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Title: Feet

Summary: Christmas!Jyder. Jake is embarrassed of his feet. Ryder notices and tries to help.

Rating: K+

Words: 357

"Take off your socks."

"What?" Jake asks as he curls his toes within the little menorah socks. He bought them with Ryder at the mall last week, the other boy buying a pair with Christmas trees to match, which were currently crumpled on the floor next to Ryder's bed.

"Take off your socks," Ryder repeats simply, poking Jake's foot with his slightly larger, bare one, making the smaller boy shift away from him awkwardly.

"Why?" Jake whines. Ryder sighs and pauses the DVD player. Andrew Garfield will have to wait.

"Okay, what's the deal with you and feet? You never take your socks off, even in bed!" Ryder argues as he crosses his arms, earning a sigh from his partner.

"I just like wearing socks, okay?" Jake lies, looking the other way. He always looks the other way when he lies.

"No you don't. Tell me the truth. Why don't you ever take your socks off?" Ryder asks, trying to sound tender as he inches closer to Jake and wraps an arm around him. "They can't smell that bad." That earns a chuckle out of Jake and he sighs, quickly stripping the socks from his feet and curling his toes into his jeans.

"There. They're off." Ryder sighs and he lifts one of Jake's pant-legs gently. "What is it you don't want me to- oh." Ryder's eyes widen slightly at the somewhat battered feet- the small blisters, scars, and bumps taking him by surprise. He quirks a brow and looks up at Jake.

"Dance," Jake answers shyly before Ryder even asks. Ryder's mouth forms into an "o" shape for a few seconds before he smiles brightly

"Sweetie," he assures. "I don't care about your feet. You know I think you're perfect, and a few bumps and bruises isn't gonna change that."

"Really?" Jake asks hopefully as he looks up at Ryder.

"Of course," Ryder answers with a smile as he leans toward Jake and presses their lips together.

Jake smiles as he kisses back, ten little toes finally wriggling themselves out into the open.

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