"I'm sorry, but the way you guys live here… like this awkward little…"

"Family?" the Russian supplied. There was still something about his accent that put Jack at a great unease.

"Yeah, okay, let's go with that…it's just not my thing, alright?"

"Dad says it is your thing." He countered, as they passed through the kitchen, busy and bustling with tons of chefs and assistants.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down; I want a good look. I've been trying to track down Dad's place for years."

"What do you mean, track down?"

"Oh, don't worry. I never got past a fire wall. Not even sure what that means, actually…" he looked around, "I always thought your mom did the cooking."

North was oddly quiet until they made it into an office-esque room.

"Mint?" he offered.

"Uh, no. Thanks."

He threw the bowl of individually wrapped candies aside.

"Now we get down to tacks of breast." He cracked his mammoth knuckles.

"Tacks of breast…?" Jack repeated uncomprehendingly. But then North was coming at him, full swing, and in a flash it all made sense. He should've seen this coming. He was the star of the wrestling team for crying out loud.

But his fist wasn't in his face, instead his hands came to a harmless stop to poke him in the chest.

"Who are you, Jack Frost?" he demanded, "What was your price?"

"My, my price?"

"If dad took you in, you must have made a heavy sacrifice." He looked to a photograph framed on the shelf, "This is my birth father. Very big and intimidating, reminds you of someone, no? But he was not big enough to withstand lung cancer. He died before I was born."

"Manny took you in."

He nodded.

"Just in time, too. And I came to him at a price. I have eyes that have never seen my father, my mother, my siblings. Instead I see America, my real brothers and sisters, and all of the opportunities that would've been impossible. I finally see my full potential here, thanks to father. There is a price, but there is a reward. What about you? Who have you given up?"

"I don't… no one. Manny's my birth father."

"What? That's imp —"

There came a knocking on the door, followed by a swift kick to bring it down. Eli and Sammy stood in the threshold with grave faces, but importance and urgency brimming just below the surface.

"We've got trouble at the hospital."

"I'm not going with you guys!" he shouted, "I'm calling Wind and getting this whole thing sorted ou—"

"Oh, no, you don't." Eli took the phone from his hands.

"Hey! I thought you didn't want me here!"

"Still don't." he replied nonchalantly, opening and closing the device, as if it were something completely foreign.

"Then why are you —"

"Hey, Sandy, catch!"

The senior caught it as it went sailing over Jack's head. Sammy smiled, tossing to back to Eli.

"Hey! Guys, cut it out!"

They just laughed, passing it between themselves before North, who rolled his eyes at their antics, intercepted the phone.

"Get in." he ordered before climbing into the dark red van.

"Give me back my phone." Jack demanded uselessly, defeatedly. He got in the van.


"Um. I think my bike might be faster, Mate, and safer."

"Tch, get in."

"Didn't this car... not pass emissions?"

"…Buckle up."

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