Living Dolls by One Ok Rock

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I snapped out of my reverie as the ceremony ended, I had caught their names though; Tirawit Koukin, his name simply rolled off of my tongue, it felt so natural saying it; thinking it even. Now that he was gone from view I felt horrible as if I would never be safe again.

Indulgence 3-Closeness

Exiting the building, I soon found myself outside. Koukin easily walked past me simply glancing in my direction. I continued to listen to my mp3 player, thankful for the distraction.

He passed Shirahama but stopped. I felt a sudden outflow of ki as the two stood silently challenging each other. "What are your intentions Yomi?" Shirahama asked, clearly wanting to get to the point. Koukin didn't answer, just examined the school, off handedly commenting that the school was small. "About 800 people inside we'll probably need two hours… no since half of them are women we only need one and a half hours,"

Before he could even finish his sentence I was in front of him, forget fear, this guy plucked all of my nerves in more than one way. "Don't you dare group me in with the rest of those weak girls, you bastard, and don't get ahead of yourself just because you happen to be Yomi," Poking his chest with my finger I really started in on him. "You honestly think you'll be able to destroy the school… well think again," He just stood there, silent, not even blinking; he didn't even utter a word. He was really shredding my nerves; I was very close to just straight out yelling at him.

"You might be able to easily kill Shirahama but I'm gonna be the damn hardest thing to kill, Koukin," "People like you who are extremely troublesome piss me off to no end, but guess what? I've already read you, and at best your equal with me, but don't think you'll be able to stop my heart because I'm not that easy to kill!" A question popped into my head as I grabbed his collar. "About Kenichi's question, I'd sure as hell like to know the answer."

Finally giving up his code of silence he answered, "Do I need to explain, this is a school right?" He then actually broke out of my grip. In addition…we're here to teach that we Satsujinken from Yami are the strongest."

"Shirahama Kenichi… I heard you fought with Kano… you will need more experience before you can face me," He said rather ominously.

He passed me in his effort to follow the others and brushed my shoulder, out of nowhere I felt something. It was overwhelming I felt a spark then suddenly I couldn't breathe. I quickly dropped to my knees then lay face down on the concrete, a shock wave passed through me; all of my muscles constricted and slowly released feeling like torture. I vaguely heard of voices but I was only truly aware of one thing; joy, pure unbridled joy it certainly wasn't from me I wasn't a masochist and was in enough pain as it was. I was slowly becoming aware of my surroundings as the voices become clearer. "Sora are you okay, you collapsed suddenly," one asked. "Maybe w beleivee should move her," another one said. One clearly disagreed; I think that one was Ikki.

Once I became lucid and the sunlight didn't hurt as much my muscles loosened and I became aware of nineteen worried faces staring at me. "Sora, what the hell was that? You collapsed so suddenly." All of the faces questioned me in unison. One thing became clear to me as I connected the events. "I just had an epiphany, and this may sound insane, but I also think i'm an empath. They all stared at me in surprise as their brains tried to wrap around this possibility.

Ukita came up with a response rather quickly. "How do you figure that Sora, I thought empaths only existed in books and stuff?" A valid question considering the circumstances. "I don't know, I just felt something when Koukin passed me, I think it was joy and yet I can't seem to figure out why, it doesn't make any sense at all, I don't think he's a sadist and it's the only one I've even come up with," "How do you even know that you have this ability, it could have just been a coincidence." Miu rationalized, I've never even heard of anyone having something like this; not even grandfather."

Her claim made sense, but I couldn't believe it was just a coincidence. Suddenly erupting into painful muscle contracting seizure like movements was never just a coincidence after only brushing someone's shoulder. I wasn't prone to seizures; I'd never even had one! Brushing off something like that was something I did not allow, at least until I had a reasonable amount of proof. Especially considering the concerns of my birth, I had always felt like I needed to investigate everything that had ever come up with our family.

I had always been concerned with any of us; I had taken it upon myself to take care of my family with as little help as possible. I was just proud that way, I had never even lied before, it was a statement which most people couldn't take to be true considering the way I had always acted.

After thinking for a while I came up with what was probably the stupidest suggestion, I had ever made in my life. "Why don't I go ask Koukin about it, I'll just apologize for what I said earlier and ask him about it when we talk." Tsubasa was the first to object. "No way captain, why apologize to that slime ball, he insulted your gender and scared Kenichi-kun, you never apologize to anyone anyway, why start now." "I never said anything about what I was apologizing for everything I said. I was only going to apologize about calling him a bastard and that's it, nothing else, I do have to worry about my honor ya know."

Tsubasa was still against it for some reason stating something like he didn't want me associating myself with Yomi. That may have been part of the reason, but I got the feeling it was something else as well. It turned out to be a tie Shoichi did agree with me but then Shinpaku got mixed up in it. Niijima said he didn't want one of his pawns getting mixed up with Yomi. "I'm not your damn pawn, I'm my own person ya know The Black Hawks are mine and I can do whatever the hell I feel like, I just like being a fair leader this could possibly affect their future as well and I like my chicks to know if something does happen." After taking all the votes it still ended up being a tie, so as usual I went to get a second opinion, this time from one of the masters. I knew just who to get it from, it would have to be someone I respected immensely- Apachai.

It was easy getting into Ryozanpaku my feet were strong enough to let me run at very high speeds, I preferred not to even open the door seeing as I could just jump over thus wasting less time. When my feet touched the ground it was clear that my landing was completely silent. The masters didn't even glance in my direction as they would often do and just kept working at whatever they were doing.

"I'm here to see Apachai-phii, I need to ask him something," "Apachai-kun is over there Sora-kun on the roof of the rooms." Akisame answered obviously concentrating on another one of his statues. Looking up despite the bright light I found Apachai eclipsing the sun slightly because his back was turned to it.

"Apachai-phii, its Sora I need to ask you something, it's important." Apachai remained silent for a few minutes clearly thinking about something important he seemed apprehensive as if waiting for something bad to happen. "Agaard I know you will be coming soon." I knew I had heard the name Agaard somewhere before but perhaps it was a common name, it might have just been my imagination, maybe he had said another name that had just sounded like it.

But inside I knew what name he had said. 'Besides Luang Por is dead, he's been dead for the past thirteen years, you know then that Sora.' I thought as I shook my head to clear my mind. Suddenly Apachai's eyes cleared as he turned his head in my direction and smiled.

"Apachai knows you wanted to ask him something," "Well Apachai-phii it's two things actually, the first thing was if I should I apologize to someone because I'm sure he won't answer my question because I somewhat insulted him and now I want to ask him something. I'm not sure whether I should apologize or just leave it alone."

"Apachai thinks Sora should decide that by herself, Apachai does not have the answer to that question. Sora's values should answer that question." Widening my eyes I realized Apachai-phii was right, I didn't need anyone else to answer that question but myself and my values. "Have you ever heard of a martial artist being able to feel the emotions of others?"

Pausing to think Apachai considered the question for a few minutes. "Apachai has never heard of anything like that, but Apachai is sure it exists somewhere in this world, Apachai thinks that one person would have to have certain circumstances for that to happen."

With both of my questions answered I happily hopped of the roof and headed home.

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