Siblings, Friends and Love

Chapter 1

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Summer Before Fourth Year

As always Jamie and Harry were always awed by the reception they received in Malfoy Manor. Draco's parents, Lucius and Narcissa always went out of their way to make them feel welcomed. Considering they didn't get that courteously by their own parents, it was cherished by both Harry and Jamie both. They had their own rooms while they were there, but spent a lot of the time in Draco's bedroom. Of course Draco had the second largest room in the manor, as the heir it was his. He had a beautiful balcony that overlooked the front of the grounds. Standing there the view was breathtaking, in the morning the Thestrals out gobbling the meat the house elves set out for them. The peacock's prancing around also getting fed. The horses neighing and being allowed to roam the fields. The Potter's had none of this extravagance. The Malfoy's were one of the richest families, added with the fortune Narcissa had been left by the Black's, their son's great grandson would want for nothing never mind Draco himself. They also had very shrewd goblins who invested their money in things that normally always did extremely well.

It was a surprise; considered Lucius had to make dubious dealings, with Death Eaters and the Minister of Magic. He was as corrupt as one could be; the few whom knew Lucius was a spy were stuck in a very hard place. They knew Fudge was taking bribes; he wasn't fit to be Minister. Yet they could do nothing but bid their time and act oblivious to the fact. Fortunately he never had to give them too much, just the money he got as interest in all the vaults he had accumulated at Gringotts.

Jamie and Harry had been to Diagon Alley with the Malfoy's, and warned that they wouldn't be friendly. Yet the second they'd gone out, they realized just how true it was. They were so distant and cold, so hard and unfeeling that it had upset Harry and Jamie. They had been much younger then, of course, they'd thought to themselves - is that the true Malfoy's? Are the ones they liked the pretenders? But that had faded long ago. Both children loved Narcissa and Lucius. To them they were like parents, true parents, nothing like Lily and James at all. The Potters were the pretenders.

"What are Severus and Lucius up to? They have been very secretive!" said Jamie her curiosity brimming over time. They always squirreled themselves away in Lucius' office and cast silencing spells so they couldn't hear them. They were just back from flying around the large Quidditch pitch on Malfoy grounds.

"I know dad's been very secretive about it, evading all my probing!" grouched Draco, putting the broomsticks back in their right place. He was for a spoiled boy very tidy, especially for a child who'd grown up with house elves to do everything. It just went to show that Draco wasn't as heartless as he showed to the world. He did seem heartless, but his friends knew him better than that. He was just putting on the front expected of everyone.

"Too bad there's not a way for us to listen in," said Jamie pouting childishly. This wasn't something she'd have done a few years ago. Without being beaten and watching her brother beaten had changed her a lot. She was no longer the severe yet slightly fearful girl she used to be. She had always been confident about certain things, her magic and her brothers love other than that - it was like drowning in the sea. She had been so unsure of everything, especially in regards to what would happen to her. The Headmaster seemed eager to expel them, her parents had disinherited them. If it hadn't been for the kindness of the Malfoy's and Lily being related to Ravenclaw she and her brother wouldn't have had anything. Other than what they'd managed to save up working in the Leaky Cauldron of course.

"There is!" exclaimed Draco looking surprised, shaking his head for not thinking of it sooner. "I found this little passageway when I was younger, one of them goes to the study!"

"Let's go!" said Jamie jumping up and down eager to know what the adults were up to.

"I don't know guys, I don't think we should…we've only just gotten out of Severus' bad books." said Harry looking at his sister and best friend apprehensively. He was very fond of Severus, and the thought of Sev thinking he was anything like his father made him sick to his stomach. He didn't have many people who he looked up to, Sev, Narcissa and Lucius were the only ones. The words Severus had spoken in anger still followed Harry every waken and sleeping moments.

"He wont find out," said Draco, he wasn't concerned like Harry was, the adults got over it sooner or later in his opinion. He didn't have the same upbringing as Harry had.

"I'm not going," said Harry, "for all we know they are just discussing Pettigrew."

"You're probably right," groaned Draco, just then a tap startled them, turning around they found a barn owl at the window. Jamie grinned all her thoughts of adults flew out of the window. She eagerly let the owl in and took the letter attached to it. Rummaging in Draco's drawer owl treats. Draco had a black Eagle called Blacky; he'd been three years old when he demanded one.

"What's Hermione saying then?" asked Draco curiously, sitting on his bed grinning. Hermione had been constantly in touch with them. Insisting she missed them, but that she loved Paris. She contradicted herself constantly, but that was Hermione for you.

"She's back home, she's hoping your father will go for her tomorrow afternoon." said Jamie as she continued to read her friends missive. Hermione was more than Jamie's best friend; she was the sister she never had.

"I'll ask him," said Draco, but he knew his dad would go for her, Lucius Malfoy could deny his son nothing. His wife and son meant the world to him. More than his own life.

"Do you think Weasley is alright?" asked Jamie giving Harry the letter to read.

"Why are we discussing Weasley?" asked Draco rolling his eyes, Jamie could be very random.

"We haven't spoken to her since the start of last year," shrugged Jamie "Just curious really."

"After a year of talking to Severus there's no doubt she's fine." snorted Draco.

"Do you think she went the entire year?" asked Harry joining in their discussion after finishing the letter throwing it to Draco. Who caught it with grace that served him well as the Chaser of the Slytherin Quidditch team.

"Who knows?" said Draco distractedly; Severus wasn't one for talking about others. He was very private; it's why his Slytherin's trust him. They go to him with their problems, and Severus always helped or at least tried. He didn't know if any of the others went to their Head of Houses, but he doubted it. None of them seemed to have the closeness Sev did with his students.

"She did begin being friends with Lovegood, they both needed a friend." said Jamie wistfully, she'd never had a friend before Hogwarts. So she understood what it was like, perhaps the two girls would develop a bond she had with Hermione.

"They live next to each other I think, the Lovegood's live in Catchpole or nearby," added Draco grimacing at the thought of the Weasley house. Or rather hovel really, it truly was the building it was named after - the Burrow. It was a ramshackle of shabbily built buildings. Why they had so many children Draco couldn't fathom. They couldn't afford it, really it was senseless. Maybe that's why they never had any money.

"I'm bored," declared Draco, fed up of speaking and thinking about the Weasley's.

"Me too," said Harry.

"DRACO! HARRY! JAMIE! DINNER!" called Narcissa her voice heard all over the house with the simple sonorous charm. She knew her husband and Severus would join them when they were ready. They didn't sit on the huge banquet table, but a smaller one just enough for them all and the food.

"Lets go!" cheered Harry immediately bounding of followed by Jamie and Draco. Most of his childhood had been spent starving. He never turned down food, and he cherished anyone making him something. Whether it was the House elves of Hogwarts, or Narcissa Malfoy. Who contrary to popular belief, loved cooking and cooked most meals they had. The only time the elves did was when it was a rather large affair, or when it was a special occasion.

"Severus, I don't see what could be curious about this book," said Lucius sitting back, drinking a small tumbler of whiskey.

"You cannot feel what I can," said Severus, he was more in-tuned to magic, perhaps because of his potions brewing or because he was more powerful than Lucius who knew? "That is no normal book." Severus told him, sounding exasperated, as if he'd repeated himself time and time again.

"We have tried a million different spells on it, to no avail." said Lucius putting his drink down. The book was destroyed, a huge hole in the middle of it. The hole itself was covered in ink as if stuff had spouted from it. Yet Severus was determined to understand just how the Dark Lord had nearly come back through it.

"You should never have given it to Ginevra Weasley," hissed Severus angrily, he was still obviously furious with his friend for that.

"Severus I fell terrible about it, I did not realize what it was!" snapped Lucius. The guilt he felt was showing in his mercury like eyes. To be fair Lucius would never have suspected the Dark Lord to giving him anything of value. He had no money; no source of income, everything he had was stolen. He hadn't been part of the Dark Lord's inner circle when given the book. Truth be told he had forgotten about it for years, until he had been told his manor was going to be searched for 'Dark object's' possibly the works of Mad Eye Moody. A man who held a terrible grudge against Lucius for evading Azkaban. It's not as if the higher Ministry officials could tell the Auror's that he was a spy. It was risky enough four or five Ministry workers knowing, even under the unbreakable vow.

"You weren't the one having to comfort the girl," said Severus curling his lip in repugnance.

Lucius smothered the shot of amusement that ran up his spine, knowing it was rather inappropriate to laugh. He had not meant to hurt the girl, sure he didn't like the Weasley's but he didn't wish any of them harm. He knew his friend was basically as anti social as they came. Having to comfort her would have been torture to Severus. "But she's going to be fine I assume?"

Severus sniffed indignantly, "Yes." but he refrained from talking further.

"I shall send them some money or ensure Weasley wins tickets to the Quidditch world cup. That should cheer her up," sneered Lucius, then he could sneer at them again without feeling too bad.

Severus snorted; Lucius thought everything was solved by money. Severus knew it wasn't the case, but he wasn't about to point that out. Truth be told it would make the Weasley's happy. Plus Ginevra was over what happened, or at least as over it as she would ever be. Being possessed by the Dark lord wasn't something she'd forget. Hopefully she'd learned her lesson, and she might prepare herself for what was going to come.

"I need to figure out what this is," growled Severus angrily, he hated not knowing. He wasn't essentially a nosy person, but during his spying duties it had fallen upon him to know what he could to survive. His hawk ears had picked up a lot, and saved many families.

Severus clutched the book in his hand, the other going to his face, hiding it as he contemplated everything. The room was filled with so much tension that it conveyed the seriousness of the situation. Severus knew this book held answers to how Voldemort had survived all those years ago. He had to protect himself, his godson, friends and the two Potters he held dear to his heart.

"This holds the answers we seek Lucius don't you see that?" said Severus.

"Don't say that!" said Lucius closing his eyes in dread.

"Do not tell me it hasn't already crossed your mind?" snorted Severus bitterly.

"It's one thing thinking it but another hearing it," said Lucius grudgingly.

"So what can we do that we haven't already done?" asked Severus after a few minutes of silence.

"Perhaps my father could shed some light on it?" suggested Lucius; his father had gone to school with the Dark Lord. Had been one of his first followers when he first started up. Back then though he'd been incredibly beautiful, charismatic, and very opinionated and seemed genuine in changing the world. Bringing it to a new age, unaware of what they were getting into. By the time he realized what was happening he was too far in. Too used to the power he had as a Death Eater. Too immersed in the Dark Arts to return, giving up his only son in the process. He'd died when the Wizarding Dragon Pox hit, before Draco was born. He'd had a portrait made, and Lucius spoke to him often.

"Just how can he do that?" asked Severus dryly.

"My father knows I'm a spy, he was furious at first, but family always comes first. He drummed that into me before I could walk and talk. Even if he hadn't the second I held Draco in my arms I would have understood it. When he realized it wasn't a stab of conscience hitting me…he began telling me everything about the Dark Lord. Snarling 'know you're enemy boy only then can you hope to defeat him'" said Lucius dryly.

"His portrait?" asked Severus understanding dawning, on his thin frame.

"Yes, Severus." said Lucius, "He might be able to help us."

"Not just him the others might know what this is…whatever it is - its old dark magic." said Severus.

"Then the family room it is," said Lucius both of them walking from the room, taking the diary with them. The family room was basically one very big room filled with Portraits of the entire Malfoy family. On one wall was also the family tree, it was much nicer than the Black one, and it also wasn't filled with burns or blasts. Once a Malfoy always a Malfoy, they didn't make a habit of disinheriting their own. Then again if they did the Malfoy line would end. They always only had one child, which by the way was always a boy. They had been lucky that way; it was the same with most pureblood families.

"Lucius?" asked Narcissa as she came in the front door, watching her husband practically sprint in the opposite direction.

"I'll tell you tonight Narcissa I promise, right now we have to speak to my father." said Lucius.

"Of course dear," said Narcissa, what could be bad enough they had to go to her father in law for help? He wasn't the most pleasant man she'd met. She shook her head, at least she would know tonight. Her husband didn't make promises he couldn't keep, she continued on a basket of flowers under her arm. She'd been tending to her beautiful garden, watering and snipping the flowers away to put them into vases. If she didn't they'd just wither away and die anyway. Best get the use of them.

Once she was finished she made some lunch before shouting for them.

"Hello son, it's been a while," said Abraxas Malfoy, staring curiously at his son, his eyes were the mirror images. It was a Malfoy trait, mercury eyes that Draco also had. He stared also at the black clad man his son had brought with him. He knew who the boy was; Lucius spoke of him often and fondly. "Severus Snape, it's been a while." he had certainly changed from the teenager he'd once set eyes upon.

"Mr. Malfoy." said Severus nodding curtly.

"Abraxas please," said the proud Malfoy just as curtly.

"Father I need your help," said Lucius ignoring the chatter from all the other Malfoy's that hung in this very room.

"Really?" said Abraxas sitting up paying more attention to his son, he'd never heard those words in a very long time. Not since his son had left for Hogwarts when he was eleven.

"Do you recognize this?" asked Severus holding up the diary spine forward with the name displayed for the portrait.

"I do, it belonged to the Dark Lord when he was a teen." said Abraxas eventually looking confused, why was his son showing him this? It made absolutely no sense at all. What did he need help with?

"Father the Dark Lords soul was host inside, he began possessing a pureblood girl who is only eleven years old…he was seventeen years old in this diary…do you know what it could be?" asked Lucius his voice holding so much hope that Abraxas was momentarily paralyzed.

Abraxas cursed, so foul that Lucius felt the heat rising in his cheeks; he refused to look at Severus. Lucius despite that felt fear entering his bones; to have his father loose control like that…he began to fear that Severus was correct. He wanted to demand answers, but his lips refused to move. For one sweet moment he wanted to remain ignorant it was as they say bliss.

"What do you know?" demanded Severus firmly. He unlike Lucius wanted to know what the hell the diary was.

"You will need the password to the secret library hidden within the main Malfoy library." said Abraxas sounding extremely distracted.

"There's a hidden library?" asked Lucius blinking in sudden shock.

"There is, the darkest books I collected during my teenage years, plus the books the Malfoy library held itself. I hid them, I did not want anyone else getting their hands on them." said Abraxas.

"Why did you never tell me?" asked Lucius very upset.

"You will know when you see them son, as loyal as I was a Death Eater, I never wanted our Lord to get his hands on them…they are not books one should be reading." said Abraxas. He then told his son the password he'd need to get into the secret compartment, and where to find it exactly.

Severus and Lucius shared a look of panic, what on earth was going on? Just what were they going to find out? And just why was the man not just telling them what to look for. Lucius thanked his father and promptly left the room, Severus trailing behind him. They heard Narcissa announcing lunch, making their stomach's rumble. Unfortunately they were on a mission, they weren't about to stop now.

Lucius and Severus entered the library five minutes later, not even the slightest out of breath. Heading for the darker section of the library, before going to the panel and reciting the password his father had given him. It slid open revealing a drawer; the books were very frail looking. Severus and expected more than just three books, regardless of his expectations he took one delicately and began reading. Lucius leaning down beside him so he could do the same thing.

Once Severus managed to read what Abraxas was talking about, the book fell from his now numb fingers. The fear he felt at an all time high, he couldn't believe his own eyes. Yet it made sense was this how the Dark Lord had achieved immortality? Had Abraxas' preventative measures not been enough?

"Severus," croaked Lucius looking as terrified as his companion.

"I know," said Severus, his voice surprisingly strong.

"You-don-don't think he's …made…more than one?" he said his voice filled with terror.

"You know how fearful our lord was of dying, we cannot even begin to fathom what he's done." said Severus his voice quiet and devoid of any emotion.

"He gave others items." said Lucius his voice breathless as he fell on his backside all fight had left him.

"Who Lucius and when?" demanded Severus, not giving up.

"Bellatrix and Regulus," whispered Lucius.

"Three?" gaped Severus shaking his head, unable to comprehend what the Dark Lord had done yet part of him wasn't surprised.

"Those I know about anyway, there might be more." said Lucius shuddering in exhaustion, both men were naturally pale but they were unnaturally so right now. They looked as though they'd seen the ghost of the Dark Lord.

"Lucius this is…" words for once in Severus Snape's life was beyond him. Coming from a man who spoke like he'd swallowed a dictionary it was saying something. He always had words for every occasion…bar this one.

"I know," said Lucius nodding his head.

"You know what we must do?" said Severus.

"I know." said Lucius, they had to destroy them, and without blowing their cover as Death Eaters.

"It doesn't say how to destroy them," said Lucius after a few seconds of tense silence.

"There's already been one destroyed," said Severus dryly, he seemed to be returning to normal. "Basilisk venom."

Lucius placed the books hurriedly back into the drawer before slamming it back in. The panel came across hiding the books once more. He vowed he wouldn't open it again unless he was going to destroy those books. Which would only be when the Dark Lord was gone for good.

"There is nothing more we can do today, lets join the others lest they worry." said Lucius before standing up, brushing the dirt from his clothes. Severus nodded in silent agreement, they needed a plan and soon.

"I hope there's enough left for us," said Lucius trying to sound normal, but failing horribly as everyone stared at him in concern especially his wife.

"Is everything okay?" asked Narcissa hiding her own worry from the kids.

"Yes, we found our answers, now I'm hungry," said Lucius sitting down and digging into his lunch. Severus followed suit, there was no denying things were tense.

"Dad can you go for Hermione tomorrow afternoon?" asked Draco eventually.

"Of course son," said Lucius immediately.

"Did she have a good time in France?" asked Narcissa.

"Yes," said Jamie chiming in, naming all the places Hermione had visited, and how she'd written she loved it. Then Draco began telling everyone about the place they had in France and how he'd like to take them all there. Eventually Severus and Lucius' tense moment seemed forgotten as they got on to lighter topics.

The children would never know, as mature as they were - nobody deserved burdened by the knowledge they held.

"Mum now that Hermione is coming can we go get our things?" asked Draco.

"I don't see why not!" said Narcissa. "It's probably best getting it done before we go to the Quidditch world cup." she said agreeably.

"YES!" cheered the three children ecstatic with the information.

"I'll need to get some Galleons out of Gringotts to take with me," said Harry.

"No need, I shall give you spending money," said Lucius immediately, they were under his care. He wouldn't see them spending their money; it was up to him to care for them in all ways.

"Thank you!" beamed Jamie accepting it immediately.

Harry simply bit his lip unsurely, but sighing he nodded his head albeit reluctantly.

There we go - isnt it off to a much better start now? will Dumbledore find out what the horcruxes are? and share it with Godric and expect him to destroy them? will any of them be entered into the tournament? just godric or all triplets? or just Harry and godric Voldemort having nothing to fear from a girl or so he thinks? do you want to see Ginny and luna join the group or will i leave it as it is? will lucius join the others at the Quidditch world cup? or risk his place as spy to get his child and wards to safety? dont worry there will be alot more Godric in the coming chapters :) ive been neglecting him lol but it is called my brothers love and godric doesnt love anyone other than R&R PLEASE!