"No, you guys I am not going to do it," Jamie said to his friends: Pippa, Monty, Cupcake, Caleb, and Claude, "I am not going to go bug the Guardians just because we found some black sand,"

"All the more reason to talk to them!" Caleb argued. North had given Jamie a snow globe to contact the Guardians if they ever need any help.

"Jamie," Pippa began, " You don't understand, we didn't find the sand randomly in the hallway,"

"Ok…" Jamie said not sure where she was going,

"Cupcake and I were working back stage for the spring play in April, next month, when we found the black sand in Stephanie White's shoes," She looked up from the ground, "You know the junior, the star of the play, well Stephanie was always happy and joking around, until she missed school this Tuesday. When she came back yesterday; she was depressed, quite, and snapped whenever anyone came near her,"

"Maybe she was having a bad day?" Jamie inquired,

"No, that wasn't it then today she was pulling the same stunt only her eyes were dilated and we found the sand in her shoes," Cupcake added in,

"Really? The same thing happened to the science club president, Ricky Waters, I found the black sand at his desk," Monty said in a curious tone. The warning bell rang,

"You guys, we are going to be late, but I will think about it," Jamie began to shake his head not believe what he was getting in to, "C'mon, Caleb and Claude we don't want to be late for gym,"

Gym was the last hour of the day for Jamie and the twins, so they were taking a while to get ready,

"So are you seriously just going to 'think' about it?" Claude wanted to know, Jamie turned around,

"Yeah. I mean what am I supposed to do? I really don't want to bug them, especially if it is nothing, but what if you are right?" Caleb and Claude didn't say anything; they were too terrified to move, "What is with you guys?" Caleb just pointed behind Jamie, who slowly turned around to find a black sand tentacle right behind him,

"Oh sh-," Jamie ducked out of the way before the tentacle could attack. Caleb and Claude soon followed,

"What is that doing here?" Claude breathed out, Jamie give him a look of 'how am I supposed to know?',

"Shut up and hand me your sock," Jamie had a plan, Claude hand him his gym sock, and Jamie attacked to tentacle collecting part of it into the sock. Once he had enough sand, he simple touched the dark sand turned to a bright gold. They all let out a sigh of relief,

"Just like old times," Jamie laughed referring to that time six years ago where the six best friends turned similar nightmares into dreams. He looked down at the sock filled with black sand, when Claude and Caleb came up behind them, "I guess I get to visit the Guardians tonight,"

*So yeah that was short. So this is my first RotG fanfic, but not my first fanfic. This is also the first time I am uploading a story to this website. Any way I gave this a T rating because I cannot control my swearing. He he he. This will not be romantic as of right now, things may change. Please tell me if I should continue or not. Also please leave reviews, ideas, follow, ect. Love you all! XX 3