Breaking Destiny

By: DangerMouse


The water in the lake didn't seem too deep from the shore. Warm and inviting, the moon reflecting off the glass-like surface, Draco felt compelled to enter the body of water, drawn to it by a force he couldn't define. Now he stood in the center of the lake, still and silent, water splashing softly against his knees. The stars in the sky shined brightly, every constellation glowing with startling intensity, so brilliant, the young wizard-in-training found himself unable to keep his eyes open. Instead, he closed them, his face tilted up towards the sky, his arms crossed delicately over his chest, breathing in the crisp, clean air, his long, platinum hair whipping about in the warm breeze that blew across his face.

It was glorious.

The odd feeling of a presence behind him startled the young man out of his revelry. He turned abruptly, the sounds of his movements cutting through the night like a knife, nature seeming to groan angrily at the intrusion. Draco looked to the shore, his blood pumping with adrenaline, his mind filled sense of fear he didn't understand.

A lone figure, all too familiar, stood on the banks of the lake, glittering emerald green eyes watching him from underneath a shock of messy brown hair that desperately needed a trim.

"Potter!" Draco heard himself calling, "What are you doing here? What do you want?" Harry seemed to neither hear nor acknowledge the questions, simply continuing to watch the smaller boy with the same odd expression, a curious mixture of sadness and pity. Draco found himself getting irrationally angry with the other boy.

"Answer me, dammit!" Draco shouted, then gasped suddenly as he felt himself being yanked downward, deeper into the lake. The water got unbelievable cold and dark, churning around him, the water lapping around his chest as a large number of cold hands clung to his legs and waist, trying to pull him ever deeper. Draco began to struggle against his assailants, the world darkening around him as the light of the stars and moon was rapidly choked out of the sky by the sudden appearance of dark, ominous clouds.

Looking down, Draco saw many cloaked and hooded figures, their numbers ever increasing the more he fought back, holding on to him, trying to pull him under. He moved his arms rapidly, trying to keep his head above water, getting mouthfuls with every swell of the waves around him. He coughed and choked, the dark water bitter and foul, stagnant in its filth, dripping into his lungs and stinging his eyes. Draco locked his vision on Harry, still standing on the shore some distance away, the same expression on his face.

"Help me!" Draco sputtered, his head dipping below the surface for a few seconds before he managed to pull himself up enough to take a gasp of a breath. "Harry, please! Help me!!"

The taller boy simply shook his head slightly, his expression growing even sadder, the sorrow-filled green eyes last thing Draco saw before the Death Eater's dragged him below the surface of the lake with one, last, firm pull. His body frozen with cold, a hundred skeletal hands clinging to his body, Draco gasped, the black water pouring down his throat, drowning him.

Draco sat up with a start, his silken green sheets twisted around his sweat-covered body, his lungs drawing up deep draughts of life saving air. The young Slytherin felt his whole body shaking uncontrollably as he curled up into a fetal position on his bed, safe in the Slytherin Dormitories, two renegade tears streaking down his cheeks unbidden.

Across the castle, surrounded in his maroon colored cocoon of sheets, another boy sat up just as suddenly. Harry put a hand to his forehead, his bright green eyes wide with shock and pain. The Boy Who Lived scrubbed angrily at the aching scar tissue, remembering his horrible nightmare with a bone-deep shudder.

Draco, beautiful as a fae, seemingly floating in the center of the lake.

Draco, his eyes filled with fear and terror as he was dragged down into the dark water surrounding him.

Draco, begging him for help as Harry found himself helplessly trapped on the shore, unable to move.

Draco, sinking below the surface after one final heroic struggle, but finally unable to fight any longer.

Draco, drowning.

"Draco..." Harry whispered softly into the night around him.

But no one heard.

To be continued...

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