The Triumvirate:

Rating: M for violence, language, supernatural themes.

Summary: The Triumvirate is made up of not only three very powerful Vampires but also the three original Vampires. What will happen when one of the three longs and wants for more than just eternal youth and power but also for someone to share it with?

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the workers of the WWE personally, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. This story is a work of fiction. I make no profit whatsoever from this story.


April 3rd 1575, London:

Hunter Helmsley looked around at his scenery, the red sky boring down on him, the heat radiating was drying his throat incredibly. He looked around the landscape for something, for somewhere he could get a drink but was met with nothing but the baron, brown decaying ruins of what used to be a civilization. Regardless of this, he continued walking towards the sun, rolling the sleeves of his long white night gown up as he trekked barefoot across the red hot ground, trying in vain to ignore the debilitating thirst that was slowing him down with every step he took.

Every few steps or so, he found himself lifting his long, dark blonde hair up and flapping it around in the still air, trying hard to cool himself down but discovering he was only aiding his own dehydration and demise. He felt his head start to spin but the deep drive deep within himself willed him to keep going, keep going until it kills him. He was not going to be broken from not having any water, not even in the many hours he'd been walking. His vision started to go blurry, funny different coloured lines started dancing before his dying eyes, he knew he was close to collapse, close to giving up.

Just when all hope was starting to leave him, he saw a man, dressed completely in black looking at him, wide brimmed hat covering most of his face. His heart skipped a beat as he started running, using up the last of his strength and willpower before reaching the man, collapsing into a heap and the man's feet. The man looked at him curiously, smirk tugging at the corner of his thin lips.

"Here, drink." The man said sharply, pulling a flask of water out of his pocket and dropping it in front of the large man at his feet.

"Thank you, sir." Hunter said graciously, barely able to speak as he pulled the cap off the flask and pouring the contents into his mouth, relishing in the feeling of the cool liquid easing the fire in his throat and giving him the gift of his vision back. He slowly got to his feet, stretching out his hand, ready to thank the mystery man properly, but just as he was about to speak, a lump formed in his throat as their eyes connected and he looked deep into the other man's frightening red eyes. "Y-y-your eyes, they are but red!"

The other man's smirk grew wider. "They are. What of it?"

"No man has red eyes!" Hunter gasped, hand dropping as his heart beat increased dramatically.

"I am not born of man." He replied sharply.

"What are you born of?" Hunter could barely believe it. The fear in his chest was growing more and more with each second.

"I was born a child of God, an angel. Now I am quite the opposite." He spoke quietly, enjoying every sharp intake of breath from Hunter and loving how large his eyes were bulging. "Some call me Devil, others call me Lucifer, but I much prefer Undertaker."

Hunter took in a very deep breath. "Whatever you offer me today, sir, my answer is no. I do not serve the Devil! I am a true child of God!"

"But you've already said yes, Hunter." Undertaker said slowly, his voice so void of emotion. "And I refuse to hear rejection." He spat, Hunter's big mouth sliding shut. "I have a very special offer for you. My offer is for you to live forever, spend eternity serving me."

Hunter took in a shaky breath. "No."

Within an instant, Hunter was being held by the larger, taller man, one of the Undertaker's strong hands holding both of his together while the other hand was tangled deep in his long blonde hair, bending his head so that his neck was fully exposed. Hunter knew his heart was beating erratically when he felt the mouth of the much larger man mere centimetres away from his neck, could feel the cold breath on his hot skin.

"I told you I refused to hear rejection." Undertaker snapped before sinking his white teeth into the tanned, thick neck, puncturing the juicy vein that was mere millimetres under the skin.

Hunter screamed in agony as he felt the pair of teeth sink into his neck as if it was made of butter. He tried to buck away from the pain but was being held firmly by the other man. He didn't want this, didn't want this at all. After what felt like an age, he felt the sharp teeth leave his neck and he was pushed away from the other man, landing with a thud on the dusty, dirty ground. He reached his hand up to his neck and after pulling away, was horrified to see his own blood on his hand. "What have you done to me?!" He screamed, looking up just in time to see the Undertaker wipe away the blood from his thin, pale lips.

"I have made you better." Undertaker grinned. "Just one bite and in a few minutes you will no longer be human."

Hunter's eyes widened in horror just as a sudden surge of pain rocketed through his body, in his chest he could feel his heart begin to seize up, could feel his entire body start to shut down, muscles turning hard and harder as his organs stopped working completely. He collapsed onto the ground face first, mouth full of dirt as he twitched violently underneath the pain, his eyes shutting just as the pain suddenly stopped.

He opened his eyes and took in the surroundings, this time watching in awe as his senses were heightened to a whole new level, hearing the dust whoosh across the rocks, his eyes so magnified he could see each little bubble that made up the air. He stood up and was surprised at just how quickly he could, turning to face the Undertaker who was raptly watching his every move. Hunter quickly closed to the gap between them and raised his fist; slamming it down in the Undertaker's face with so much force he would never have believed it possible. But the Undertaker didn't even flinch.

"Don't be a fool. I am much more powerful than you could ever be." Undertaker snapped, merely poking the other man and laughing as he was thrown backwards. "You are a child of Satan now, you are my first Vampire." He watched as Hunter slowly got to his feet. "When you wake, my child, I have a task for you."

Hunter looked at him strangely. "How can I be dreaming still?"

"Another one of my tricks." Undertaker grinned. "When you wake, you must perform three tasks for me. I insist you turn two others. One is the first Werewolf, the other is a prophet." He paused for a minute, watching his child carefully. "You will meet the Wolf in one hundred and twenty years in Manchester and you will meet the Prophet one hundred years after that in Liverpool. Once you have performed that task I will appear to the three of you and give you more instructions. The three of you must remain together."

"Yes, master." Hunter said, bowing his head slightly at the larger man.

"You need to know that when you wake that you can now only drink blood to survive. Food and water do nothing and merely taste like ash in your mouth. You can drink either human or animal blood, it doesn't truly matter but human blood tastes much better." Undertaker ginned. "You must also only turn the two men I have told you to and no one else. Understand me?"

"Yes, father." Hunter nodded.

"Good. Now, wake." Undertaker smirked one last time before clicking his fingers once.

Hunter awoke in his hard bed in an instant, eyes large, body sweating profusely as he sat bolt upright in his cabin, glancing around wildly. His vision was very refined, still able to see the small air bubbles around him, his hearing intensified as he heard the thud, thud, thud of a heart beat that had to have been miles away since he knew he was in the middle of the woods with no other cabins even remotely close by.

With a slight hesitation, he slowly stood up and walked closer to the large mirror he had next to the now still lit and burning brightly fireplace. His eyes widened slightly as he looked at the pale person staring back at him. His eyes were barely able to process that he'd lost that much colour off his body in such a short amount of time. He looked directly into his own eyes, seeing just how red they had now become. He quickly dropped his gaze, too horrified to look at the monster he now was and focused intently on the thud, thud, thud of the heartbeat he could still hear.

His feet moved quickly, much too fast for the human eye to see, as he came to a halt right on the outskirts of town. He was still hidden by the trees as he watched one of the town guards pace back and forth along the battlement. He licked his licks, the smell of blood creeping through his nostrils as the thudding of the man's heart grew louder in his ears.

He refused to miss a beat as he quickly darted out and snatched the man back into the darkness, hand covering the young man's mouth, eyes checking that the coast was clear before tilting the guards head to the side, mouth opening and fangs emerging. He quickly sunk his teeth into the slender neck, his hand still covering the screams of fear as he quickly drank and drank, careful not to leave any blood left in the man. His instructions were clear; he was to turn two other men and this man was not on his list.

He felt the young man go limp in his arms before he pulled his teeth out of the neck, letting the guard fall into a heap on the forest floor as he turned on his heel and retreated back towards his cabin. His new father had been right; human blood did taste good.

And as he sat down on the bed, he got ready to wait for the moment he would meet his new companions.

June 16th 1695, Manchester:

Hunter stood off to the side of the large clearing in front of him. He was hidden by the large green trees, relishing in the shade as he watched the two young, sweaty, half naked men in front of him. He watched as they trained against each other, punching and kicking while screaming all sorts of curse words. The pair was evenly matched in almost every aspect of their bodies and their abilities, making it even more enjoyable for Hunter to watch. The human part of him that loved to watch fights was still kicking strongly inside of him.

He remembered vividly like it was yesterday exactly what the Undertaker had told him about meeting his Wolf in Manchester. He'd been confused as to why he'd been compelled to come to this particular spot at this particular time that was, until both of the men had transformed into the four legged animal right in front of him. But now he was stuck with a problem; there were two and he had been told to get only one of them.

He didn't know why, but the taller, slightly lighter of the two was continually drawing his attention while the slightly shorter, younger looking man was only showing slight flashes of brilliance. Hunter had made his decision; he was going to turn the taller one. Now all he had to do was wait until the perfect opportunity to execute his plan.

"Wade lets go, its starting to get dark." The younger complained his thick accent on full display as the taller of the two turning to look at him. "And there's a creepy feeling coming from that forest." He added as he pointed to the exact spot that Hunter was standing.

Wade laughed derogatively. "You're scared of the dark now too, Roman?" His accent was slightly stronger and thicker. "This is why I was the first and you were the second Wolf."

Hunter couldn't help but grin at that statement. He couldn't believe his luck; he was going to turn the original Werewolf, he knew Undertaker was going to be proud of him. He changed his position slightly, trying to get into a good spot, ready to take down Roman before he would launch himself on Wade.

Roman turned his head to the right, his long black hair flying through the wind as his eyes widened right as they were met with Hunter's. Hunter knew he didn't have much time and launched himself out of the trees with lightning quick speed, charging Roman hard into the large rock behind him, watching as the Wolf's head made a sickening crunch against the hard rock before slumping lifelessly to the dusty ground.

"ROMAN!" Wade yelled out just as Hunter turned around to see the other Wolf completely enraged. "You'll pay for that, whatever you are!"

Wade let out a loud growl before charging himself at Hunter, but the original Werewolf was no match in power for the first Vampire. Hunter easily grabbed a hold of Wade's hands with one of his hands, pinning them hard behind his back while the other hand tugged at his head hard, allowing him prime access to the thick vein underneath the warm skin. He copied his own master's actions perfectly.

Before Wade even had a chance to react, Hunter sunk his teeth into the warm piece of flesh beneath him, biting him once and sucking slightly before pulling out and pushing the child of the Wolf away from him, watching without a single care as the younger man started to writhe uncontrollably around on the dusty and dirty ground. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he waited for the poison to finish its job and for his new protégé to stand tall.

Wade stood up after a minute, eyes looking carefully at the way his hands moved right before his eyes, noticing the little crevices of skin on his hand before finally looking up at the man who had changed him. "What have you done to me?!" He raged. It was evidently clear that the Wolf part of him was still very much intact, causing Hunter to grin.

"I have made you stronger." He spoke quietly, watching Wade carefully.

"I was strong enough before!" Wade bellowed. "Am I like you now?"

"You are the devil's second child now." Hunter spoke slowly, watching as Wade's eyes widened in horror. "Although, he does prefer the name Undertaker."

"I cannot be a child of hell!" Wade panicked. "I am too pure to be like you!"

"I used to be foolish like you too." Hunter smirked. "I now realize what true power is, thanks to him."

Wade was beyond angry. "You will burn in hell for this!"

Hunter laughed. "As will you, Hell Spawn."

Wade had opened his mouth to speak before he looked over and saw his brother lying lifeless against the rock, a large splatter of blood behind his head. "You have killed my brother."

"Come, we must leave now." Hunter said quietly, reaching his hand out to grab the other's wrist, only to have it shoved away. "Quickly now."

"I would never leave with you." Wade spat. "Not for anything."

"You don't have a choice. It is in your destiny." Hunter snarled; this time grabbing a hold of Wade's left wrist and gripping it tightly. "Quickly, we must leave now."

"And go where?" Wade snapped aggressively.

"We must go and wait until our third is with us until our true new life begins." Hunter snapped, beginning to drag Wade through the dense woods.

"When will he appear?" Wade asked quietly.

Hunter turned around. "Another one hundred years."

Wade took a deep breath as he was dragged through the woods he used to call home. He wasn't sure what his new life would have in store for him, all he could do was wait. Maybe the third would be someone that would be an ally to him, not an enemy.

August 29th 1795, Liverpool:

Theodore DiBiase had always been a different sort of man, whether it was the way he walked, the way he talked or even how he secluded himself away from prying eyes to finally get a moments peace. The truth was; Theodore was very different indeed. For the past ten years, he had been having the same dream over and over again in which two men approached him while he walked along the pier down by the sea and attacked him, changing him into something that was born of nightmares.

He dreamt this dream most nights, while other nights he'd dream about just the two men as they engaged in deep and thoughtful conversations, planning their next moves, planning their futures all while he watched them through his head. At first, these dreams terrified Theodore, the vision of watching himself be hurt and the way the two nameless and terrifying men planned on how the attack would occur, the way their red eyes lit up with each sentence would haunt him for days at a time.

But now he realized that he was important, his grandmother had explained to him before her death that he was destined for something more than a life of laboring, something more than being unremarkable. "I have seen your future, Theodore." She had said to him, "You will live forever, my dearest of grandchildren. You possess my gift and you will be greater then I ever was."

Theodore had awoken that morning with a sense of finality. He hadn't dreamt about his impending doom and instead had a feeling that today was his last day. He had spent his day much the same as he always did; working with his father in the mill, trying to finish off the last hours of daylight with something that was more unremarkable then what he knew was coming. After his long shift was finally over, he decided to go take a walk down by the pier, the dark and cold of the evening washing over him as he walked along the sea, drinking in the salty air while he stopped right at the edge, eyes taking in the beauty of the waves crashing against the wooden structure.

He didn't even have to turn around to know that the two men he'd dreamt about for much of his life were standing right behind him. "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time." He said proudly, turning around to see the two men that occupied his dreams approaching him from down the end of the structure. "I won't fight you. I'm not scared." He added, turning back around and spreading his arms apart, looking as though he was going to start flying.

Hunter and Wade exchanged curious looks behind him. They knew right from the moment they spotted him that he was their prey, they just weren't anticipating this sort of a reaction. "I'll take him." Wade said quietly, earning him a firm slap across the head from the older, much stronger Vampire.

"He is not yours to take." Hunter spat, quickly closing the gap between himself and the Prophet. He bent the young man's head to the side right before he sunk his sharp teeth into the thick neck underneath him, taking one bite, one little suck before quickly pulling his teeth out and watching as the man dropped to his knees, arms still pointing out either side of his body while the poison took over.

Wade quickly closed the gap between himself and the youngest of the men, watching as he remained relatively calm throughout the whole ordeal. "He remains still. How?"

Hunter shrugged. "He is different to you and I."

Theodore stood up after a minute, arms snapping close to his side as he turned around to look at the two men that were watching him keenly. "I have foreseen this for many years. Don't be so surprised." He said calmly. "I am Theodore DiBiase. You must be Hunter Helmsley" He paused for a moment, nodding at the slightly shorter but much wider man before turning to look at the taller one speaking suddenly, "And you must be Wade Reigns."

"I am Barrett." Wade corrected him. "I am Reigns no more."

"I apologize." Theodore bowed slightly. "My visions stop here. What now?"

"Now I shall command you, my children." All three men stopped immediately, turning to see the ridiculously large man that was dressed completely in black staring at them. "On your knees."

The three men dropped instantly to their knees, heads bowing at the larger man. They all spoke one word in unison, "Father."

"My children, I have another task for you." Undertaker spoke sternly. "You three must remain together as one unit. You three are my Triumvirate, my originals." He paused. "As the Triumvirate you will govern my new race of immortals, ruling with an iron fist where needed."

"Y-your new race, father?" Hunter asked curiously, lifting his head.

"You three will create my new race of Vampires." Undertaker spoke firmly. "This race must be kept hidden from plain view, must be held with the upmost importance. And for that, your reward will be that only I or one of you three can kill one another."

The three men glanced at each other warily.

"Is my task accepted or do I need to find another three who are willing to do my bidding?" Undertaker snapped.

"We accept, father. The task is ours." Hunter said nervously.

"Good." Undertaker spoke simply. "Until we meet again, my children." He added, snapping his fingers once and he had disappeared.

"How long do we wait?" Wade asked, standing from his knees.

"I think it fair we wait at least one hundred years." Hunter spoke, looking at Theodore. "It is fairer on Theodore that we wait. There is no use turning those who could very well be as strong as he."

"I agree." Wade said quietly, looking over Theodore once more.

Theodore nodded once, "Now, we wait."

The three disappeared at lightning speed in rapid time, ready to fulfill their father's wishes but also ready to wait.


A/N: I am pretty obsessed with Vampires, always have been, always will be but I wanted to try something different. I have read wrestling vamp stories before and this is (I hope) completely different to anything else out there. I want to test the waters with this, I will continue this regardless but any comments, negative, positive or constructive. Thank you for reading, will update soon x