Sunnydale 1998

Cordelia heart drops when she sees Angel stare longingly at Buffy. For a brief second she felt the warmth that always runs through her whenever Angel walks into the room; until she remembered that she was back in the past.

Buffy looks at Angel, overwhelmed by both the situation Cordelia and her recent breakup with Angel. Part of her wishes that he wasn't here because being around him right now is hard.

Initially when Angel walks in he's eyes are as usual only focused on Buffy so he doesn't realize that there is anything out of the ordinary. It takes a second for it to register to him that Buffy wasn't the only one to say his name. It is then that Angel looks from Buffy to Cordelia that he sees that she is wearing a wedding dress.

"What's going on?" He looks around the room noticing the addled expressions on everyone's faces.

"Well..." Buffy is just getting ready to explain things to him when she is interrupted by Cordelia.

"Long story short, I was plucked from my wedding in the future, hence the wedding dress. Apparently I was sent here to fix something, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to fixing." She sighs and looks at Angel with her usual no nonsense demeanor.

"She appeared out of thin air" Buffy confirms when Angel looks back at her.

Cordelia looks back between the two slightly annoyed by their actions. She had actually forgotten how dramatic Angel and Buffy's relationship could be since she's gotten used to the future versions of them that have moved on completely. She gets a brief flash of her vision again and knows they have to start heading to the Bronze.

"I hate to interrupt the angst fest, but we've got to get to the Bronze if we want to save those women." Cordelia stands up and begins adjusting her gown.

"Okay since Angel is here now, he and I will go and take out the vamps." Buffy stands up and

"No offense Buffy, but this is my vision. This means I get to decide who takes care of them. " Cordelia stands up walks over to the weapons cabinet. She leaves out the fact that the visions would technically be for Angel. She picks up a sword and cross bow and walks over closer to the door.

"Cordelia. I know you want to help, but we do this all the time. So maybe it's best that Buffy and I go so you don't get hurt." Angel interjects. He doesn't doubt Cordelia's sincerity, but he and Buffy tend to work best when they are alone and believes Cordelia would just get in the way.

"Plus I doubt you want to ruin your dress." Buffy adds assuming that the future version Cordelia would care much about fashion as the Cordelia she knows would.

Cordelia can't stop the disappointment that runs through her when she realizes that Angel assumes she hasn't changed much in five years. She expects that kind of attitude from Buffy, but it's hard hearing it from the man she loves despite him being a version that hasn't gotten to know her yet. The rest of her is pissed off with how patronizing they are being.

"You actually think that I would place fashion over helping people." She begins the hurt and anger clear in her voice. "The Cordelia you all seem think I still am wouldn't have even done that. And despite what you two might think I can hold my own in a battle."

With that she pushes the door open and walks out of the library, Buffy and Angel trailing behind her.

Los Angeles 2004

Buffy stares out of the window cuddled in the cradle of Spike's arms lost in thought. Cordelia has officially been gone for two days and her absence has taken its toll on everyone. It's funny, five years ago (hell even 3 years ago) she never would have thought that Cordelia would become one of her best friends, but now she can't imagine Cordy not being around.

"I can feel the tension in your body what are you thinking about." Spike pulls her more snuggly against him.

"I'm thinking about how unfair this is." She turns her body a bit so she can look him in the eyes. "Cordy and Angel have been through a lot they shouldn't have had to deal with this on their wedding day. They should be off celebrating, but instead they get this. I just hope it all works out"

"I think everything will work out. The poof and the cheerleader won't let anything stop them from being together." He says softly.

He says this with such confidence that Buffy can't help, but believe him. They stand there until they hear a loud bang and Wesley's voice. "Angel you need to think about this rationally Doing this could be extremely dangerous."

They walk into the lobby to see what's going on and see Angel gathering magical supplies. "Rational? My wife is missing and you expect me to be rational." His voice is like steel and Wesley can't stop himself from backing up a bit. He calms slightly when he Faith rubs his shoulders.

"Calm down big guy. You know that's not how Wes meant it. We're all on the same side here." Faith interjects trying to calm the irate vampire.

Buffy knows that Angel went to see the Powers and based on Angel's mood she is guessing it didn't go well. She watches as Angel sets up the supplies and looks up at Wesley slightly less abrasively.

"I'm sorry Wes. I just I need to know if she's okay. I can't just sit here anymore and wait. Will you help me?" He asks pleadingly. Wesley nods and walks over to him.

"What's going on?" Buffy directs towards Faith.

"The Powers told him that C should have been back by now. And I think the rest is self-explanatory" She explains softly.

Buffy nods in understanding, knowing that when it comes to Cordelia, Angel will do whatever it takes to ensure she is safe and happy.