City 00 Part 1

[12:13 am]

[Main computer chamber]

[Off limits to civilians]

"All right. Show me it."

"S-sir this is classified information. If the combine find out…"

"Than we won't let them find out."

"I-if you say so."

"I do."



"Bring up search history."

Search history


results non-conclusive



"Somebody deleted the search history…I'll have to search manually."

"How long will that take?"

"Just a few moments more."


"Computer, search City list."


Results found.

Results classified

"Computer acknowledge administrator code 12"

Password required.

"Ignorance leads to degradation."


Password confirmed

Begin list?


City 01

City 02

City 03

City 00

"Computer stop!"

"What the heck is city 00?"

"I don't know….i can find out…I guess…"

"Than do it."

"Computer, list city 00 status."

City 00: Status, Classified

"Classified! What the hell?"

"Uh….computer recognize administrator override code 12"


"Well then….Computer, recognize administrator override code 15"


"What are you doing?"

"I'm attempting to gain access. The first code I used was the metro police equivalent. That last one was the Combine elite override."

"Do you have more?"

"Two more."

"Ok then use them."

"Um…Computer! Recognize Overwatch override code 007"


"That was the code overwatch uses….this one has to work."

"It better, the combine could be here any minute."

"Computer! Recognize administrator Origin code 0035!"



"What was that?"

"That…was the code the….administrator of the….entire city uses…."

"And this means…"

"It means whatever city 00 is…..even the administrator doesn't know…"


"I…suppose I could hack in manually….."

"Than do it….we need to figure out what this is…it could help the rebellion immensely."


Attention. Further tampering will result in-alskdg



Access confirmed

"Here we go…"

City 00 Status: Critical exogen breach

Last contact: 5 years ago

"Five years ago?!"

Distress beacon active

Current monitoring: Negative

Estimated population: 0

Reason for population decline: c-…Warning further tampering with the system will result in off world relocation.

"Aw crap."

"What does that mean?"

"It means somebody reset the security system. They know where here."

"Hurry go-" The mans head snapped back and blood showered his friend as a combine elite blew out his brains.

"Citizen, halt." The man dropped facedown to the floor.

"No..i-it was his idea! P-Please…."


Computer report: May 18

12:10: Citizen breach of room, begin monitoring

12:12: Citizen interface interaction

12:13: Administrator code recognized

12:14: Begin city list

12:15: query City 00 statistics denied

12:16: Administrator override code 12 denied

12:17: Administrator override code 15 denied

12:18: Overwatch override code 007 denied

12:19: Administrator origin code 0035 denied

12:20: Civilian tampering detected, begin alert procedu-


12:30: all systems recovered, beginning Nexus alert code yellow

12:34: Civilian Tampere's amputated, Begin security check

12:35: All City 00 information recovered, status normal