Author's Note: The inspiration for this fic just sort of came to me while I was digging out from the recent snowfall.

I usually write a male/paragon Sheppard, but this story just didn't work right unless I used a female/paragrade Sheppard.

Jane Sheppard was enjoying life right now. The Reapers were gone, Earth was safe, and she had a very long leave of absence to enjoy. She had taken her savings from the mission, bought herself a large house, and apparently settled down to a nice, peaceful life.

Right now, she was standing in the kitchen, making herself a very large cup of hot chocolate and enjoying watching the snowfall through the window. Slowly, she became aware of voices from the direction of the living room.

"Oh. They probably shouldn't have done that." Tali commented.

"No, it'll turn out right. Just watch." Liara stated

"She's right. If that blade catches anything, it's going to-" Miranda's voice put in..

"They'll be all right in the end," Liara stated. "They know what they're doing."

"It's- I said it'd get caught!" Tali said.

"It doesn't look like anyone's injured."

"It is illogical. At least two of them have biotics, why don't they just..." Samara put in.

"Because it apparently is some sort of male-stubbornness thing." Tali answered

Sheppard thought for a second, then came to the conclusion that they were probably watching reality-TV re-runs again. Without inviting her.

Ok, so maybe yelling at the holo-screen over Mythbusters disproving one of her favorite myths was a bit much, but still...

She grabbed her mug and walked through the door. To her surprise, the holo-screen was off, and the big couch had been turned to face the picture window.

"What..." She began

Then she caught sight of what they were watching. Outside the window was a perfect view of the long driveway and most of the property, all covered in a thick coating of white.

Sitting in that driveway was a very small, very old-fashioned lawn tractor, a snowplow-blade attached to the front. A long metal arm, apparently for raising and lowering the blade, protruded straight up from the blade, which was currently parallel to the snow.

Wrex was sitting in the driver's seat, looking very determined. Kadan was standing on the wagon-hitch behind the seat. A disgruntled-looking Grunt was sitting on the hood of the tractor, and Garus...

Oh, good grief. Garus's legs were protruding from the snow bank ahead of the tractor, having been flung there headfirst by the sudden angle-change of the snowplow arm.

Author's note: The flung-headfirst-into-a-snowbank thing may seem a bit implausible to some people, but it actually happened (I was driving the tractor at the time. Fortunately, no one was injured, but my fellow fanfic-author "Dunrana" went head-first into a snowbank).

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