All righty. This takes place in the future after Xehenort dies for good. Sora is Keyblade Master now. Oswald, Mickey's half-brother returns to Disney Town after being missing for thirty years. But he is different than the Oswald Mickey used to know. Very different. Almost like a Heartless.

It all started on a clear, bright, warm, sunny day in Disney Town. The castle sparkled in the sunlight and the courtyard burst with color and different scents. The castle inhabitants rushed around keeping up the castle or performing their respective duties. No one noticed a small, black rabbit wearing only light blue shorts walk through the castle towards the throne room.

Mickey heard a knock at the door. "Come in!"

The door opened and Oswald walked in unsmiling. "Hello, brother."

"Oswald!" Mickey cried pleasantly surprised. "Gosh, I haven't seen you in years! What brings you here?"

"I'll make it simple. I've come to take your kingdom." Oswald replied.

Mickey just stared for a minute waiting for his brother to laugh and tell him it's a joke. "Wh-what?"

Oswald drew his weapon- a large paintbrush- and pointed it at Mickey. "For years I have lived in your shadow. You had everything: father's love, fame, riches, a kingdom...whilst I wasted away into practically nothing. Well, not anymore."

Mickey raised both hands to hopefully calm him. "I know you've been through a lot. And I'm sorry. But this isn't the answer. You alone can shape your destiny."

Oswald was about to retort when the door opened again. Donald and Goofy walked through the door. Donald yelled out when he saw a strange rabbit aiming a weapon at his friend and king. Oswald whipped around and swung his weapon. Donald and Goofy flew against the wall, pinned.

" about ten seconds, this castle will be overrun with Heartless and my minions." Oswald replied. "Surrender your kingdom, or you and everyone here will die."

Mickey frowned and drew his own keyblade. "Over my dead body." He lunged at Oswald, who blocked Mickey's attack. Mickey and Oswald went at it until Mickey threw Oswald against the armrest of the throne, knocking him unconscious. Mickey breathed heavily and tried to ignore the screams heard throughout the castle. He ran to his friends and freed them. "Donald, Goofy, listen carefully. In order to defeat my brother, no one must know I'm alive. No matter what happens, keep on fighting."

"Wait, you mean that there rabbit is your brother?" Goofy asked, confused.

"Yes. Long story short, he's always been jealous of me. Kind of like what happened with King Mufasa and his brother over at the Pride Lands." Mickey explained. He turned to make sure Oswald was unconscious, then turned back to them. "Promise me. If you escape, get help from anyone you can find. We can't ask other worlds such as the Pride Lands, Agrabah, or Land of the Dragons for help. It'll create an international panic."

"Okay, King Mickey." Donald nodded in understanding.

"Good. Good luck to both of you." Mickey said. Without another word, he flew from the throne room. He jumped over the balcony into the courtyard. Making sure no one was looking, Mickey scorched the earth into his shape creating the illusion that he fell and did not get up. He pulled out his wayfinder. 'Good thing I always carry this around.' The wayfinder lit up and the king vanished into the air.

Okay, I know this is short, but I wanted to get this up before I leave for a road trip. Read and review, please!