November 1998 – Sunnydale Continued

Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles continue to stare at Cordelia each trying to figure out what to say.

"Cordelia What did you do?" Giles asks worriedly. He knows the breakup with Xander has had an effect on her, but he never thought she would turn to magic to get through it.

"Yeah. What's with the wedding dress." Xander remarks, while Buffy and Willow remain silent waiting for Cordelia to respond.

Cordelia sighs knowing that explaining things won't be very easy. Since she's never one to shirk from telling it like it is she decides to just be honest.

"There's no easy way to say this, but when has that ever stopped me before, I'm from the future." She waits for them to react with denial and sure enough that's what happens.

"Yeah right" Buffy scoffs.

"Time travel is just not possible Cordelia". Giles attempts rationalize.

"Seriously?" Cordelia rolls her eyes. "We live in world where there are demons and vampires, and witches and slayers. And you don't believe in time travel. You all should know that anything is possible. Plus you saw the portal."

"Okay" Buffy begins. "Say we believe you're telling the truth. Why are you here and in a wedding gown of all things."

"I don't know. One minute I was at my wedding reception after a demon attack and the next I'm here." Cordelia begins pacing back and forth.

"Cordelia if what you are saying is true than it could have something to with the demons that attacked you." Giles looks on starting to believe her.

"It doesn't make any sense." Cordelia continues pacing, talking more to herself than the others in the room. "The demons that attacked us are mostly harmless. And definitely not associated with portals. There has to be something I'm missing."

They all stare at Cordelia who is still pacing, clearly upset and trying to figure out what's going on. When she suddenly stops pacing and looks up them.

"What year is it?"

"Um it's 1998" Willow answers shyly. She still has no idea what to think about this development, but she's starting to lean towards it being true.

"And the month?"

"November" Buffy responds confused.

"So basically post-Angelus, post-hell, and post-rebar incident. Well at least there's no Angelus to deal with. That is so not something I'd want to handle right now." Cordelia says a bit relieved.

Los Angeles 2004

Wesley and Fred have already started looking in research books, while Tara and Willow are going over possible spells that could help. Lorne and Anya have gone to talk to some of Lorne's contacts while Faith and Gunn both checking out their own contacts separately. Buffy, Xander, and Spike are huddled together staring outside at Angel who is sitting in the garden staring Sadly into space.

"I've never seen Deadboy like this. Well that's not entirely true. I remember how he was during the Master incident with you", Xander looks at Buffy, "but still he's usually more aloof."

"The cheerleader being in danger has always has riled the poof up." Spike says remember his encounter with them during Ring of Amara and more recently the time he spent with them when he was a ghost.

Buffy continues to stare at Angel who has now started pacing angrily. "I think someone should go out there and talk to him. Since Angel barely tolerates the two of you, I guess it'll be me." And with that she goes out to the door.

Angel doesn't know what to do. What was supposed to be the best day of his life has turned into the worst. He doesn't know where Cordelia is or if she's safe or even how to get her back. He sighs and sits back down trying to figure out away to get his wife back. He hears the door open and he can tell it's Buffy despite not looking that way.

"Hey." Buffy sits down next to him and continues on despite his lack of response. "Everyone is looking for ways to help. I just wanted to see how you were doing."

Angel finally looks at her and Buffy can see the pain in his eyes. "I'm lost without her. I need her back. I need Cordy."

"We'll get her back. And I'm sure Cordy is also trying out a way to get back here wherever she is. She's loves you and she's always been resilient"

Buffy briefly squeezes his hand and smiles slightly at him. "We'll get her back" She repeats her earlier statement. "And then you two will continue your lives together." They turn towards the door when they hear it open and see Spike standing there slightly hopeful.

"The watcher thinks he might have found something." Angel stands up and quickly runs past Spike to see Wesley. Spike wraps his arm around Buffy's shoulders and they follow Angel back into the hotel.

Sunnydale 1998

Giles is looking through various research books while Buffy, Xander, and Willow talk with Cordelia who is now sitting at one the tables in the library.

"So who's the lucky groom? I'm guessing some CEO type." Buffy asks slightly curious

"He's actually a Private Investigator; we run an agency with our friends." Cordelia knows she can't mention Angel by name because it could change her future, but she sticks to as much truth as she can.

"Really?" Buffy responds in disbelief. From what she knows of Cordelia, she figured she would marry some rich guy.

"Yeah. He's a really great guy." Cordelia smiles longingly.

Xander looks on a bit sadly. He knows after his screw-up that Cordelia wouldn't give him another chance, but it's still sad to have that confirmed.

Buffy starts to say something, but is interrupted by Giles who walks over with a research book.

"Cordelia." Giles sits down next to her. "It seems that your assertion that the Demon attack and the portal were unconnected was correct. According to my research, there are only two different types of portals. There are portals to different dimensions; usually hell dimensions…"

"Been there done that." Cordelia interrupts before smiling sheepishly when Giles looks at her with chastisement. "Sorry"

"As I was saying. there are only two types of portals one for dimensions and the other is for an omnipresent group called the Powers…

"Powers that Be." Cordelia finishes before Giles can complete his sentence.

"How do you know about the Powers?" Giles asks curiously. Only a select few are aware of the Powers presence and he surprised that Cordelia appears to be one of them.

"Because I work for them. They always have a flare popping up at the absolute wrong time, I guess my wedding is not any different."

They all stare at Cordelia in a mixture disbelief and bewilderment. Cordelia sighs wondering what the powers have in store for her.