It's not easy being royalty, especially if you're not born into it. The Forbes family was a noble one, their lineage traceable to the founding of the kingdom of Persephone itself but they had never wanted to rule.

They aided the royal family in making important decisions, enforced the law, fought for the rights of the people in powerful positions in government such as advisers, lawyers, policemen and did all they could to better their kingdom and make a difference . But they had always kept a distance between themselves and the royal family.

There was always that line to never be crossed, an invisible barrier they purposely kept up because they knew and accepted their places in their world. They would be the right hand men, the followers of the king but never one of them – the royals, the Mikaelsons.

Caroline knew even at the tender age of eight what her role was in her glamorous but stifling world. She was a Forbes. She would be in law enforcement like her mother, law school like her father, go into politics like her grandfather, or continue the several charity foundations her grandmother was in charge of. Her life was planned for her as a noble child's life was to every last detail. Appearances were everything and nothing mattered but the front you showed the world.

She'd resigned herself at an early age that her life was meant to be of service to the royal family, not in menial labor but in influence and control. Her family was an important family, probably the most important one in the kingdom just below the royals, giving her a class of her own above the Gilberts, Fells, Lockwoods and Salvatores. It was heady this type of knowledge but she relished in it.

She was a vain child after all, always brushing her blond curls, pinching her cheeks to make them bloom pink and battling her feather duster eyelashes in the mirror. Her looks were her biggest asset as Grandma Forbes had explained to her. It was her power. She was a pretty child, all blonde locks, perfect porcelain skin and baby blue eyes – a classic English rose.

Still, even with her baby doll eyes, flushed cheeks and tailored silk dresses, she was still put aside for Elena Gilbert with her exotic looks and sweet and sincere demeanor. Caroline may be lovely but Elena was just one level above. Insecurity hit the blonde girl at a young age and she never quite get over the fact that the Salvatore brothers' eyes wondered past her to stare at the brunette who everybody wanted. She was just the pretty, dumb blonde who talked too much.

She was lovely but not special. That was all. A fact of life she learned to accept even when it made her sniffle and bat her eyelashes to dry her tears. She had to relent.

Still, he chose her.

She was eight and in a large sitting room with every noble-blooded girl in the kingdom, ranging from three to ten years of age. They were all dolled up, pretty and sweet. All were dressed in fine dresses made specifically for them by the best seamstresses in the kingdom with bows in their hair and their Mary Jane's gleaming with shine. They all had to look their best.

Elena was stunning even only at the age of eight, dressed in a forest green dress while her twin sister, Katherine, was in crimson, her Botticelli curls pinned to the side. Bonnie Bennett was reassuring Katherine that she looked pretty and that the prince would be mad not to choose her. Out of all the noble girls, the Gilbert twins were the most beautiful after all, exotic, stunning. Why wouldn't Prince Kol Mikaelson choose one of them as his bride?

His older brother, Prince Elijah, the heir to the throne had chosen the eldest Gilbert sister, Tatia as his wife and they were now expecting their first child. Kol would undoubtedly follow his elder brother's tastes unlike the shame that the second son, Prince Finn, had brought to the family when he had chosen a common girl with questionable connections for a bride.

Sage was known for her fiery looks and vivacious personality but most of the nobles thought her cheap and unworthy of having the honor of marrying into royalty. Surely, Prince Kol, would not embarrass his family as well.

He was only ten and had yet to hit his growth spurt so some of the older girls were taller than him and he was gangly, his delicate features looking too soft for a boy's, cherubic even. But even at a young age he knew how to carry himself with his head held high, his shoulders straight and a practiced calm air to him. He was a Mikaelson through and through and he knew how to make the world see that. Third son or not, he had blue blood flowing in his veins, born for power and leadership.

The noble girls chit-chatted with each other as they waited for the prince to arrive, pinning curls, fixing bows, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles on her skirts. Caroline's little sister, Margaret, who was only four was being fussy and refused to stand up and let Caroline retie the ribbon at the waist of her dress.

Caroline loved her sister with her white blonde curls and baby sucker blue eyes, so much like Caroline had looked when she was her age, and she was usually a docile child unlike how Caroline had been at that age, willful and loud. But today Margaret hadn't had her afternoon nap yet and she was cranky and refused to do anything her older sister told her to.

"Please, Maggie," Caroline whispered in her sister's ear as she tried to pull her sister to her feet. The four-year-old was sitting on the floor, pouting and three seconds away from throwing a tantrum. "The prince will be here soon, it won't be long now and we can go home."

"But I wanna go home now!" The younger girl wailed, making Caroline wince. She glanced at the other girls, the Fell cousins in particular, Tina and Blair, looked amused at her embarrassment. None of the other girls bothered to come forward and help. Even Bonnie and Elena were too busy with Katherine.

Caroline sighed to herself as she knelt down beside her sister and continued to coax her to get up. Margaret continued to be difficult and Caroline was so preoccupied with her, she didn't notice the room go quiet as the boy they were all waiting for finally entered the room. She was muttering bribes at her sister as Prince Kol started his survey of his potential brides, eyeing each one with indifference.

Caroline had finally convinced Margaret to get to her feet and she pulled up her sister and started fixing the little girl's appearance, smoothing out the folds of her white dress, running her fingers through blonde curls and looking her up and down from head to toe to see anymore imperfections, when she was satisfied, she turned around and felt her heart stutter as Prince Kol's dark eyes were staring at her, inquisitive, interested.

She quickly bowed, blushing to the tips of her hair as she berated herself inwardly for not paying attention. Grandma Forbes would surely punish her somehow for this. How could she not notice that he had entered the room? He practically filled up the room with his presence, it was overwhelming.

Prince Kol continued to look at her though, glancing at Margaret at her side for a second before going back to her. Finally, he spoke. "What's your name?"

"Caroline Forbes." She almost stuttered but years of tutoring since birth thought her well. Composure was a must for nobility. She ducked her head shyly and waited for the prince to move past her to talk to some other prettier girl or go back to the Gilbert girls. But that didn't happen. He just continued to stand in front of her, eyes assessing every inch of her.

What was he doing? Shouldn't he be looking at the other girls for his bride? He wasn't really considering her was he? She was a Forbes after all and they weren't made to rule, they followed.

She was relieved when he stopped looking at her and bent down until his eye level with Margaret. "And what's your name?"

"Margaret Forbes." The little blond answered.

He smiled at the small girl and it was beautiful, made his delicate features light up, angelic, sweet, and lovely. "Tell me, Margaret, do you think your sister would make a good princess?"

Caroline almost gasped in shock as Margaret nodded excitedly at the question and replied. "Uh-huh! My sister would be the bestest princess in the world!"

Caroline stared disbelievingly at them, not really processing what was happening. Surely the prince was playing a prank. She didn't think him that cruel but he was still a small boy and they were prone to cruelty. But Kol had stopped talking to her sister and stood up to his full height which was the same as Caroline's and his dark eyes pierced into her oceanic ones.

His smile was directed at her now, satisfied, certain about his decision as he lifted his hand and offered the black rose he'd been holding to her. It was the symbol of the kingdom and as tradition used for marriage proposals.

She stared down at the full bloomed flower and up into Prince Kol's eyes which were the exact same color, they were almost hypnotizing. Slowly, she reached for the rose and her delicate fingers brushed the prince's and closed around the thorn-free stem. And then she smiled.

Margaret is a character in TVD books. She's the younger sister of Elena. In the show, she's replaced by Jeremy. I decided to use her in the story as Caroline's younger sister. More to come as we fast-forward ten years later and I delve more into the characters, the relationship Caroline and Kol have and what the fictional kingdom of Persephone is like. And if you're wondering, the kingdom is named Persephone because my name is beautiful and for other reasons that will be shown in the future. This story will be very short, four to six chapters and maybe some more.