Siblings, Friends and Love

Chapter 4

Back Again

To say Severus and Lucius were acting weird would be putting it lightly. They'd gone from wanting to hunt Horcruxes to training Draco, Jamie, Hermione and Harry everything they possibly could. Harry and the others couldn't think of a reason for their change of heart. What they didn't know was that Lucius and Severus could feel the mark tingling, could see the mark darkening ominously against their pale fleshes. Simply put they were extremely worried about the children and themselves. The children had spent the rest of the summer being trained in absolutely everything.

"There's definitely something fishy going on," said Jamie, as she inspected her brand new wand and its holster. Lucius had taken them to Italy to get a new wand, and had requested they wear it on their calf.

"There is, but whatever it is they aren't talking about it," grumbled Draco not happy with the fact he wasn't able to squeeze information out of his father.

"It's as if they think we are going to be attacked," said Harry, "Maybe they really think we are going to be in this tournament."

"We can't we swore we wouldn't," said Draco, "It's something else, it's really bothering my father. Not a lot can do that, normally it's only the Dark Lord…"

"Could he be coming back?" asked Harry sitting up on his bed, suddenly alarmed.

"I don't know Harry," said Draco looking lost and maybe defeated.

"I think they would have told us if it was truly important," said Hermione piping in for the first time.

"Should we be so lucky," sighed Draco.

"So when is this Tournament coming?" Hermione asked the others, she didn't know much about Tri-Wizard tournaments and unfortunately for her- she couldn't get her hands on a book about them.

"Probably around November, I'd say just before Halloween." said Draco.

"That late? I'd say at least a fortnight earlier." said Harry.

"I can't wait either way! Who actually has the guts to enter?" mused Jamie out loud.

"Gryffindor's!" said Draco and Harry together.

"You don't mean…Godric will try do you?" asked Hermione her brown eyes going large.

"No way!" cried Jamie in surprise she hadn't thought about that.

"Of course he will, but I doubt he will succeed, there's an age line, probably cast by Dumbledore since he's the strongest." said Draco.

"He's desperate for fame, James and Lily have weaned him on it," said Harry sadly, "It's not really is fault."

"It's madness," said Draco, "He's an idiot, you were all brought up in the same house but I think he was the one born without any brain cells."

Harry laughed, "Well it will be amusing to watch him try,"

"That I agree with!" said Hermione.

"I love it here, but I can't wait to get back to Hogwarts." said Harry.

"I'd prefer to stay here," said Draco disagreeing with Harry, "But I'd probably be banging my head in boredom within a week if you weren't all here."

"How did you survive before?" teased Jamie throwing her pillow at her male friend.

"Crabbe and Goyle, they came around a lot," said Draco, "I won at everything though and even winning gets boring if you do it often enough."

A knock at the door interrupted their conversation; Narcissa popped her head in "Lights out kids. You are all up early tomorrow…have you packed?"

"Yes Narcissa," from Jamie and Harry.

"Yes Ma'am," said Hermione.

"Yes mum," came from Draco, who promptly threw Jamie her pillow back before diving under his covers. Once they were all settled in Narcissa switched the light off before saying a quiet goodnight and leaving.

"Well tomorrow night we will be back at Hogwarts again, takes a while to get used to the cold." said Harry.

"It is cold in the morning in the dorm isn't it?" agreed Draco.

"You should use warming charms then," said Hermione and Jamie together in smugness.

It didn't take long for them all to fall asleep, they actually needed it. Their magical cores needed to replenish for the next onslaught of magic usage. Harry and Jamie as always just thanked Merlin they were away from the Potter's before sleeping. Each night they thanked their lucky stars, because to be honest they hadn't been sure they could take much more. Especially Harry, who always had it worse because he was a boy. At least that's what they assumed anyway, they thought James had reservations about beating up girls.

"Harry do you have my Arithmancy book?" asked Hermione running up to him and shaking him awake. She was in a panic over one single book; some things just wouldn't change with their bookworm friend.

"Mione I have it, its on top of my trunk," murmured Jamie yawning as she was woken by Hermione's questions.

"Sorry Harry!" said Hermione, grabbing the book from Jamie's trunk in triumph. She had almost forgotten about it! Thank god she had remembered in time. She added her book to her trunk and closed it, her ironed school uniform was in her backpack - she didn't want to have to remove her trunk from the rack once they got it up.

"What time is it?" grumbled Draco finally awake at Hermione's loud banging.

"Seven, we best get to breakfast," said Harry yawning tiredly, grabbing his clothes as he made a break for the bathroom. There had to be like seven bathrooms but they only used the one in the room for some strange reason.

Thirty minutes later they were all washed and dressed, they had half an hour for breakfast before they'd be taken to the Hogwarts Express.

"Morning," murmured the four children as they sat down.

"Good morning," said Narcissa smiling at their tired faces, remembering a time when she used to be like that. Lucius was already off to the Ministry, and Severus was already back at Hogwarts. She would be taking them all herself, a Ministry approved Portkey had come earlier that morning.

"Pancakes! Goody." said Jamie cheerfully as she dug into her large breakfast. "I'm going to miss these! They don't have them at Hogwarts."

"Here, you can have mine," said Hermione passing her two over, they were covered in maple syrup and she didn't like it.

"Here Hermione, mine doesn't have any on it," said Harry passing his over. Hermione gave Harry her ones instead of giving them to Jamie as she was about to.

"Mum did you make some lunch for the train?" asked Draco hopefully, his grey eyes that he'd inherited from his father staring beseechingly at his mother.

"Yes, there are also a few galleons for you to get some sweets as well," said Narcissa, "They are in the kitchen, why don't you go get them after you've finished breakfast. I'll have the house elves bring your trunks down."

"Thanks mum!" grinned Draco, as he gobbled down his breakfast, normally he'd never eat like that - or be seen dead doing it at Hogwarts. He was a Malfoy, and always maintained composure, even under the most arduous situations. It had been drummed into him, since he was a child; it's just the way it was.

"Calm down, it's not about to disappear," said Narcissa amusement showing, when he did that he reminded her of her son when he was two years old. He had been the most gorgeous baby, but she would say that - she was his mother.

"Finished," declared Draco, a nanosecond before Harry did, and a few minutes before Hermione and Jamie.

"Go get your lunch," said Narcissa, "Dobby?" she called, once the house elf was there she said, "Fetch their trunks and bring them to the hall - we are leaving for the Hogwarts express."

"Yes ma'am," said Dobby before disappearing.

Harry, Jamie, Draco and Hermione were hanging out the window waving to Narcissa, their trunks and bags were already in a compartment, so they didn't have to worry about them being claimed. This summer had been the best so far, not only had they been trained but they'd also gone to see the Quidditch World cup. It had been fun; until of course they were Portkey'd away when Death Eaters had made an appearance. This was of course after Lucius and Severus began training them each day!

"It's going to be fun isn't it?" grinned Jamie.

"Less homework, more fun watching the tournament…what's not to like?" smirked Draco.

"No Quidditch?" said Harry offhandedly as he slumped into the seat in their compartment.

"There is that!" said Draco his smirk disappearing.

"Yeah," said Jamie, she liked Quidditch but Hermione on the other hand wasn't as fussed as they were. She hated riding on brooms as well, perhaps because she didn't feel in complete control? Who knew - certainly not her or her friends?

"Oh no, look at the weather!" said Hermione gaping as they left the station only to find a violent downpour of rain coming down.

"I hope it stops before we get there!" said Draco, "I don't want my hair messed up."

"You can use magic," said Harry rolling his eyes.

"I shouldn't have to!" said Draco, "All the magic we have and we still have to ride a train to school."

"Its fun!" protested Hermione.

"The best part is that," said Draco smugly as the woman with the trolley knocked on their door. Draco took the Galleons' from the lunch box and bought everything he could with it. Dividing it up between them all, Jamie took more sugar quills, Hermione Berty bots every flavour beans, Harry the chocolate frogs and of course Draco preferred the exploding bon bon's. The rest were divided up less enthusiastically.

"She's early today," said Hermione thoughtfully as she placed her share in her school bag. She didn't eat sweets the way the others did, she couldn't, and her stomach couldn't handle a lot of sugary sweets. Her parents were dentists and they never let Hermione eat sweets often, in fact if they knew about the sweets she had right now they'd have blown a fuse.

"Did your dad say who the new defence teacher is?" asked Jamie, as she sucked on her sugar quills.

"No, he didn't," said Draco, "Hopefully he'll be decent."

"Doubtful" said Harry with a snort.

"Dumbledore needs to set a good example, he has two other schools coming, this year there will be a decent teacher." said Draco sounding sure of himself.

"Decent for Dumbledore, not Slytherin's," said Harry.

"Good point," said Draco looking a little worried himself now. "At least we've learned any possible forth year curriculum."

"So true!" squealed Hermione, "I'm so glad I came! I would have hated to miss that."

"You just like the second wand," laughed Jamie, they all did.

"Well that too," said Hermione sheepishly, it was a beautifully hand crafted wand holder who wouldn't like it? She didn't like the fact she might be in danger at Hogwarts though, it was supposed to be the safest place of all. Unfortunately she'd learned that it just wasn't true, only Dumbledore's presence made it seem so safe.

The others just laughed at her, they continued talking and teasing the rest of the way there - even when it got dark. Much to their relief the rain had stopped, but unfortunately their shoes got very muddy getting from the train to the coaches. "Well, we're back." the four of them said together as one.

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