Boy Meets World


Summary: Jack and Eric get a little surprise...

Rating: PG-13 for mild language, watercolor sex and slashiness

Note: This is an unoffiicial sequel to the "Food" series. It's a light piece of fluff. And it's a MPreg story, so if that's not your bag, baby, move on!

Setting: Three years after "Peppermint

Disclaimer: They're not mine. Waahh! (Disney has most, Mutant Enemy has some -Grr, Arrgh-, and I have what left, which isn't saying much.)


Chapter One- In which our two heroes get a surprise

-Hi, this is the home of Jack and Eric Hunter-Matthews. We're not here, so leave a message.- Beep

"Hey Jack, Eric. This is Shawn. We'll be arriving around 5. Hope you get this in time. Um, Angela says hi. We both can't wait to see you. 'Bye."

"Hi, guys! This is Topanga. We should be there around 4:30 or so. Are you picking up Shawn and Angela from the airport? I guess you are, silly question. Anyway, looking foward to seeing you. 'Bye."

"Hello. Aaron and I are on our way now. Don't you ever check your messages? Okay, see you later. Oh, this is Morgan."

"Eric, this is your mother. We'll come after your father leaves the store. Josh can't wait to see you."

"Eric, this is Jack. Your cell phone is turned off, so hopefully you're at the house. I'm running late at work. Will you be able to pick up Shawn and Angela? Call me back when you get this message."

Eric sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He picked the phone back up.


"Hey Jack."

"Eric! Did you get my message?"

"Yeah, but I just got in the door, and it's 4:45 now. Unless everyone is delayed, we're going to have a major problem on our hands."


"Because we have to be in two places at once. Apparently everyone's planning to converge at the house around 5. Hold on, I'm switching to my cell." Eric hung up and went out the door. He got into his car and pulled out the driveway before dialing Jack.

"How long do you think you'll be delayed?" Eric said distractedly, attempting to merge onto the highway.

"Not too much longer. Long story. But I should be out of here in around 10 minutes, and I'll speed to the house." Jack sounded weary, but happy. "Do I need to get anything else?"

"Nah. Look, I'm about to break some laws driving, so I'll talk to you later. Love you."

"Love you too." Jack hung up.

Eric drove skillfully, and about fifteen miles over the speed limit. Glancing at the clock, he could see that he would be a little late, but not enough to make Shawn and Angela nervous. He exited the highway, and pulled into one of the airport's parking lots. He parked hurriedly and ran up to the information desk to see what gate he was supposed to go to. Flashing in large letters next to the gate information was the word DELAYED.

"Okay, after all that." Eric sighed and pulled out his phone. "Jack, I'm at the airport now. Their flight's delayed."

"I'm on my way to the house now. I'm about five minutes out. Have you heard from anyone?"

"No. I'm assuming you haven't."

"Nope. I'm going with the idea that no news is good news."

"Works for me. I guess I'll wait here. I could stand a Cafe Mocha."

"With semisweet chocolate chips," they said together and laughed.

"Well, I'm at the house now. There's no one in front. Tell you what, call me back when you're on your way."

"Will do." Eric hung up and looked back at the info board. Now the flight was showing as LANDING.

"Guess my Cafe Mocha is out," he said as he went to the gate.

Meanwhile, Jack was at the house. It was straightened, due to the weekly maid's visit, but Jack felt the need to make sure that all of the guest bedrooms were stocked, neat, and would meet the approval of all the guests. He was sorting through a magazine rack when the doorbell rang. Trotting to the door, he flung it open to see his mother and stepdad.

"Mom! Barry!" He embraced his mother tightly, then shook hands with his stepfather.

"We're glad to see you too," Barry said warmly. "I know our coming here is a surprise..."

"And it's a good one," Jack said.

"But a surprise nonetheless. Maureen and I just wanted to see you before we went to my conference."

"What conference?" Jack asked in confusion. "I don't recall..."

"It's a three day couples' workshop." His mother laughed at the expression on his face. "No, it's not like that. Anyway, the location is an hour out of Breezewood, and we couldn't be in the area without seeing my boy." She embraced him again.

"How long can you stay?" Jack said, muffled from his mother's arms.

"Actually, the first lecture's at 6:30, so we should probably be going. It was good seeing you, son. Tell Eric we said hello." Barry always asked about Eric. It was one of the things Jack liked about him.

"I'll do that. Have a good time at the workshop."

"We will." His mother finally let go of him. They walked to his parents' car, apparently a rental.

"We'll stop through on our way home," Barry told him as he got into the car.

"Maybe you can stay longer," Jack suggested.

"Probably. 'Bye." His mother got into the car, and Jack watched them pull out of the driveway and onto the street. Barry honked the horn before they drove down the street.

Jack shook his head and went back into the house. He thought about his parents and how he was glad that they had a good relationship. He returned to walking around the house, checking his watch and wondering where everyone was.

The phone rang. Jack dove for it before the service could pick up. "Hello?"

"Jack? This is Cory. At this point, we're heading off the highway, so we're about five minutes out." Cory was interrupted by the call waiting signal.

"Cory, that's me."

"That's okay, I just wanted to tell you that we were on our way. 'Bye."

Jack clicked over. "Hello?"

"This is Morgan. We're heading down the street now. Anyone else there yet?"

"No, but Cory and his family are on their way now. And Eric's at the airport, picking up Shawn and Angela."

"Did you hear from Mom and Dad yet? Wait a minute, we're pulling into the driveway now." Morgan hung up and Jack walked back outside to see two additional cars in the driveway. Morgan and her boyfriend Aaron were just stepping out of one. The other one shut off and Cory and Topanga emerged. Topanga reached into the back and extracted their two year old daughter, Chloe. Everyone started talking all at once. They walked into the house, still chattering and laughing.

"So, did Shawn and Angela land yet?" Cory asked, as he bounced a fussy Chloe.

"The last I heard, their flight was delayed. But that was at least 20 minutes ago, so hopefully they're on the way now."

"I know I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Sometimes, I feel out of the loop in New York." Topanga smiled, but Jack could see that she was serious about what she was saying.

"Any thoughts about settling in Philly?" Morgan asked. "You'll be close to me, at least, and Mom and Dad."

"It would be nice," Cory allowed, "but Topanga's on the fast track to making partner at her firm."

"So, I heard that you stay home with the baby, sir," Aaron said to Cory.

Cory and Morgan winced at the same time. Morgan was the first to speak. "Jeez, Aaron, Cory's only four years older than you! Don't let the moustache fool you."

"Sorry, sir," Aaron apologized.

Morgan sighed and changed the subject. "So, are we all staying here?"

Not wanting to hear the rest, Cory stood up hurriedly with Chloe. "I think that this lady needs a walk."

"I can take her, honey," Topanga offered.

"Can I do it? I don't get to spend enough time with my niece." Morgan took Chloe from Cory. "Come on Aaron, we might as well practice on her."

As they walked out the door, the remaining people in the room shot each other looks of horror. "Please tell me that she's speaking theoretically," Topanga groaned.

"Well, Morgan's levelheaded. I'm sure she was talking about the far, far future." Jack got up. "So, do you want anything to drink?"

"I'd love some water. Do you want me to get it?" Topanga asked.

"You're a guest. Just answer the doorbell if it rings, all right?" As he walked to the kitchen, Jack heard Cory ask Topanga in a small voice, "Do you think that Morgan's... careful?"

Jack ran to the kitchen before he could hear the rest. "Shawn! Angela! Over here!"

They rushed over to where Eric was standing and were immediately swallowed up in one of his patented bear hugs. Laughing, they hugged him back just as hard.

When they finally untangled, Shawn said, "It seems like we haven't seen you for years!" The English accent that Shawn had developed was even more pronounced.

"It has been years. Everything still going good for you there?" Eric took their suitcases as he lead the way to his car.

"About the same," Shawn said noncommittally. "So, everyone waiting for us at the house?"

"As far as I know. Angela, you're extra quiet."

"Just thinking about something. We got you something, but I hope you like it."

"Presents are always appreciated," Eric said sincerely. "Let's pick up the rest of your bags and head to the car."

As they retrieved the suitcases from the carousel, Shawn asked, "So, where's Jack?"

"At the house. Everyone's arriving at around the same time."

"Even Cory and Topanga?" Angela asked.

"Yeah. They're driving, because they spent a couple of days in Philly first before coming here."

"So, this really is a reunion! When was the last time we were all together like this?" Shawn tried to think back.

"I believe that it was your wedding." Eric opened up his car and put the suitcases in the trunk.

"It sure was. When was that, again?" Shawn joked, dodging to avoid the punch Angela was aiming at him. Back at the house, Jack was sitting down, talking to Mr Matthews about the store. Mrs Matthews was holding a sleeping Chloe while she was talking to Morgan. The door knob turned and Eric, Shawn and Angela walked in. Everyone jumped up and greeted the new arrivals. When they got settled down again, Shawn said, "We have an announcement to make. Well, two, actually."

Everyone looked at them expectantly. When they didn't speak up, Cory asked, "Are you planning on telling us today?"

Shawn and Angela exchanged looks. "Okay, I'll go first," Shawn said. "My firm is opening a branch in the States, and they want me to head up the expansion."

"So, you're moving back? You're moving back!" Topanga leapt up and hugged Angela while the room dissolved into chaos.

"Yeah, but only for six years. After that, I'm being recalled. I might make partner." Shawn looked happy and not a little smug.

"Angela, how will that affect your business?" Mrs Matthews asked.

"It won't. I'm going to work for GBGB in New York. They're affiliated with our company in London."

"That's great! Does that mean that you'll be living in New York?" Cory stood up and grabbed Shawn. "It'll be just like old times, Shawny."

"So, what was your other news, Angela?" Jack asked curiously.

She smiled softly. "I'm having a baby!"

Once again, the room erupted into shouts. "Man, this is the day for good news!" Eric commented. Then he looked around the room. "Hey, I need to get Josh." He went to the back yard, where his little brother was playing on the swingset that was back there. At ten, he was still small for his age, but he still had the unusual amount of energy that was his trademark.

"Josh, want to come inside and have some cookies?" Eric asked, sitting on the swing next to him.

"Eric, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything," Eric replied, ruffling his brother's curly blond hair.

"When you were my age, did you have a girlfriend?"

Eric smiled, remembering his reputation as a lady-killer. "Yeah, I did. Why do you ask?"

"There's this girl, and she likes me, and she wants to me my girlfriend, but I don't want her to be because my friends will make fun at me."

"Well, do you like her?"

Josh made a noncommittal sound. "She's all right, I guess."

"Why don't you tell her that you would like to be her friend instead of her boyfriend?" Eric suggested.

"I can do that." Josh jumped up, hugged Eric, and ran into the house. Eric laughed and followed at a more sedate pace.

Inside, everyone was still talking about Shawn and Angela's news. When Eric came into the living room, everyone stood up. "We were just about to come get you. Ready for dinner?" Jack walked to his husband and whispered, "Have to talk to you when we get home."

"Anything important?"


Everyone piled into their cars. On the way to the restaurant, Eric turned to Jack, who was driving. "Are you sure that you can't tell me now?"

"It's nothing big. I just wanted to tell you that Mom and Barry stopped by. Apparently they're going to a couples' conference. They said hi."

"That's nice."

"Thing is, they're going to stop by on the way home. If they stay overnight with everyone else here, we're definitely going to run out of room."

"Don't worry. If anything, we can get some of them a hotel room." Eric grinned at Jack. "After all, we are making the big bucks."

Dinner was relaxed, as everyone made small talk. Afterwards, Mr and Mrs Matthews drove back to Philadelphia, because Mr Matthews needed to open the store the next day. They took Josh and Chloe, because Cory and Topanga would be flying back to New York from there.

At the house, the remaining people had a nightcap. "This is the first night that we've had alone in ages." Cory sighed, then grabbed Topanga. "We're going dancing!"

Everyone laughed as Topanga dragged Cory out the door before he could change his mind. Soon after, Morgan and Aaron called it a night, with everyone not commenting on the fact that the two of them were sharing a room.

"Oh, let me get your present," Angela said. She disappeared into the bedroom and came out with a statue. It was a vase that also looked like two faces.

"Cool, an optical illusion," Jack said.

"It's not only that. It's a fertility statue. We got it from this shop called Ethan's, and the owner said that it's guaranteed."

"Okay, so you looked at the statue and thought of us?" Eric wondered.

"We thought it would be a cool gift. And it does work." Angela patted her still flat belly. "Believe me on that one."

"Well, thanks. This is definitely going in the hallway." Jack picked it up.

"Actually, it needs to go into your bedroom." Shawn laughed at Jack's blush and stood up. "It's been a long day for us. I'm heading to bed."

"Sounds like a plan. 'Night, guys." Angela followed her husband.

Jack and Eric looked at each other. "Do they think that we actually need something to... help us?" Jack blushed again.

"Well, you might. You are getting old. I mean, 32! It's like I'm seeing an older man!"

Jack slugged Eric. "You're the same age as me!"

"You just seem so much older than me!"

"That's it. I'm taking my statue and sleeping on the couch." Jack got up and started walking into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry," Eric pleaded. "I'll be good."

"Okay," Jack relented. "But I'm only accepting the apology because I want to be ravished." He set the statue on his nightstand. "Now, lock the door."

"Don't have to tell me twice."

A while later, they lay on the bed, snuggled next to each other. Neither of them noticed that the statue was glowing with a blue light. As their breathing and heartbeats slowed, the glow intensified, then faded. They drifted off to sleep, satisfied and happy. The next morning, everyone stumbled out of their various sleeping places, tired but happy. The only sour face belonged to Morgan's, and no one wanted to know why exactly she was shooting looks at Aaron.

"How does pancakes sound to everyone?" Eric said, as he wiped the sleep out of his eyes and attempted to focus on the group.

"Fine with me," Cory said. "But I think I'm going to hide in the bedroom while you cook." He had a slight hangover, due to his and Topanga's partying.

"I told you to drink that water before we went to bed," Topanga said.

"I didn't want any. But water sounds good now."

"I'll bring you some. After breakfast. Now go." Topanga gave him a push to the bedroom. After he shuffled off, she turned to Shawn and Angela, who were watching quietly. "So, what did you do after we left?"

"Nothing. We got Eric and Jack a fertilty statue, so we gave it to them. But we were pretty beat, so we called it a night early." Shawn yawned to punctuate the fact.

"Hey! You got a present and I didn't get one?" Topanga punched Eric on the shoulder.

"Ow! Hit them. I didn't make them give us anything! But you might consider giving us gifts since you are taking advantage of my hospitality."

"I would, but with Ang being in a delicate condition, and Shawn sleeping standing up, it wouldn't be fair."

"Besides, what would you do with a fertility statue? You have Chloe." Jack stepped around Shawn, who was leaning on the hallway wall with his eyes closed.

"True. And as busy as our schedules are now, we could not handle another child." She smiled. "But maybe once Chloe goes to school..."

"As much as I love the talk of children, the one inside me is hungry!" Angela lead the laughing people down the stairs. The week passed swiftly. Jack's parents did stay overnight, but Eric suggested that they take their bedroom, so the sleeping arrangements worked out. Whatever Morgan was mad about was cleared up by the second day of vacation. As they said good bye to Shawn and Angela at the airport, Jack turned to Eric.

"You know, I'm really glad to see everyone, but I'm looking forward to spending some time alone with you."

"Are you now?" Eric dropped a kiss lightly on Jack's forehead. "Hey, are you feeling better?"

"Yeah. Whatever I ate last night must not have agreed with me."

"Feeling up to grabbing some food now?"

"I'm ravenous." Later that night, when they were watching a movie, Eric laid his head on Jack's chest. He was surprised, to say the least, when Jack pushed his head roughly up.

He looked into the very shocked eyes of his husband. "I'm sorry, Eric. That hurt like hell."

"What hurt?"

"You brushed against my nipples."

"You usually like that."

"I know." Jack's face looked thoughtful. "Whatever's going on with my body, I hope it lets up soon." A month passed, and Jack was still getting sick in the mornings. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you had morning sickness," Eric joked.

"Not funny," Jack groaned, as he tried to catch his breath after a heaving session. "This sucks. I'm going to a doctor."

"Are you going to Dr Fields?"

"Actually, I was talking to Evie, and she referred me to a Dr Summers. She says she's really good."

"Okay. Call me at work if something's serious."

As they headed to their various jobs, Eric couldn't help but take another look at Jack. He was paler than usual, and he had dropped some weight. "Hey, remember to call me," he shouted, as he got into his car.

"Okay, Mom," Jack yelled back, as he dropped his briefcase on the seat next to him and started the engine.

At work that day, things were uneventful, which Jack appreciated, because the nausea that he had started the day with had gotten worse as the day went on. Finally, he went to his secretary, Evie.

"Evie, I have a doctor's appointment. Could you hold my calls and tell everyone I'll be here tomorrow, please?"

"Sure thing, Dr Hunter."

"Jack," he corrected automatically. After three years, they still had that conversation.

As he headed out the door, his boss and friend, Rachel Thomas, stopped him. "Is this a bad time? I needed to go over some case notes with you."

"Actually, I have a doctor's appointment."

"Oh. Well, they're not really important. I mean, they can hold until tomorrow. Are you still feeling sick?"

"Yeah, and I haven't really felt well since everyone left."

"Angela and Shawn probably gave you some nasty English flu or something." Rachel stopped and looked thoughtful. "It was nice seeing everyone."

"Sure was. And we'll have more time to spend with everyone now that the Hunters are moving back to the States."

"Well, I'm not going to hold you up. Feel better."

"Thanks," he said, as he jumped in the elevator. He glanced at his watch as he walked through the parking garage. He was going to have just enough time to make it to the doctor's office if he hurried. Driving though the streets at around ten miles over the speed limit, he made it ten minutes before his appointment.

"Name, please," said the nurse at the check-in desk.

"Jack Hunter-Matthews."

"The doctor will see you shortly."

He sat down, looked through the usual magazines, and was reading a year-old Newsweek when the nurse called his name.

After he did the usual vital signs, he went into an exam room. A young girl with long brown hair peeked in. "Mr Hunter-Matthews?"


The girl came in. "Hello. I'm Dr Summers." She laughed at his surprised look. "Yes, I look way too young to be a doctor. I get that a lot." She sat on a stool and wheeled it over to the chair where Jack was sitting. "Why don't you tell me your symptoms?"

He described the nausea and vomiting, the increased appetite when he wasn't throwing up, and his recent sensitivity in his nipples.

"This is going to seem like an odd question, but have you been to a place called Sunnydale, CA?"

"I've never heard of it," Jack said honestly.

"Has anyone giving you any odd things in the past few months?"

"No... wait, my brother and sister-in-law gave me a statue. They said it was a fertility statue. It's cool looking... and what does that have to do with how I'm feeling?"

"I have a feeling," she said vaguely. "Do you know where they got the statue?"

"They said something about a shop in England. It was named Ed's or Egbert's, something with an 'e'. Do you think that the statue is making me sick? Because my husband isn't experiencing any of these symptoms, and the thing's been in our bedroom since we got it."

"Could the name of the shop be Ethan's?" the young doctor asked quietly.

"Yes, that's the name. Hey," Jack looked suspiciously at her. "how would you know that?"

"If you came from where I came from, you'd be able to put two and two together." Dr Summers stood up. "What I'm going to do is run some tests, but I have a feeling what's wrong. You're going to go down to the phlebotomy room, and then come back here, okay?" She patted his arm reassuringly. "I'll rush them through the lab so you'll have the results after I'm done with the physical exam."

He went down to the room, winced his way though four vials of blood, gave a urine sample, and went back to the exam room. He put on the flimsy gown and laid back.

A soft knock sounded on the door. "I'm ready," he called.

Eric came in the room, slightly out of breath. "I came as fast as I could. Are you okay?"

"I'm... how did you know? Who told you to come?"

"Someone called my office." Eric sat down on the stool and took Jack's hand. "I ran the whole way from the car. I was worried!"

"I'm fine! At least, I think I'm fine. The lab's rushing my results."

Another knock was heard. Jack said, "Come in!"

Dr Summers came back in. "Oh, I see my assistant called you," she said to Eric. "I'm Dr Summers."

"Eric Hunter-Matthews. Nice to meet you."

"I had her call you here because I wanted to talk to both of you. But first, I need to do some poking around." Eric gave up the stool as Dr Summers started palpating Jack's abdomen. He sucked in air when she hit a tender spot.

"Okay, I'm finished. Go ahead and get dressed, and I'll be back with the test results." After she left, Jack hurriedly dressed.

"So, what does she think is wrong?" Eric asked.

"She thinks it has something to do with the statue that Shawn and Angela gave us. Maybe I'm allergic to it or something."

"But wouldn't I be affected by it too?"

"That's what I asked her. But it was weird- she knew the name of the shop that they got the statue from. So maybe some other people have been affected by this."

Dr Summers came back in. "If you'll follow me..."

They walked down the hallway to her office. Once they were inside, she said, "Now I know this is going to seem crazy, but the results came back from the lab. Before you ask, we ran the test four times."

Eric took Jack's hand as he asked, "So, what is it, doctor?"

Dr Summers leveled a look at them. "Jack, according to this test, you're pregnant."