyborg over to the refrigerator.

Terra protested from where she sat on the floor, and Cyborg went to go help her up; at that moment, Nightwing came in the room, coated in a light layer of sweat from his morning workout. Raven greeted him, then walked over to the couch and sat down. Since her teammates were busy with each other, she pulled her journal out from her cloak and opened it.

Jake, you there? she wrote. Her sentence then disappeared, her neat cursive replaced by a sinister scrawl, glowing a bright red, and Raven could almost see the flames beneath the beautiful glow.

Hello, sister. How was your slumber?

Raven smiled faintly. Quite well. I had...company, so to speak.

Oh really? Ha! Wait til Jesse and Jared find out!

Jacob, if you tell them, if you even open your mouth, the minute I hear a vowel, my foot is going so FAR-

Easy, Grasshopper, or I'm telling Mom.

Arella is NOT your mom.

Yeah, well, we are living with the woman, and since we are demons, we can appear however the hell we want.

Great. Now I'm gonna have to deal with three genderbent versions of me.

Love you too. Why you gotta be so mean? Dad killed our mother and tried to kill the rest of us because he thought we'd end up like you. Jesse, Jared, me, and you are the only ones left. We were lucky Arella took us in when she found us.

I know...If I was aware, I would've come to get you guys myself.

We didn't want to trouble you. Think of this, sister-it's already enough that your Titan friends accepted you. At least you're half-demon.

I know that too.

Tell me then?


Does your Beast Boy have any sisters? Or cousins? I'm not choosey!

Don't start.

Aww come ooon! No one wants to date demon spawn. Aren't there, like, 'changelings' other than him?

I'm not sure. He was bitten by a green monkey that had a virus.

Green monkey you say?

Yes, why?



I said nothing.

Jake, you can't be saying that you know something. We have enough 'discovered siblings' already. Nightwing's got his sister, Starfire has a sister and missing brother, no one knows I've got you guys, and now you're telling me Beast Boy has family yet to be discovered too? Who's next, Cyborg?

I did not say that, I was just thinking about that strange green monkey, that's all...but it would be nice to find someone.

The right person will come around. You just have to be patient.

I understand...

Raven looked around herself, then wrote, Would it be alright if I stop by to...visit sometime at moonrise? Would...would Mom mind?

I will ask her when she comes back home. We do not know of her whereabouts. I have to go, Pride. I have some business to take care of with our brothers. When I'm free, I will tell you then. But don't be surprised if Jess or Jare gives you the okay instead.

Alright. Talk to you later.


Don't devour any souls. She was fighting another smile now.

Are you kidding? Mom would kill me!

Raven stiffled a dark giggle.


She jumped at the sound of Beast Boy's voice, sheathing her journal in her cloak at blinding speed.

"May I help you?" she deadpanned.

Beast Boy raised an eyebrow, skeptical. "What'cha doooooin'?"

"None of your business," Raven muttered, and Beast Boy's ears perked up, his face falling in hurt. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound so...bitchy."

"Is it that time of the month again?" Beast Boy asked, hopping over and onto the couch next to her. He wrapped his arm around her, fingers beginning to play with her purple locks. "I can go to the store and get you your dark chocolate, just like you like it."

Raven's lips pursed, curving up on one side as she shook her head. "No. 'S not my period."

"Emoticlone issues?"

She shook her head again, "No."

"Demonic issues?"

She gave him that. "Somewhat. It's kind of personal...Can we not...?"

"Sure, sure. We don't have to talk about it now," said Beast Boy, and she twisted on her side, molding herself into his. "But if you ever wanna talk about it..."

Raven lifted her head, bringing their faces closer. "You'll be the first person I go to. I promise." And she sealed it with a peck, bringing her favorite smile across his face.

"FRIENDS!" Starfire announced, carrying a bowl of...something Tamaranean, eagerly walking out of the kitchen. "Who would like some of my famous FRIED GLORGFORQ BOL-!" Her eyes shot ahead and she gasped loudly, the bowl falling from her hands, shattering against the floor, shards scattering everywhere. Every one of her teammates cried out in concern, jumping at the sound and Nightwing was the first to be at Starfire's side. Glass crunched underneath her bare feet as she shifted from foot to foot. Her eyes were wide as saucers, mouth agape, shock plastered across her beautiful face.

Nightwing placed his hand against the small of her back, eyes narrowing slightly but still showed his love and concern. "What is it, Kori?" His voice was almost hoarse.

Her eyes remained on the window, where she had seen a bright blue star sparkle, forming into a streak as it soared towards the earth's surface. She knew that streak anywhere. Breath hitching unevenly in her throat, she waited until she heard a faint explosion, before she came back to reality. Eyes of the ones she loved and held dear were still on her, waiting for the Tamaranean princess to speak.

She didn't give a full explanation. But she did utter one word, her voice in a broken, yet unyieldingly happy, whisper.


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