Oh boy

chapter 1

hey people, this will be the first ever yang x harem fic. Well, that's what I think. Anyway, enjoy.


We find the start of our story, at the woo foo Dojo. A Dojo which holds the present woo foo users; Yin, her brother Yang, and their Master Yo.

We find a pink bunny walking down the hall of the Dojo and near her brothers room. This is Yin.

Yin stopped where she was walking to listen closely to what she just heard. It sounded like crying to her. What confused her, is that it sounded like it was coming from her brother's room. But that's impossible, her brother rarely shows sadness, right?

She peeked through a small hole that had been in the door since they were young. She was seeing her own brother crying into his pillow. It shocked her, and made her heart clench in pain at seeing her brother truly being said.

She placed one of her ears on the door hoping to hear what her brother was sad about.

"I can't believe it's over...why can't I just keep a relationship." came Yang's response as he continued to give his salty tears to his pillow.

Yin felt herself get confused at that statement. What relationship...oh no! The only one she could think of was Lina! Her brother had a recent breakup. For some reason, it made her feel three emotions. One was sadness at seeing her brother being so depressed over this. Sure, they did bicker like ordinary siblings, but they still looked out for each other. The second one was anger. Anger at Lina for breaking her brothers heart, even though she was her beast friend. The third made her really confused, she felt happy. Happy that Yang was no longer in a relationship with that girl, even though she did admit before that they made a cute couple.

That's crazy! She couldn't be that happy that something like this happened, right?

Unknown to Yin and Yang at the moment, but there had been a second person listening in on the conversation.

(Yin's mind)

In the deep recession of Yin's mind, is where we find a lone figure sitting on a throne that seemed to radiate a dark an evil aura around it. The figure sitting on the throne would appear to be Yin from a distance, but if they walked right up to the figure, they would have seen she was far different from Yin.

The figure appeared to be Yin, but had lots of differences. Her fur was white had a head full of black hair, along with a black bow above it. She had a black tank shirt, black pants, black skull earrings, black bracelets, a spiky neck strap, and black boots.

She had black eye shadow, black lipstick, and had dark purple kabuki style face markings. Her eyes were a yellowish-orange with black whites. Her fingers were pointy, her long ears were a little fuzzy, and her teeth were razor sharp.

This was Yin's evil side. (in "Gone-A-Fowl"). She had witnessed everything from her pitch black crystal ball that sat on a mini podium.

She grinned at seeing how her good side was reacting to the news. She could feel that her time stuck in this place was drawing near.

She held up one of her paws as the image on the crystal ball switched from Yin listening to Yang's crying, to a close up picture of a smiling Yang.

"Soon, I will be free and have what I want, my dear brother." replied Yin's dark side as the view on her was getting smaller as she let loose her signature laugh.

(CPK dressing room)

Here is where we find one of the town's most popular rockstar group; The Chung Pow Kitties.

They were all adorable kittens that each wore a single different color then the other two. One wore red, purple, and the final one wore green.

They were known as other things besides being famous rockstars. They were Broadway sensations, news reporters, and ninjas. Shocking, but yes. These three adorable kittens were well trained ninjas.

Another shocking thing was that they had been defeated by their former biggest fan, Yang. What's really shocking for the CPK, was that Kitty (purple), had secretly told her friends that she had somehow gotten a crush on the one that defeated them. It was more shocking to her that they had felt the same way. Luckily they had decided to not kill each over it. They all agreed to try and gain his attention and see who he wanted to date.

We currently find each member doing their own thing. Kitty (purple) was currently looking a fashion magazine at the latest trends, Ashley (red) was sharpening her blades so they wouldn't dull, and Bella (green) was listening to her own music, until a sudden thought came to her making her take off her headphones.

(guys, I just thought of something. Why would Yang date us? After all, we have tried to destroy him and his sister several times.) replied Bella saying something that could put a dent in their plans to win Yang's affections.

Kitty looked at her friends before giving them a grin that meant she had a plan. (girls, it's easy. All we have to do is tell them that we're sorry, then we pull out our faces.) replied Kitty placing her paws in front of her and using an adorable face they would use sometimes to get a good reaction out of their fans.

As Kitty and Bella were discussing ways, Ashley had sneaked a peak at the magazine that Kitty was reading, and quickly tore the page out of the magazine and ran out of their dressing room door.

Kitty and Bella promptly stopped their discussion, to see that Ashley was gone, and that a page was tore out of the fashion magazine.

They quickly put two and two together, and hissed in anger at the sneaky kitten. They quickly ran after their feline friend to try and get the heads up on her.

(The puffin's apartment)

We find one of the leagues members; Smoke, sitting on the edge of her bed with her giant sword strapped to her back. She was currently looking down at one of her prison prisms. It was the one that had contained her former boyfriend, before she got crazy and used him.

Awhile after Eradicus was defeated, Smoke had been having a strange feeling in her. She had just suppressed it for a while, but she couldn't take it anymore and went to see a therapist about it. What shocked her is that the therapist said that it was possible that Smoke had a crush on someone. The only one she could think of, was Yang.

Now here she was, sitting on her bed sulking over the fact that she lost a good boyfriend. Sure, Yang did have his moments, but if she was ever in any trouble, she had a feeling Yang would jump in and save her.

Suddenly, an odd feeling was coming to the surface. It was the feeling of determination she would usually have. The determination to try and make amends with Yang, and possibly have what they lost.

She got off her bed and walked to the window in her room while looking at the city.

"It is time for me to GET BACK THE ONE I CARE FOR teehee." shouted/replied Smoke as she opened the window and began to make her way to the Dojo.

There was only one thought going through all the girls minds, minus Yin for the moment, and that was:

'Yang will be mine' thought the determined girls as the fate of one young rabbit was about to be turned upside down.


hope that was a good first chapter for this. I would like to say this to anyone who takes the time to read this, if you are disappointed about some of my stories not getting updated, then simply wait. I said I would not abandon them, and I'm not gonna. Just wait, and I will give you a chapter that will satisfy you all. I'm not mad, it's just that I can't focus on one story without tons of other people pestering me about updating my other stories. So again, just wait, and I will deliver. Bye.