Oh boy

chapter 3


Yang just stood there in shock at what just transpired. He was now looking at what appeared to be his sister's dark side, and for some reason Smoke, and the CPK were standing there with their mouths opened in shock.

Yin herself could barely stay on her feet after what just happened and slowly opened her eyes, only for them to widen in shock at what she was seeing. The CPK, Smoke, and Yang were all staring at what appeared to be what she looked like when she was corrupted by Coop.

Yin's dark side saw the looks she was receiving an let out a chuckle at their looks. Just like she expected. She turned to Yang and was satisfied to see him just as surprised. "Hello, brother." replied Yin's dark side.

Yang just shook his head before focusing on the dark side of his sister. "OK, I am seriously confused." replied Yang being his natural self.

"Let me explain." replied Yin and Yang's Master, Yo, who suddenly appeared from behind Yang holding a pretzel.

"Ahh!" Yang jumped back from the surprise visit of their master, but got upset real quick. "Why did you have to do that?!" exclaimed the irate rabbit.

"Simple, one, because I was hungry for a pretzel." Master Yo took a bite of the salty snack before continuing. "And two, to help you out with your little problem." replied Master Yo gesturing to the girls.

"What problem?" asked Yang who had fought dangerous wizards, and dangerous dark lords, but was clueless when it came to telling when a girl liked him.

"Hello, I'm talking about the problem with you, and these girls." replied Master Yo finishing his pretzel.

"Also, because I sensed something was wrong with your sister, so I came down here to see what was going on." Yo turned and saw Yin's dark side with a dark grin on her face. "This could be a problem." replied Yo.

"Oh, it won't be a problem for us. For them, I can't say the same." replied Eve who shot out red energy waves which hit the CPK and Smoke into different parts of the food court.

Eve turned her attention to Yang and gave a dark grin before surrounding him in red energy and levitating him off the ground.

"That's not gonna work. Foonado!" Yang started to spin like a tornado and began to suck in various objects from around the mall. Eve found herself being pulled forward as well.

"Sorry brother, but try this on for size." Eve focused her energy before being surrounded by her purple aura that took the shape of a giant rabbit. She easily let herself get sucked in before delivering a right hook with her aura to Yang, who wasn't able to doge it in time and was sent crashing into a hotdog vendor.

Yang pulled himself out and wiped the mustard out of his eyes. "Alright, things just got-" he was cut off from a red energy lasso tying itself around his body and was pulled towards Eve.

Eve had a dark grin on her face that was quickly wiped away from Smoke' blade which she had to dodge in time and therefore left her unfocused to keep the lasso going.

Smoke stood up with a fury in her eyes that would have made Eradicus wet himself. "I will not let you TAKE MY BOYFRIEND!" Smoke's yelling at the other end of her sentence seemed to be dripping in anger as she charged straight at Eve with her sword at the ready.

"Fooluminate." Eve created a bright light that blinded Smoke as she was charging and ended up crashing into a table.

"Now it's time I had some quality time with my brother." Eve turned around to try and get Yang, but was stopped by the CPK surrounding her with their weapons.

(We don't know what you want with Yang. But we won't let you succeed.) this came from Bella spinning her nunchucks.

"It's a little something called spending quality time with mt brother. And you're not involved!" Eve sent several more waves of red energy at Bella who dodged the first two but was hit by the third and was sent crashing into a vending machine.

Ashley charged with her swords aimed at Eve's back, but she was shocked to see her swords go right through the rabbit, along with her.

Eve just smirked at seeing Ashley crash into her sister and turned towards the last member. Kitty was a little nervous at seeing her sisters get taken down so easily, but she tried to remember that she and the others were fighting to keep Yang safe. The sudden thought of him asking her out on a date made her blush a little, and gave Eve the perfect opportunity to send the last member of the CPK into the wall thanks to her red energy ray.

"Now maybe me and Yang can have some peace and quiet without you all getting in the way." replied Eve turning towards Yang who had been secretly rooting for Smoke and the CPK to win. Looks like he was in trouble.

"Not so fast!" Eve turned around and was sent crashing into a clothes shop by Master Yo's aura that took the shape of a green panda.

"Master Yo, what is going on!" exclaimed Yang who was extremely confused, and he had a good reason to.

"Perhaps this convenient slide show will explain everything." Master Yo just pulled an old film projector from behind his back and set it up.

Yin had fallen gotten herself together and stood by her brother as their master and father hooked up the machine.

"There, now let's watch." replied Master Yo who started eating from some popcorn he found after Eve blasted a popcorn popper from the movie theater.

The screen showed Yin and what appeared to be a purple spot on her head. Master Yo pulled a pointer from again out of no where, and pointed at the image. "Due to Yin having been infected by Coop's dark energy, which originally came from the night master, she had become evil. Temporarily. But after we fought and defeated Eradicus, I believe some of his evil may have slipped into Yin without anyone noticing."

"Wait, so I've had the Dark Master's power inside me this whole time!" exclaimed Yin in shock. "But I thought the Woo-Foo bow tie and suspenders expelled all the evil."

"They did, but it is possible that a small portion of energy stuck itself long enough to grow and become stronger. Then after Eradicus was defeated, the energy reached a stage where it grew a mind of its own. Which means your dark side has been released, and she's after one thing." Finished Master Yo tossing the projector away.

"What?" asked his two children and students.

"You." Master Yo simply pointed to Yang as he said this.

"Me? But why?" asked Yang who was still confused.

"It could be a number of reasons, but I think she must somehow be drawn to your recklessness. Like how you disobey me, lie, break stuff up, etc." replied Master Yo stopping himself as they both got the picture.

"I get that she likes evil, but wouldn't she try to destroy Yang." replied Yin making some sense.

"True, but remember when you were evil and stood by Coop? I'm guessing she wants what she lost before, and has found it in Yang."

"But what is 'it'?" asked Yang who just wanted a direct answer.

"A king." came a voice that caused all three of them around to see Eve standing behind them. Yo and Yin tried to push her back with their energy rays, but Eve easily created a red shield around her.

"That won't work. I have the power of the night master and all your dark emotions giving me power. So in two words: your DOOMED!" Eve sent out a storm of Foo orbs that quickly overpowered the panda and rabbit duo and sent them careening into the cheese machine at the food court. Effectively covering them in cheese.

Yang pulled out his bamboo sword and got in a ready stance. "No one smashes my master and sister into a cheese machine." Yang charged at Eve with his weapon, but was stopped by Eve putting up her forcefield.

"Just surrender and become my king, brother." replied Eve.

"Never!" Yang jumped back and put his sword away and his two hands grew double their size. "Paws of Pain!" Yang charged and started throwing fist after fist on the forcefield.

"Seems you're still stubborn, I like that." replied Eve whose hand began to crackle with black electricity. "But it's time to stop this game." she raised her hand to Yang after releasing her forcefield, and sent an electrical wave at Yang.

Yang could already scream as the electricity zapped him. He could feel his eyes closing and the last scene he saw was Eve laughing with Yin and Yo in the background unconscious.

"Seeing her technique work, Eve stopped zapping Yang and used her red Foo energy to levitate him. She turned to the unconscious bodies of Yang's family and enemies. "Catch you later. The next time you see us, will be during the Dark Tomorrow." replied Eve taking the unconscious rabbit out of the mall.


well people, sorry for the wait. I was busy with some of my other stories, but now you get to see what Eve has planned for Yang, and it doesn't look good for our rabbit hero. Anyways, enjoy.