Summary: Have you ever been asked if you indulged in life? Most would say no, in order to seem like a Good Samaritan. But the truth about us humans is that we are all greedy selfish monsters. Me? I was not one to indulge in life. The first and last time I did my life was driven straight to hell. But it was worth it. He changed me, Life itself was void without him. KoukinxOC R&R! Manga-verse

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Indulgence Chapter-The Promise

Two shadowy figures passed through the silent forest, passing moonlight silhouetted the two on their journey. One stopped and bent over obviously tired. The silence was broken by a soft, but firm and masculine voice. "We can't stop now, Saiga is still looking for us we're almost home, then we can stop and it will be safe then.", "Saiga will undoubtedly search every city in this country, that's how he does things his motto has always been 'if you want something done right do it yourself." A panting mine voice whispered into the dark, "please be quiet, if he's nearby he'll hear you no matter what. I'll be fine but Klahan looks tired." The conversation came to an end as the forest thinned out and bright city lights came into view. The lights were that of the city of Khon Kaen in the country of Thailand.

The identities of the two figures were revealed as soon as the stepped within reach of the city lights. They were well known within this country the woman was Kanya Suttikul princess of this country, the other Agaard Jum Sai a practitioner of the martial arts Muay Thai and Muay Boran. Agaard shook his head as a thought occurred to him. "We're almost home so you and Klahan can rest soon." As they headed out of view of the city lights the came upon a house which happened to be the exact one they were looking for. The house albeit small was rather cozy built almost directly next to a forest therein which lied a garden of medium size the house was despite its small appearance was well built and prepared for any freak weather that might hit. Kanya wandered into the house and put wood into the fire to prepare tea.

A few hours later two cries broke the air the cry of newborn children. The oldest had silver hair and blue eyes the youngest, black hair and green eyes.

Three Years Later

As I finished collecting the things I needed; meat, fruit, and vegetables. Kai finished packing them into the stretching canvas. I had the fruit slung over my shoulder in a net. "We need to go quickly, move out. Mom, Dad and Moriko are going to be really worried, alright? We need to make sure no one sees us, "yeah, yeah, whatever we won't get caught Kai stop freaking out. Little did they know, they had been seen –A flash of blonde hair appeared in the trees and blue eyes suddenly glinted. Suddenly the blue haired girl looked up. "Someone's following us Kai", "really Sora, Kai said sarcastically. "Don't complain I can sense his ki he's a sei type, S- class master. He knows I can sense him his killing intent has just increased dramatically, but he's gone now; I think he was heading to the house Moriko's in danger, Kai hurry up!

Getting closer to the house we heard the distinctive sound of my Luang Por's blows striking flesh and bodies crashing against trees and flying through bushes. The second we got there the man had his hand against Luang Por's throat and was choking him. The man's eyes shone in a rather unsettling way as he for a few minutes I finally found it, it was thready, but there. "Luang Por's not dead I can still sense him, Saiga-san." He looked rather surprised that I knew his name and that I was able to sniff out his lie.

"Well then you'd best say good-bye to your father while you can, I'll be taking him soon." Each word felt like hail in a blizzard hitting so hard that it would be impossible to recover completely, but on I went anyway. "Your taking my Luang Por's life is only repayable with yours, so from now on look behind you wherever you go; cause I'll be right there waiting to kill you." "You'll have to grow strong for that Sora."

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Luang Por-Venerable Father

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