Epilogue- In which Cameron and Campbell reflect

Sixteen years later...

"So, how does it feel to be sweet sixteen?"

"The same as it felt to be fabulous fifteen. Chloe, what's with the weird questions?" Campbell turned to walk away but was stopped by her older cousin.

"Don't go! Look, there's Chet. Isn't he seriously hot?"

Campbell made a face. "Ew, and may I add, ew again? He's my cousin!"

"But not mine. Wonder how long they're staying in town?"

Campbell sighed and went to go find her brother. He was outside the reception hall, looking up into the sky.

"Hey, watcha thinking about?" she asked Cameron, touching his arm.

"How fortunate we are." The simple statement seemed to say it all.

"Yeah." Campbell looked at her brother, noticing again how much he looked like their father Jack. They had been told the truth about their odd parentage from the time they were old enough to understand, although most people thought that Jack had fathered Cameron and that Eric had fathered Campbell.

"I mean, here we are at a reception for our dads' twentieth anniversary. That rocks."

"And no one had cooler fathers than we did," Campbell mused. She looked up at the sky too. Then she said, "Ready to go inside? They're going to serve the cake!"

"What kind is it?"

"Chocolate... with semisweet icing."

"Our favorite!" they said together. Turning to go back inside, they didn't notice four people watching them.

"I swear, that boy looks more and more like Jack every day," Alan commented to one on in particular.

"Well, look at Campbell! She is the feminine form of Eric if I ever saw one!" Maureen argued.

"Well, they said they were adopted..." Barry started.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say that those two had those kids themselves!" Amy fell silent as the four adults thought about that statement.

"Nah!" Alan said.

"Nah! Amy said.

"Nah!" Barry said.

"Nah!" Maureen said.

Just the same, all of them looked over at the two men on the dance floor, and back to the children, who were now talking to their cousins.

'I wonder...' all of them thought.