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Sunnydale 1998

Buffy and Angel look follow closely behind Cordelia whispering softly to each other.

"I think it's great that Cordelia wants to help, but she'll just get herself hurt." Buffy whispers, still wondering how and why Cordelia of all people would be sent back to save the future.

Angel however, isn't so quick to agree with Buffy's assessment. He saw the determined look in her eyes and for some reason he has the feeling Cordelia is capable of a lot. Still he agrees with Buffy not wanting to rock the boat and conceding that she does know Cordelia better. "We'll just take care of everything like we usually do." Angel says finally breaking his thoughts.

Cordelia rolls her eyes at their not so subtle whispering, knowing that despite her little speech back at the library, they still don't think she's a capable fighter. She is just about to turn around and give them hell when they are ambushed by 2 dozen vampires.

Cordelia quickly jumps into action, immediately managing to stake four vampires without much effort. She senses a vampire behind and she unsurprised when he turns her around.

"Hey sexy." The vampire greets her, leering at her body disgustingly.

"If I said it back I would be lying and I've always been one to tell the truth." She quips scathingly.

"We're going to have great night together." The vampire says cockily.

"You wish." She scoffs before proceeding to turn him into dust.

Buffy briefly looks at Cordelia before managing to take out another vampire. She and Angel had just decided to take care of the vampires, when they were suddenly ambushed by several them. Imagine her surprise when she sees Cordelia effortlessly dust four vampires right away. It was weird to see her so capable especially when Buffy had only taken out three herself.

Angel stakes two vampires before glancing at Cordelia. He eyes open wider in surprise; though not because of her fighting abilities. Instead his shock comes from the style of her fighting stance. Those are his moves, which makes him wonder how and when she learned them.

The three continue fighting off the vampires, but every time they get close to slaying all of them more appear.

"Um Cordelia?" Buffy begins as she sees several more vampires approaching. "Didn't you say your vision showed a couple dozen vampires, because this is totally not a couple dozen?" Buffy asks tiredly.

"Hey it's not my fault, the Powers only show me what they think is important. Though letting us know that we would were going to be ambushed would rank as important to me." She directs the last bit toward the Powers.

Buffy is about to respond when suddenly a bright light appears and she sees it's coming from Cordelia.

Angel sees this as well and the two attempt to run towards her, but stop when Cordelia shouts for them to stop. The light continues to get brighter until it flickers out, disappearing slowly until Cordelia is back to her normal state.

When Buffy and Angel finally look around they notice that the vampires that had previously been attacking them are now piles of dust. They also see Cordelia on the ground and they quickly rush over to her.

"Cordelia are you okay?" Buffy asks in concern as she and Angel help her into a sitting position.

"Yeah I should be fine. No matter how many times I do this, it always takes a lot of me, though it's usually not to this extent. I guess with time change, its affecting me differently." She says as she begins to stand, smiling when Angel helps her rest of the way.

Angel smiles back unable to resist her wide grin, unused to such a grin being directed toward him.

"So that bright light and dusting of the vampires was all you?" Buffy asks, slightly irked by the small moment between them.

"Yeah compliments of the Powers. It scared the hell out of me the first time it happened though" She explains referring to the situation with the slugs at the hotel. "Anyway we should really head back to the library." She changes the subject making it clear that the discussion is closed.

Buffy and Angel have no choice but to the let subject drop and the three start heading to the library.

An hour later they have made it back to library and have been researching possible reasons for Cordelia's appearance with Xander, Willow, and Giles for the last half hour.

"I don't understand why these Powers would send you to the past without giving any clues about your purpose here." Giles addresses Cordelia.

It must be something they want me to figure out on my own. When I get back we will be having a long talk." She

"I'm sure that will be hell for them." Xander retorts, ducking when Cordelia throws a wad of paper at him.

"Don't make me come over there." She jokes and Xander smiles slightly, happy that she can still joke with him despite what happened between them.

Angel is at his usual spot by the stairs, watching the exchange unfold silently amused by Cordelia's antics.

Meanwhile Buffy and Willow are in the stacks looking for the books that Giles sent them to find.

"It's weird Cordelia seems different." Willow whispers to Buffy.

"Yeah. You should've seen her out there. She took out most of the vamps with her powers and didn't even have to touch anything. And that's not counting the ones she took out with her crossbow." Buffy agrees with a mixture respect and irritation.

Willow looks at her in concern and is about to respond when Giles calls out to them. "We should head back." The two sigh and head back toward the tables with the books they were assigned to retrieve.

Another half hour passes; the room surprisingly quiet when suddenly the room becomes bright and just like before with Cordelia its flickers right out.

Cordelia, Buffy, and Angel jump into their fighting stances, each waiting for whoever is on the other side when Cordelia hears a familiar voice.

"Cordy." Angel calls her name in relief, happy to see that the woman he loves is safe.

"Angel." Cordelia is just as relieved and she smiles happily at him when he grabs her for a quick hug.

Buffy watches the smiling exchange with dread, hoping that her thoughts about Angel being Cordelia's groom are wrong. Still she addresses him, hoping to draw his attention to her. "Angel what are you doing here?"

The others, with the exception of Past-Angel, murmur similar questions to the tuxedo-clad Angel.

Angel's attention shifts from his wife to Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang "I came for Cordy". He looks at them strangely.

"Why would you come all this way for Cordy?" Xander asks genuinely curious. He could see Angel traveling to the past for Buffy, but he barely knows Cordelia and he can't see that changing too much.

The others don't say anything, but Angel can tell that they are all wondering the same thing, including Buffy and his past self.

Angel stiffens in annoyance, wanting to react to dig made toward his wife despite the innocence of the question. He glances at Cordelia the look in her eyes says not to do something stupid. So instead he replies a half-truth. "Cordy is my friend. Why wouldn't I come to help her?"

Buffy breathes in relief happy that her initial thoughts seem to be unfounded. Though she does wonder how the future version of herself feels about this particular friendship.

"Cordy?" Angel's attention goes from everyone else back to Cordelia. "We need to talk. Alone." He says gruffly, grasping her wrist and pulling her away from group into the hallway. He looks around a few seconds before spying an empty classroom that would give them more privacy.

Once they are in the classroom Cordelia barely has chance to open her mouth before she's hauled into a kiss. Her arms loop around his shoulders and his large hands grasp her waist. The kiss quickly grows passionate with Angel trying to convey just how much he missed her with his mouth. They get lost in the embrace, both feeling as if they were complete.