Chapter 5:

Rating: M for violence, language, supernatural themes, sexual content.

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October 12th 2002, Marietta:

Wade was frozen still, staring at the man that was standing on his front porch, long, black hair hanging down past his shoulders with a black beard that encircled only his mouth. In many ways, the two brothers looked similar and at the same time, they looked completely different. The man that stood in front of Wade looked nothing like the brother he used to know all those years ago, the brother he'd watched die, but his voice was still the same, the only link that made him believe that it actually was him.

"How is this possible?" Wade spoke quietly, the shock still washing over him. "I watched you die."

"Anything is possible." Roman answered simply. "Much like your death."

Wade's eyes opened largely. "What?"

"Your death is near, my dear brother. So near it could be, oh say, right now." Roman answered before lunging forward at his older brother, hands outstretched as he lunged towards Wade's neck, wrapping them tightly and squeezing.

"You're an idiot." Wade said simply, glaring at his younger brother, the pressure around his throat was causing him no discomfort, only annoyance as the other tried to choke his nonexistent air from him. "Hunter, close the door." He ordered, prying his brothers' hands from his throat and gripping onto his wrists, throwing the slightly larger man across the room, watching him slam against the fireplace. "Are you actually that dense that you thought you could choke me to death? I'm a Vampire for fucks sake, not a human!"

Roman lifted his head, glaring at the patronizing look on his brother's face. "No. That was to prepare you for this." He added by throwing a short, silver knife that merely pierced Wade in the stomach.

Wade rolled his eyes, pulling out the knife and letting it drop onto the floor with a soft thud. "Silver may have hurt me when I was a Werewolf but I am a Hybrid. It doesn't hurt me." He laughed. "Now, tell me what you are still doing alive."

Roman took a deep breath and stood up, his large, muscular frame on full display, even though it was hidden under a black bullet-proof vest, black cargo pants and black lace up boots. "I will not be intimidated by you." He said firmly, glancing around at the three Vampires that outnumbered him.

"There is three of us and one of you, brother." Wade said sharply, taking a step forward. "And you cannot kill any of us, least of all your Alpha."

"You are not the Alpha!" Roman raged. "I am the Alpha! You turned your back on our race the instant you decided to go with him" he gestured his head towards Hunter "instead of stand and fight for who you are!"

Wade turned around and looked at the large blonde that was standing behind him, a smile growing on his lips before turning once more to look at Roman. "I do not regret what choice I made." He said defiantly, missing the smile that grew across Hunter's lips. "But you had died before I made that choice. Tell me how this is possible."

"Make me!" Roman challenged.

In an instant, Ted had closed the gap between himself and the Werewolf. He grabbed the slightly larger creature's hands and pinned them behind his back with one of his strong hands. The other hand tangled deep into Roman's long, black hair before he yanked the head to the side, his mouth moving down to the exposed, tanned neck. His mouth opened, fangs emerging before sinking into the flesh easily, the rest of his teeth joining in as he bit down and hard. He grinned as he heard the larger man scream out in pain, his teeth joining together as he tore at the silky flesh instead of drinking from the blood.

"What the fuck!" Roman screamed out, desperately trying to escape out of the firm grip the Vampire had him in, eyes glancing around at the two who just stood and watched, smirks curling at the corner of their lips. "I'll talk, I'll talk, just stop!" He whimpered as Ted's teeth squeezed his flesh.

Ted grinned as he slowly pulled his mouth back, ripping a chunk of flesh from the Werewolf's neck, spitting it onto the ground as he shoved the larger man into one of the armchairs. "The time to talk is now. Or I can easily rip another chunk from your pretty neck."

"Okay, okay!" Roman held his hands up in surrender. "Well, after he" he indicated towards Hunter once more "had thrown me against the rock and I hit my head hard, I felt myself in a weird sort of limbo. I watched Wade leave with him and I was screaming and yelling, but they couldn't hear me as they walked away." He paused for a moment. "And then, next thing I know, I am in this weird dessert place. I was running, trying to escape something and then all of a sudden there was a man dressed all in black, just waiting for me."

Hunter felt very uneasy. He could still recall an eerily similar dream he had right before he was turned by their newfound father. "What was the man's name?" Hunter asked, although he already knew, and judging by the look on Ted and Wade's face, they did too.

"His name was Undertaker." Roman answered simply, looking at the other three whose eyes all grew in shock. "What's the problem?"

"Undertaker is who made us." Wade said quietly. "What did he ask of you?"

"What did he ask of you?" Roman repeated sharply, indicating with his tone that he wouldn't give more until he got some in return.

"We were given the task of governing and ruling over Vampires. We created but also determined how they would act." Wade replied simply before repeating, "What did he ask of you?"

"He told me I'd be an immortal if I promised to continue on with the Werewolf line, bringing this wretched curse to new families. And I did so he made me immortal." Roman replied. "He also gave me the job of hunting and killing you, my dear brother. And that's what I have been doing since that day all those years ago."

"You cannot kill me, only a fellow original can." Wade replied, face hard and stern. "Unless he made you one."

"Perhaps I did." A deep voice said quietly from the forgotten corner of the room. All four immortals turned to see Undertaker standing in the corner watching them carefully. "Or maybe I did want Roman to take your place Wade and make it three." His blood red eyes bore into Wade's bright blue ones. "Or perhaps I only wanted it to be two, right Theodore?" He looked towards Ted, who still had Roman's blood staining on his chin.

"You cannot be serious!" Hunter raged, taking a few steps closer to Ted. "What else are you hiding from us, Theodore?!"

"I told you everything." Ted said quietly.

Undertaker smirked. "Oh, but he didn't. He just didn't want to hurt your feelings."

Hunter closed the gap between himself and the youngest immortal, gripping his large hands on Ted's muscular shoulders, forcing the youngest to look at him. "You tell us what you saw now or there will only be two." He snapped.

Ted growled, his hands reaching up and smacking away Hunter's. He used his own hands to shove Hunter away from him, pushing him a little harder then he intended, watching as he landed with a thud on the wooden floor. "Don't touch me!"

"Theodore, calm down." Wade snapped; his voice far from being friendly or soothing as he reached to lift his lover off the floor. "Hunter should not have done that, but you can't keep shit like this from us anymore. Tell us the truth about Cody."

"I have told you the truth." Ted answered quietly. "He is not significant at all to you. He is only significant to me."

"But how is he significant?" Wade snapped.

"I could just tell them if you wish, Theodore?" Undertaker cut in with a grin.

Hunter was confused. "How do you know about Cody?"

"I put the damned thought in his head to begin with." Undertaker said sharply, turning to glare at Hunter for having the audacity to ask such a question. He turned his attention back to Ted, whose gaze had dropped and was staring intently at the floor. "Now, Theodore, do you want me to tell them exactly what my true plan is or should you?"

"True plan?!" Roman said loudly, standing up. "Do not tell me I've spent all this time hunting my own flesh and blood just for you to not mean a damn thing!"

"Don't take that tone with me boy!" Undertaker snapped. "I put the poison in and I can easily take it out!" He watched as Roman lost all confidence completely. "Now Theodore, you tell them or I will."

Ted took a deep breath, lifting his gaze from the oh-so fascinating floorboards. "I will. Just not today, not until I am sure."

"What do you have to be sure of?" Hunter snapped, rage boiling up in him once more.

Ted turned to look at his oldest brother, a look in his eyes that Hunter had never seen before, a look of steely determination and an anger that he was sure only his victims saw right before their last moments alive. "Sure that it can be completed. No point getting excited before it happens." He said quietly, smirk creeping across his fuller lips.

"That's my boy." Undertaker whispered, moving to stand next to Ted, clapping a hand hard on Ted's right shoulder. "I'm glad I picked you and no one else."

Wade glanced at Hunter, a worrisome feeling growing in the pit of his stomach as he quickly moved his eye contact back to Ted who looked more than comfortable in his current position. He had a strange feeling that both he and Hunter were going to be in some sort of trouble in the not so distant future. "Is Theodore your favourite?" He asked suddenly.

"Yes." Undertaker answered. "I should have made one and one only and it should have been him."

"Then why didn't you?" Hunter snapped. "Wade, I and Roman could have lived a human life and not deal with this!"

"I admit I was perhaps a little naïve in those days." Undertaker said carefully. "But you three have proven useful in some regards." He paused for a moment. "Theodore and I must have a little chat. He will return when I deem he is ready." He added and clicked his fingers, sending a surge of blinding light through the large living room, causing the three to look away, looking back when there was nothing but smoke where the maker and the prophet had been standing.

Wade turned to look at his younger brother. He walked over and gripped him by the collar, dragging him towards the front door. "You need to get out Roman, and don't you dare even think about coming back!" He yelled, pulling the lavish, heavy door open before pushing the immortal wolf out of his house. He watched Roman stumble for a minute, opening his mouth to say something before slamming the door in his face.

He turned and walked back towards where Hunter had taken a seat on one of their couches. He closed the distance between them and sat down next to him. He looked at the older blonde immortal, a strange feeling of fear washing over him. "Hunter, this is really, really bad." He said quietly. "I have never seen Ted act like that, that look in his eyes was actually terrifying."

"I know." Hunter replied just as quietly, the words coming out as a mumble. "Did you see the way he pushed me? All because I was asking him about that damn kid!" He paused for a moment. "And now he's gone I don't know what to think! He could come back a completely different person! This could be the end for us, babe." He added, reaching down to grab the dark-haired Vampire's hand, entwining their fingers.

"It will be the end." Wade replied quietly. "If it's not Ted, it will be Roman."

"You're not actually scared of Roman, are you?" Hunter balked. "He can't hurt us."

"Maybe they'll team up." Wade spoke, his voice void of emotion. "Theodore is sadistic. When he wants something, he doesn't stop until he gets it."

Hunter looked out the windows, the light from the day started to fade into darkness. He stood up suddenly, hand pulling his lover up with him, Wade colliding into his chest with a thud. "We can't do anything about it now, so lets say I make you forget about it in another way…" he said, eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

"You're a machine, twice this morning, now tonight!" Wade grinned, following behind Hunter, who was quickly dragging him towards the large staircase at the front of the house.

"What can I say? You bring out the animal in me!" Hunter growled, bending down to throw Wade over his shoulder as they approached the staircase, making the hybrid giggle excitedly.

After the first few steps, Wade made the elder of the pair stop when he noticed a white envelope on the carpeted stairs. He made Hunter put him down as he picked it up and opened it quickly. He read it quickly, handing the single piece of paper to Hunter, whose worst fears came true as he read:

I apologize for what is to happen to all of us

- T.

Hunter dropped the letter instantly and grabbed Wade once more, throwing the hybrid back over his shoulders before running up the stairs. If there was a better opportunity to forget about all his problems, he was having trouble believing it existed as he threw Wade onto the large, King sized bed, making sure his lover ready for the taking.

Parts Unknown:

Ted's eyes felt as though they were bulging out of their sockets as he realized just where he was. He looked to his right to see Undertaker, his maker, walking down a long corridor carved from rock. He glanced around at the large expanse of space, large windows covered in grates that most of them had arms hanging out, reaching out for someone to help, only to get it whipped away by a long whip, a howl of a scream accompanying this. He glanced around quickly, looking at all the creatures that stood around, some with claws used for torture or razor sharp teeth that had blood stains on them.

But it was the screams that caused him the most discomfort. The howls of pain made an uncomfortable sensation roll through his entire body, along with the looks of absolute desperation on people's faces to try and escape the pain that was being inflicted on them. He had killed people who didn't look so pathetic or scream so loud.

"Theodore, come on." Undertaker said harshly, snapping Ted out of his own world. He opened his mouth to speak, only to have his maker beat him to it. "Yes, this is hell. Now, come on. We have much to discuss."

Ted quickly caught up to his maker, ignoring the pleas and punishment he heard, walking behind his father down the long corridor that housed even more prisoners that tried to reach him. He looked down as he felt a small hand grip onto his forearm. He looked at the child that did it, snatching his hand away from the innocent looking blonde haired girl, whose blue eyes showed nothing but sadness. He heard his own voice say to the girl before he even had a chance to think, "Don't touch me you filth, you deserve every ounce of punishment they give you."

He heard the girl start to cry, comforted by other prisoners as he held his head up high and continued walking behind his maker, ignoring the yells of abuse, grinning as he heard the sound of a whip being brought down on them. There was something about this place that brought out the more sadistic side of him, but he certainly wasn't complaining about it, he always got an amazing thrill out of hurting and denying people, something he knew was the Vampire part of him.

He followed his maker into a large room that was lavishly furnished with a large, black leather couch, a matching leather armchair, large fireplace and various extravagant paintings that hung all around the room. He took a seat on the armchair while he heard the door shut behind him. He lifted his head, looking up just in time to watch Undertaker removed his black, wide brimmed hat, placing it on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Was it really necessary to bring me here?" Ted whined, watching as his maker rolled his eyes, taking his seat.

"I couldn't risk us being overheard." Undertaker said simply, watching as he prodigy glanced nervously around the room. "You are not ready to excel to the prophecy just yet. You need to learn to be callous and cold; you need to be willing to do anything to succeed. At this point in time, you are not but you will be."

Ted was confused slightly. "How can I learn?"

"I will teach you." Undertaker replied shortly. "I will also teach you not to give into temptations." He couldn't help but grin as Ted looked at him in surprise. "I know all about your indiscretions with that boy. I never intended for you and him to fuck, I merely intended for you to use him to get your own gains. Yes, he will be there with you at the end, but until that point, you need to focus Theodore. This is war."

Ted let out a deep, relaxing breath. "What happens if I don't want to do this? What if I don't want to hurt them?"

Undertaker laughed. "You don't get a damn choice. You do what I tell you to do or I will find someone else who is willing to do my bidding." He said sharply, watching Ted's face grow with shock. "You may be my favourite, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't exterminate you if you won't play along."

Ted nodded but didn't say a word, his conscience sinking in and making him feel like maybe he's not doing what is right, instead doing what others expect of him.

Undertaker was watching him carefully. "I'm going to take that as a 'yes'?"

Ted nodded. "Tell me what I must do."


Cody Rhodes walked through his front door with a spring in his step. He was glad his parents had gone out for the evening so they wouldn't be grilling him as to why he was so happy. He almost ran up the stairs, opening his door and carelessly throwing his bag on the floor. He reached into his pocket, pulling out his phone that continued to vibrate, ignoring it when he saw it was Mike calling him once more. He groaned, placing the device on his bedside table, which only vibrated louder against the wood but he ignored it as he lay back on his bed, his head leaning onto his pillow.

He sat right back up against as he felt a crinkle underneath his head, reaching around and finding a white envelope that had his name on it. He quickly opened it, thinking it might have been from his mother or father, almost dropping it as he read it:

Don't forget what happened between us today.

I have to leave for a while now, but when I return, I will be a better man. I don't expect you to wait, but I am open to a reunion when I return.



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