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Love story between Emma and Regina. Hope you all like.

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Emma Swan was conflicted. The curse had broken. Yay. Her parents now know who she really is. Yay. Henry was happy. Yay. But she also knew that everyone else would be out for blood, and not just any blood. Regina.

For the past few months Emma and Regina had a very mutual hate hate relationship, but after the incident with Henry and the mine, something change. Shifted, into something bordering mutual respect and tolerance. That and the fact that Emma had saved Regina from a fire certainly helped her cause. Emma had felt a spark of attraction towards the now revealed, Evil Queen, from the start but refused to acknowledge it. After the mine incident though, Emma couldn't ignore the pull any longer, especially when Regina had begged her to save Henry and only stood a few inches away from her. So close and yet so far away.

The vulnerability that shown in Regina's eyes made Emma's heart break and knees weak at the same time. This was the real Regina, not the cold hearted, walls up Madam Mayor that she had first met. Underneath the walls Regina was vulnerable, terrified of losing the one thing that she loved the most.

Emma soon found that she wanted to protect Regina, learn more about her, maybe try and get beneath the layers and help heal her. Regina would never allow that though. Or maybe she would. Perhaps no one has tried in so long that she doesn't believe anyone wants to try and know her.

I do. Emma closed her eyes, letting her feelings wash over her, fear, anger, happiness, and a warm feeling that seemed to only manifest whenever she thought or saw the Mayor. So essentially all the time.

She knew that Regina knew how she felt, she would catch Emma staring at her frequently and they shared a few lingering touches and longing glances. Emma knew deep down that Regina felt for her too, but told herself otherwise so she wouldn't get her hopes up. Neither of them acknowledged their attraction to each other, formally speaking.

The fact was that Emma Swan, savior and hope for Fairy Tale Land, was hopelessly in love with Regina Mills.

"I'll tell you who is responsible, the Queen." Grumpy said, voice laced with anger and effectively drawing Emma from her revere.

"No!" Emma yelled suddenly, eyes staring at Grumpy like daggers, "Regina isn't responsible for this. Gold is." She finished firmly. Her parents looked to her in surprise at her defensive outburst.

"Emma!" She spun around at her name being called and saw Archie rushing towards them, face masked in panic, "There's a mob, they're angry and they're after Regina." Archie panted.

"We have to stop them." Emma stated as firmly as she could, despite the terror running through her veins.

"Why should we?" Charming spoke up, looking at his daughter.

"Because if the Queen dies then they are no better than she is."

"Emma, promise me my mom won't die." Henry tugged on her jacket, pleading.

"I won't kid. I promise."

"Emma is right. And if we let it happen we are no better." Snow agreed, nodding firmly at her daughter.

"Henry go with Archie."

"But Emma." Henry whined.

"No buts. Let me handle this." Emma said sternly before turning on her heel and starting to run towards the Mayors manor.

Regina sat in her living room, heart pounding in her ears. The curse was lifted, everyone remembered everything from their lives before. She knew any minute now that her door would be pounded on by an angry mob, demanding her blood. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself, her thoughts automatically wandering to a certain blonde.


Such a beautiful name. Regina had always thought so, Beautiful everything.

Regina wasn't one for romantic antics ever since her heart had been shattered by Daniels death. As time had past she still felt the sting, but since Emma showed up the pain in her heart started to dissipate and in its wake a new warmth spread. She hadn't felt that feeling since Daniel, and even then, this seemed to be stronger. The thought and feelings terrified her, and at the same time thrilled her.

The lingering touches and longing looks she had been giving the Sheriff had started and increased since the incident at the mines. Regina had wanted to close the gap so badly between them and kiss Emma, show her vulnerability to the only person she had started to trust just a little. At first Regina refused to acknowledge her feelings towards the blonde and often the source of her resentment towards the woman were because of her feelings towards her, ever since they met.

Regina felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, the mob would come to kill her and she would never get to tell her swan how she really felt, she wouldn't get to tell Henry how much she loved him, she would die alone and empty and evil.

You're weak. Her mother's voice rang through her thoughts, causing a swell of anger to rise inside her. Her mother had done this to her, made her want to close off every part of her being to anyone, except Daniel. That ended horribly and after that Regina closed her heart off permanently, the only person she had allowed herself to feel for was Henry.

And now Emma. Regina closed her eyes tightly, willing the tears that threatened to spill go away. Despite her efforts the tears escaped and she let out a ragged sob.

Regina sobbed, because the once hardened evil queen, was completely in love with her arch-nemesis' daughter.

A pounding on her front door caused her tears to cease and her head to shoot up.

"Regina! Come out here now! We know you're in there!" The voice yelled harshly through the closed door.

Regina steeled herself and stood, holding her head high and feeling the anger boil to the surface, she knew magic had been brought back shortly after the curse broke, she knew who was responsible as well.

The Evil Queen was back.

Regina gracefully walked to the door and swung it open, revealing her angry mob, led by Doctor Whale. Regina's mouth twitched and a smirk graced her face.

"Dr. Whale, to what do I owe the pleasure." She said, her voice flowing like silk.

"You know why we're here, your majesty." Venom evident on his last two words.

"How dare you." Regina started, stepping outside her home, "How dare you come to my house." Regina gave Whale a shove in the chest. "Pound on my door." Shove. "You've come, demanding my blood, demanding your queen's blood." Another shove.

"You want your Queen?" Regina rhetorically asked, drawing her hands back, "Here she is."

The mob ducked, cowering, afraid that they were about to be struck down by magic.

Her hands flew forward, no magic.

Oh fuck. Regina thought in a panic.

The mob looked up, soon realizing she had no power.

"She has no power!" Dr. Wale yelled, grabbing Regina and pushing her against one of the columns to her home. "Looks like you're trapped, your majesty."

Regina went to speak but never had the chance, a strong hand gripped her throat, squeezing. She tried to yell but her airway was closing, and fast.

Her vision began to blur and she thought she saw a flash of blonde running towards her.

"Regina!" Emma yelled, her voice sounding panicked. Even in Regina's haze she caught the fear laced in Emma's voice and it made her heart flutter, causing an unpleasant combination between the fluttering and her heart working over time for her to breathe.

"Let her go!" Emma snarled before shoving Dr. Wale, effectively knocking his hand loose. Charming quickly pulled him away from Regina as Emma wrapped her arms around her and moved her away from the column and closer to the door.

"Are you alright?" Emma whispered softly, her voice shaky as she inspected Regina's face. For a moment Regina got lost in those green eyes.

"Emma?" She asked so softly, Emma barely caught it. "Yes." She answered finally, breathlessly, she wanted to connect their lips but knew this wasn't the time nor place.

Neither noticed the confrontation happening between Charming and Whale, or the mob demanding Regina's blood. Finally Snow White's voice caught everyone's attention.

"Enough!" Snow yelled, causing everyone to look at her. "She doesn't deserve to die."

Regina was stunned.

"Locked up yes, but not killed. If you do that you are no better than she is."

Emma didn't like the idea of Regina locked up, but she knew it would be the only way to keep her safe from the townspeople. Emma finally tore her worried eyes from Regina's already bruising neck and faced the mob.

"All of you. Leave." Emma said firmly, "I'll handle it from here." Emma wrapped her hand around regina's arm, gently, and began guiding her from her home and down the street towards the Sheriff station. She didn't know if her parents were following or not and really didn't care. She just wanted to get Regina to safety.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Emma asked softly, her eyes focused straight ahead.

Regina cast a weary glance in her direction. Inside she wanted to break down, stop the blonde from walking and fall into her, shower her in kisses and cry and tell her that no she wasn't fine.

She had started to find peace being in Storybrooke, Henry was happier since Emma had returned and Regina finally began to realize Emma didn't want to steal Henry, she just wanted to be in his life. She began to make peace with that, thought that she could begin to put her evil vendetta behind her and allow herself to love and care for someone intimately. That someone being Emma.

Regina hoped for that, but she wasn't allowed a Happy Ending and she couldn't break down in front of her Emma. So she put the wall back up.

"I'm fine Miss Swan." Regina said coldly, a little more so than she had intended and she winced when she saw a flash of pain cross Emma's face. She instantly regretting sounding cold, but she didn't want to show her weakness to Emma.

They finally made it to the station and Emma sat her down in a chair, kneeling in front of her. Their eyes connected and Regina felt the familiar pull, the longing to tell Emma how she felt. Emma's eyes flickered back down to Regina's throat, she could see anger swirling in the green eyes.

She knew this wasn't a good time but what did she have to lose.

"Emma." Regina started softly, causing Emma's eyes to meet hers once again. "I-"

"Why isn't she in a cell?" Emma and Regina both turned at the voice, seeing Charming and Snow enter the station.

"She isn't dangerous." Emma replied. Her voice taking on a defensive tone. Emma turned back to look at Regina, "I'm sorry Regina but I should probably put you in one, for your safety." Emma specified, trying to show Regina she trusted her, just wanted to keep her safe.

Regina nodded slowly. How could she have been so cruel to this woman, she had been nothing but kind to Regina and in turn she was rude and cold towards her, even when Emma had shown her affection.

Regina knew that she may be approaching her last days and made a last minute decision to not hide her affection for the blonde. Whether Emma returned the feelings or not Regina wanted to be able to die knowing in her heart that she had began to love and trust again. Love? Regina felt her eyes widen in panic at the admission but slowly accepted it.

She had begun to fall for Sheriff Swan and couldn't stop it if she tried. She wouldn't allow her mother the satisfaction of winning twice.

Emma could see the thoughts and emotions playing across Regina's face as she kneeled in front of her. She waited until Regina finished whatever internal battle she was having. She watched her lips purse and her forehead crinkle as she always did whenever she was thinking of something difficult. She saw Regina's eyes widen in what looked to be fear and then dissipate into a softer, almost sad look.

Whatever Regina was thinking was clearly important. Almost a minute later Regina finally made eye contact with Emma and began to stand. Emma followed suit and watch as Regina made her way to a cell and stepped inside, slowly turning to face Emma who was currently shutting the door.

Emma clenched her jaw in frustration as she pulled out the keys to lock the door, she glanced up at Regina and saw that her eyes were trained on her face.

What is that look? Emma paused, trying to determine what look Regina was giving her, and suddenly it hit her.

Fear and adoration.

She feels it to. Emma felt her heart skip a beat and she quickly locked the cell, her eyes immediately meeting Regina's.

"Emma." Regina started again softly, stepping close to the bars, her hands gently grasping them. "Thank you."

Emma saw Regina's eyes begin to water slightly and Emma offered her a reassuring smile.

"You're welcome." Emma paused, "I won't let them hurt you."

"Why?" Regina asked, she could feel her voice shake as she spoke, she didn't bother to register that Charming and Snow had come close to the cell as well, clearly wanting to hear the conversation.

"Well for one, Henry made me promise I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

A single tear trailed down Regina's cheek.

"He did?" Regina's voice broke and Emma's heart cracked at the sight. She nodded in response before continuing.

"And I won't let anything happen to you." She emphasized, wanting Regina to really believe it.

Charming and Snow glanced at each other quickly and then back to the duo in front of them. Something wasn't right. Regina and Emma hated each other and here they were staring at each other like lovers do.

Mary-Margaret grasped David's hand and squeezed, afraid that the Queen had somehow done something to Emma to make her act this way. Before either of them could say anything though Emma backed away from the cell and turned to face them.

"I'm going after Gold." She stated.

"We'll go with you." David spoke, casting a glare at Regina before guiding Mary- Margaret out the door, leaving Emma lingering behind.

"I'll be back." Emma reassured, when she received a nod from Regina she followed after her parents. Completely ready to kick Gold's ass.

Regina watched Emma's retreating form, her eyes watering as she took a seat on the bed, laying back and staring at the ceiling.

Why wouldn't my magic work? Regina thought to herself, recalling the earlier event.

Perhaps magic is different here. It doesn't work the same as before.

She heard a noise come from outside the door and sat up, hoping that it was just Emma and not someone from the mob here to exact revenge. The man that entered was none other than Mr. Gold.

Regina felt her anger and hatred well up in a knot in the pit of her stomach. She smirked, the Queen completely taking over.

"Rumpel. How nice to see you." She seethed through her teeth.

"Your majesty." Gold replied with a smile as he approached the cell, "Seems you're in a bit of a tough spot."

"Good observation." Her voice was low and flat as she stood up, holding her head high.

"I received a pleasant visit today." Gold said smirking.

"Oh? Who from?" Regina asked, one eyebrow quirking as she spoke.

"Why our dear Belle of course."

Regina's heart plummeted into her stomach, she knew Gold saw the look that crossed her face.

"You kept her. Locked up. In a hospital, you made her crazy." Gold spat, his eyes piercing into Regina's. "You made me think she was dead, and all this time she was alive and you kept her prisoner."

Regina narrowed her eyes at Gold but said nothing. Instead she moved forward until their faces were inches apart.

"Did that bother you?" She hissed out, her eyes darkening in her still simmering rage.

"As a matter of fact dearie, it does." So quickly that Regina didn't register it until she felt it, Gold had grabbed her hand through the bar and pulled her hard against the cell.

He held up the object in his hand and Regina's eyes widened in horror.

"No." She whispered, her eyes widening and meeting Gold's. An amulet was in his hand, a golden amulet bearing the symbol of a wraith.

"Oh yes dearie." He said with a sick smile as he pressed the amulet into Regina's palm. Regina met his stare again and gritted her teeth.

"I'm giving you exactly what you deserve for putting Belle through that." Gold said, his eyes focused on the amulet still pressed against Regina's palm. He lifted the amulet and the moment it was gone Regina pulled away, retreating into the cell.

"It's been a pleasure... your majesty." Gold smirked as he turned on his heel and walked away. Leaving a horror stricken Regina staring at her hand, which was currently showing the mark of the wraith in a black swirl on her palm.

Emma stormed into Gold's shop, her parents trailing right behind her. Gold was behind his counter pouring some hot water for tea when he heard Emma enter. He looked up and gave a sly smile before continuing his business.

"My my, Sheriff Swan, what can I do for you?"

"What the fuck did you do Gold?" Emma demanded, Mary-Margaret flinching at the use of a swear word.

"Me dearie?" Gold asked with a smile.

"You know what you did, you started this fucking curse, almost got Henry killed, put Regina in this piss poor predicament-"

"You've just stated what I have done Sheriff Swan, so why bother asking me?" He cut her off.

"What did you bring back? The purple smoke. What was it."

"Magic." He said with a flick of his wrist.

"Why?" Emma demanded, her patience growing thinner by the minute and her worried mind traveled back to thoughts of Regina.

Gold noticed the flash of worry pass Emma's eyes and knew the look well. Miss Swan was in love. Gold cocked his head to the side wondering who she was so worried about.

"I have my own plans for entertainment." He said simply, still staring curiously at him.

"This is all your fault!" Emma yelled, making her parents frown at her strange behavior.

"I recall you saying about how I started the curse... Well Sheriff I may have created the curse but Regina enacted it, as for Henry, he is fine! And well... Regina." Gold paused, watching Emma's facial expression go from anger to worry and then back to anger.

Ah, Regina is the source of her affection. Gold positively beamed.

"Regina got herself into this mess, I'll get her out of it."

His smile unnerved Emma.

"If you hurt her-." Emma warned, her voice beginning to crack. She doesn't know about the wraith.

"You'll do what? If you don't mind my asking Sheriff, why do you care if Regina gets hurt?" Gold paused, watching Emma closely, he glanced at her parents who had shifted slightly in order to see their daughters face better.

Hmm they noticed her behavior towards Regina as well. Gold thought.

"I mean it Gold. If any harm comes to Regina, I'll-." Emma was cut off by what sounded like a tornado ripped past the building. She spun around and ran to the door, opening it in time to see the streetlights exploding, sparks lighting the night sky.

"What is that?" Snow spoke up, her eyes following the trail of sparks.

"That. Dearie. Is the answer to my Regina problem." Emma spun around and looked at Gold, her eyes widened in horror before running out of the door as fast as she could, her parents following behind.

She had to get to Regina.

This is how I am going to die. Not by an angry mob, not by my mother's hand, not by Snow White. But by a wraith. A fate worse than death.

Regina couldn't even muster the strength to cry. She already felt soulless just by being marked by Gold. Any minute the wraith would come for her and she would have her soul sucked from her body.

She felt despair run through her body, the realization that now she never would be able to tell Emma how she felt. She really would never see Henry again. She clenched her jaw and stared at her palm, willing this to be a nightmare and not her sad reality.

The sound of sparks and high winds caused her body to freeze, and her eyes held terror as she looked to the door. A loud commotion was happening just outside and she knew it was the wraith. She couldn't move, so she sat frozen, waiting.

Without warning the doors to the room burst open and hovering in the air, eyes red as blood glowing beneath the ripped and ragged black hood.

The breathing from the wraith filled the room as it glided towards her, with a flick of its hand the door to her cell was ripped off. Somehow Regina found the strength to stand and face her death. She stared at the wraith wide eyed, seeing movement behind the wraith, her eyes met green.

Without thinking Regina mouthed.

'I love you.'

She hoped Emma saw it, because the second after, her soul was forcefully being sucked from her body.

Emma burst into the holding room, her eyes glancing at whatever was hovering near Regina and then quickly met Regina's stare.

'I love you.' Emma saw the words mouthed on Regina's lips.

Emma felt her body grow warm and then suddenly cold as she watched the soul being sucked from Regina.

"REGINA!" Emma screamed and ran forward, her parents flanking the wraith.

Charming grabbed a nearby chair and hit the wraith hard, causing it to let go of Regina's soul and turn to look at David. It flung it's hand and knocked him backwards. Emma lunged forward with another chair but before she could make contact she found herself sliding back across the floor.

The creature turned back to Regina and went back to sucking her soul.

No! Emma screamed in her mind as she struggled to stand back up. Out of the corner of her eye she saw flames.

Mary-Margaret had a lighter lit and was spraying an aerosol spray can at the flame, making her own flame thrower. She continued to shoot it at the creature, making it stop what it was doing and flee, breaking through the window.

Emma scrambled to her feet, half sliding across the floor as she went to a hunched over Regina.

"Regina!" Emma cried out sliding next to her and sitting her up. Regina's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Emma.

"What was that?" Snow demanded, entering the cell.

"A wraith." Regina rasped out.

"Did I kill it?" Snow asked unsure, as she looked at the window.

"No." Regina coughed, "I'm still marked, it'll come back to finish the job."

"How do we kill it?" Charming asked.

"You don't. There's no way to kill the undead." Regina said sadly, her eyes flickering back to Emma.

Emma looked at the woman and realized she still had Regina in her arms and wasn't about to let go. Her mind started reeling as she realized they would have to find someway to kill the wraith or else Regina died. Emma wasn't about to let that happen. Her thoughts stopped when she felt multiple pairs of eyes on her and looked up at her parents who were glancing back and forth between Emma's arms and Regina who was currently laying in them, still too weak to move.

"Emma." Regina said gently, causing the blonde to quickly glance at her.

She said she loves me! Emma thought quickly.

"Did you-" Regina started, unsure how to ask the question while Emma's parents were right there, staring at both of them intensely.

"Yes." Emma confirmed, already knowing what Regina was asking, "We can talk once we get you out of here. It isn't safe. Can you stand?"

Regina nodded in response and with some help from Emma was able to stand up. Her legs were still very weak but she thought she could manage.

"Regina." Snow stated, drawing the two women's attention, "Is there anything left of our home?"

"No. Not that I know of at least." Regina said sadly.

"How do we get rid of the wraith?" Emma asked again, turning the subject back to the matter at hand.

"There isn't a way." Regina said dejectedly. Suddenly Emma saw Regina's head perk up and her lips pursed and brow creased.

She automatically knew she was deep in though over something.

"There's magic in this world again, if I can somehow open a portal to our world we could send the wraith there. If there is nothing left it would be like sending into oblivion." Emma met Regina's weary eyes.

"Then let's go open a portal."

Emma had helped Regina walked back to her mansion and once inside Regina left the Charmings in search of the iteam she needed. She returned a few moments later with a box, sitting it down on the table she lifted the lid.

"You had his hat all along." Emma said staring at it. David and Mary-Margaret standing between Emma and Regina.

"Who's?" Regina asked, already knowing that Emma was aware of who's hat it was.

"Jefferson's." Emma stated, watching Regina pull the hat out and placing it on the floor.

"I'm going to find something we can use as a weapon." Charming said disappearing into the house.

"Same here." Snow added before heading in a different direction, leaving the two women alone.

"Regina." Emma started but Regina held up a hand.

"Please don't." Regina said softly, she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, "I don't expect you to say it back Emma."

Regina stood and faced Emma, not caring that she had tears running down her face or that she was completely vulnerable.

If this didn't work she would be dead, her vulnerability wouldn't matter. Again Emma went to speak but Regina silenced her again.

"I know that you and I have been at each other's throats since you arrived and at first I was terrified you were going to take the one person I cared about away from me. Even when we were at each other I was attracted to you. I tried to fight and deny the spark I felt whenever I was around you, I tried to tell myself that it was just hatred. But deep down I knew I had feelings for you but I chose to ignore them and hide behind the walls I had been carefully constructing since before you were born. And in one fell swoop you broke through those walls and I was terrified. I hadn't felt anything like this before. Even with Daniel. This is terrifying Emma. And I don't expect to hear it back from you but I had to let you know because I thought I was going to die and I couldn't bear not telling you before that. And now that there is a large possibility that this won't work, I needed to tell you all of this Emma." Regina paused, she had stopped wiping her tears away.

Green eyes stared intensely into her own as she mustered the courage to say what she had left to say. Taking a deep breath she stared back into Emma's eyes.

"I love you Emma Swan, completely head over heels in love with you." Regina said softly, tears in her eyes and a small smile on her lips, "I may not have a happy ending but at least I was able to love."

"Regina." Emma whispered, her heart was soaring, she never thought she would hear those words, and now that she did she never wanted to stop hearing them.

Regina suddenly noticed Charming and Snow standing in the frame of one of the doorways, holding brooms and a bottle of alcohol. She hoped they hadn't heard her confession, but the tears running down Snow's face told her otherwise.

They heard everything.

The sound familiar to a tornado sounded outside, causing the group to all look down the hall towards the entrance of the house.

"We need to do this now." Regina said hurriedly, stooping down to the hat.

Charming handed Emma a broom while Snow began pouring alcohol over the two banisters, hoping to light it and created a barrier.

The wraith came flying into the room so quick the group hadn't registered it at first. Charming came to his senses and lit the broom and began swatting at the wraith, drawing its attention from Regina.

Regina frantically spun the hat.


She spun it again.

Still nothing.

"Hurry it up Regina!" Charming yelled.

"Regina." Emma pleaded, worry covering her voice.

"Magic is different here! It isn't working!" Regina yelled, distraught.

The wraith swooped near Emma and she began swatting at it with her broom, pushing it on the other side of the barrier and away from Regina.

Emma turned and ran back to Regina, stopping and putting a hand on her shoulder, suddenly the portal sprung forth from the hat.

"Emma!" Snow and Charming yelled

Emma turned and saw the wraith flying full speed towards Regina, who was staring into the portal.

"Regina!" Emma yelled and grabbed Regina, throwing her out of the way, Emma sidestepped the wraith as it hit the portal, getting sucked in.

The force from the wind caught Emma off guard and suddenly, before Regina's eyes Emma was sucked in.

"EMMA!" Regina screamed before diving head first into the portal, Charming and Snow running to jump through as well, they both leapt and landed on the cold floor.

They just missed the portal.

"Emma!" Snow cried out, laying her head on the floor she sobbed.

"Grandma, grandpa!?" They vaguely heard the familiar voice. But Snow was too busy sobbing and Charming too busy holding his wife as he cried.

"Where's mom?" Henry asked as he ran in front of his grandparents, their eyes finally looking up at him.

"Gone." Snow whispered sadly, staring at the hat.

"Emma?" Henry's lip quivered.

"Gone." Snow repeated, fresh sobs wracking her body.

"What happened?" Henry asked, tears flowing from his eyes.

"A creature was after Regina, she opened a portal through that hat to send it back to our world. It was sucked in and Emma with it. Regina went after her." Charming said to Henry, almost not believing that the Evil Queen had dove head first through the portal after Emma.

"They're gone?!" Henry wailed, sitting dejectedly on the floor next to his grandparents.

"We'll find them Henry." Charming tried to reassure.

Still not believing his own words.