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Los Angeles 2004

When Angel gets to the lobby he sees that Anya, Faith, Gunn, and Lorne have returned and are huddled next to the others. He sees Wesley and walks over to him hoping he's found a way to get Cordy back.

Wesley is still looking through a research book when he's startled by Angel's sudden appearance. He jumps slightly and glares at him and before he begins to explain what he has found.

"I'm fairly certain that Cordelia's disappearance did have something to do with the portal we saw. "

"Please tell me Barbie isn't in another hell dimension." Gunn interrupts worriedly.

"That would be awful" Fred walks over to Gunn and he wraps his arms around her.

Angel looks both horrified and furious at this and Wesley quickly interrupts before Angel has a chance to explode.

"No. Far from it actually. It appears that the Powers that Be are responsible. I'd say."

Mentioning the powers involvement still doesn't deter Angel from feeling anger and the room shakes somewhat because of the large growl that radiate from him.

Wesley looks up in surprise assuming that knowing that the Powers were involved would comfort him knowing that Cordelia works for them.

Gunn sees the exchange and he can't help but roll his eyes a bit at both men's predictability. "Seriously English, you really think mentioning the powers would actually comfort anyone. Have you forgotten about some of their greatest hits?" He turns to Angel. "And Angel, Man you gotta get a grip, Cordy wouldn't want you acting like this. They usually have the best intentions with Cordy most of time so If she isn't back soon, you go and talk to the Powers. You're the only one other than Cordy that seems to get through to them anyway. Okay?"

Both men nod their heads softly and Fred kisses Gunn on the cheek in thanks.

Sunnydale 1998

Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander continue to silently stare at Cordelia in a mixture of awe and confusion. Buffy and Giles are the first to break out of their silence.

"This is fascinating. I've always known the Powers that Be existed, but I've never come across anyone that's actually interacted with them." Giles murmurs excitedly.

"So" Buffy begins. "What reason would these Powers have to send you here?"

"I'm guessing I'm supposed to stop something from happening. Of course being the Powers, they can't make it easy and just tell me what I'm supposed to stop." Cordelia says in a mixture of sadness and worry.

Buffy looks on a bit startled at the emotion in Cordelia's voice. Most people would be emotional considering the situation; normally Cordelia is a lot more detached. She knows that detached demeanor is an act, but she is still surprised that Cordelia is being so open. She continues to stare at Cordelia for a few more seconds when Cordelia suddenly begins to hover in the air, her eyes far way. A few seconds later, her eyes clear and she glides softly to ground.

"Oh my god," Willow exclaims in shock."

Buffy agrees with that sentiment and apparently so do Xander and Giles, based on the "Wow" and "good heavens" coming from both men.

"Seriously? This is just great" Cordelia begins acerbically looking up at the ceiling. "You rip me from my wedding, stick me in the past to fix something, refuse to tell me what that something is, and now you decide on top of all that to send me visions that clearly have nothing to do with the reason you sent me here in the first place."

After Cordelia's rant is finished she looks up and notices that everyone is staring at her. "I guess I have a few things to explain don't' I." She says this somewhat sheepishly.

Buffy can't hold back her laugh when she sees the look on Cordelia's face. It's actually kind of endearing. "Tell us what you can." She says kindly.

"Well. Like I said before I work for the powers, I get visions from them, usually of the future and we usually stop them before they can happen."

"So you're a seer?" Glies has done some research on them, but it still doesn't explain the levitation.

"Part seer, but I've been higher being for a while now which is the reason for the floaty thing." Cordelia explains knowing that Giles has most likely already done some research on seers.

"So about the vision?" Buffy begins, before being interrupted by Cordelia.

"There are several vampires that plan on hanging outside the Bronze to prey some of young women. It's not for a few hours, so we have some time."

The others look at each other, a bit overwhelmed while Cordelia goes to sit down her mind going back to this morning.

Angel kisses her lips and Cordelia wakes up, his dark brown eyes being the first thing she sees. They are laying in their bedroom at the Hyperion and it is clear that Angel has likely been watching her for hours. Today is the day of their wedding and he was unable to sleep because of how excited he is. He smiles at her and she somewhat stunned by it. He smiles a lot more now, but it's still not something she will ever get used to.

She grins back and Angel leans in to kiss her again, this time more passionately. She moans and pulls away to catch her breath.

"So are you ready to become my wife?"

"Hmm. I don't know. Will there be any perks?" She teases already knowing what perk Angel will use on her.

"I can think of one in particular." He says sexily and proceeds to move his hips to the juncture of her thighs.

Cordelia is brought back to the present when the library door pushes open and in walks the object of her thoughts.

"Angel?" both Buffy and Cordelia say at the time.