The Lion King V:

Man Comes to the Pride Lands

Chapter 16

The creature ran as fast as he could, the monsters closing in on him. He didn't dare look back. He could hear the thrum of the strange device they rode as it gained on him. He looked around wildly for a place to hide, but the savannah was perfectly flat. Fruitlessly, he tried evading the monsters by winding around the sparse trees. There was a loud popping sound, and the animal crashed limply into the grass. He lay perfectly still, his eyes staring sightlessly up into the night sky.

From a nearby tree, an elderly vulture and her son watched as the animal inexplicably dropped to the ground. A vehicle drove up to the downed beast and four creatures disembarked.

"Mother?" Prita whispered.

"Shush," Kobi snapped, wrapping a frail wing around her large son.

The four creatures stood upright on two legs, carrying odd stick-shaped devices. One of them nudged the dead animal with his stick, and then addressed his companions. When they spoke, Kobi and Prita couldn't understand what they said. The vultures watched as the four monsters skinned the animal.

"Why aren't they eating it?" Prita scoffed. "And what do they want with the fur? I don't understand."

Kobi's eyes narrowed on the carcass. Though she was disturbed by what she witnessed, they would at least have a meal.

"What are they?" Prita insisted.

"Death," Kobi replied.

Once the monsters had retrieved their prize, they loaded back into the vehicle and drove away. Prita moved to fly down but Kobi held him back until she was sure the monsters weren't coming back. Hesitantly, she released her son. Prita flew down first to make sure the area was safe for his elderly mother. He waved to Kobi, who flew down as well and alighted beside the mutilated remains.

"Let's eat quickly," Kobi instructed. "They may come back."

Prita tilted his head as he examined the skinned animal. "How did they kill him?" he asked. "He just dropped."

Kobi sighed. "I've only heard legends of those creatures," she whispered. "They bring nothing but death, and yet they do not eat their kill. While they're here, we'll eat like kings. However…"


Kobi looked off into the horizon, where the four monsters could be seen just before their vehicle crested a hill, vanishing into the darkness. "While they may supply us with all the carrion we could ever hope for, this bodes very ill for the kingdoms. Anywhere those creatures go, destruction follows."

Prita moved closer to his mother and stared off into the horizon with her. "Mother, what's out that way?"

Kobi wrapped her wing around Prita again. "It's many day's journey from here, but that is the direction one goes to find the Pride Lands."

Prita's eyes widened. "The Pride Lands?"

Kobi nodded.

"Should we go warn them?"

"There's no point," Kobi sighed. "Nothing can stop the Lion Hunters."

To be continued in

The Lion King VI:

Fall of Man

Proposed OC and Semi-Canon Voice Cast

Introduced in the first book:

Boga - Kat Dennings

Kidonda - Johnny Depp

Kopa/Chaka - Topher Grace

Kula - Lucy Lawless

Mheetu - Keith David

Sabini - Julia Roberts

Tama - Jennifer Garner

Timira - Anne Hathaway

Introduced in the second book:

Adui - Liam Neeson

Afua - Jonah Hill

Babu - Jesse Eisenberg

Beba - Michael Cera

Chumvi - Michael Dorn

Joe - Jim Carrey

Leo - John Rhys-Davies

Malka - Hugo Weaving

Mega - Ron Glass

Tojo - Laurence Fishburne

Introduced in this book:

Asante - Elijah Wood

Bado - Vic Mignogna

Daniel - Jaden Smith

Faraji - Joaquin Phoenix

Fasa - Sean Astin

Fukuza - Billy Burke

Hija - David Thewlis

Jeb - Ryan Reynolds

Ni - Anthony Hopkins

Nuru – Gina Torres

Nyota - Anna Kendrick

Timir - Lee Thompson Young

Uzuri - Mila Kunis

A Note From the Writer

Firstly, DON'T PANIC! I'm not abandoning my fan fiction on a cliffhanger. I decided to divide Lion King V into two books. The story will continue in The Lion King VI: Fall of Man, the first chapter of which has already been published on my fan fiction profile. Because of how busy I've been, I asked my fellow fan fiction writers to help me finish this story, so Fall of Man will be a collaborative work with Dreaming18, Haradion, Incarnate Firefly, the almighty alphamon, and TRON0602.

I'll leave you with some more info about my inspirations for this fan fiction and some behind-the-scenes info. Again, I got some of this information off the Internet and it's likely that not all this info is 100% accurate.

In the previous installments of my fan fiction, I incorporated several semi-canon characters originally introduced in The Lion King comics and The Lion King: Six New Adventures. In this fan fiction, the only character incorporated from Six New Adventures was Ni, who was originally featured in the children's book Nala's Dare. That's the last of the characters I plan to incorporate from the comics and Six New Adventures.

Naanda ("Originate"), Diku ("Somewhere"), and Dwala ("Rock") were three lionesses dropped from an early draft of The Lion King, according to The Lion King Wiki. Though none of them appear in person in this book, they are all featured in one of my short stories and I felt it necessary to explain them here again sense they are mentioned in this book. In the original script, they were Sarabi's sisters. Lion King Wiki states that Naanda was originally going to be Nala's mother, making Simba and Nala maternal cousins. It was also stated that Mufasa would have been Naanda's mate, making Nala and Simba paternal half-siblings in addition to maternal cousins. Naturally, I reworked Naanda's history to fit within the finalized Lion King universe – and to avoid the implications of incest. According to the same online source, Sarabi's other sister Dwala was meant to be more childlike than her three sisters. No information is available about Diku other than the fact that she was also going to be Sarabi's sister. Though they are never mentioned nor have any lines in the film, it could be assumed that Naanda, Diku, and Dwala are among the lionesses taking part in the final battle with Scar and the hyenas – and it would also explain why several of the unnamed lionesses in the first movie look so similar to Sarabi.

Simba's Cousins: In the comic book The Lion King: An Unusual Choir, Simba is revealed to have an uncle and aunt who have just had two newborn cubs, Simba's cousins. These cousins are referred to as lions (as opposed to lionesses), indicating they were his male cousins. Although the aunt, uncle, and cousins are all unnamed in the comic, it is specified in my fan fiction that the aunt is Sarabi's sister Naanda, her mate (Simba's uncle by marriage) is named Sadaka ("Sacrifice"), and their cubs are named Hija ("Pilgrimage") and Fukuza ("Expelled"). Though I gave Simba's uncle and cousins their names in this fan fiction, they would still be classified as Semi-Canon and not my OCs. Hija's childhood nickname, Mtoto ("Baby"), is derived from a semi-canon character briefly mentioned in a very obscure Lion King puzzle, which states, "Mtoto is one of Simba's best friends. He is Sarabi's sister's cub. What relation is he to Simba?" The key to solving the puzzle appears to involve the word "cousin."

Other Dropped Characters: There's a long list of characters that were slated to appear in The Lion King but were cut from early drafts of the script. Ever since I started reading up on these dropped characters in The Lion King Wiki, I've been a little obsessed with incorporating as many of them as I could. One dropped character was Herr Rhino, who's described as an ally of Simba and was said to have a "mustard-thick German accent" (why a rhino in Africa has a German accent, I have no idea). Herr Rhino assists Simba in taking the throne back from Scar. Next is Lemuta, a zebra that was reportedly a childhood friend of Simba, though the two apparently grew apart when they matured because lions hunt zebra. Then there's Kobi and Prita, a pair of vultures whose roles in the film are unknown, though maybe they're among the vultures that tried to eat Simba right before Timon and Pumbaa first found him. According to concept art for the characters, Kobi is Prita's mother. The last of these dropped characters to appear in my fan fiction is Kwashi ("Mason"), who I believe is actually an early version of Rafiki, as Kwashi's role in the early drafts of The Lion King script is very similar to that of Rafiki. Kwashi is a baboon or mandrill, described as old and rickety with brown fur and a long silver beard and mane. According to Lion King Wiki, Kwashi isn't insane like Rafiki. Some dropped characters that didn't make it into my fan fiction included several meerkat mothers and a pair of spinster ratels named Rina and Rada. Though I couldn't find a place for the meerkat mothers or spinster ratels, I figured they were worth mentioning here.

Humans in the Pride Lands: A few readers told me they weren't sure they'd be comfortable with my decision to bring humans into The Lion King as it goes against the style of the franchise. I decided to breach this taboo because I believe we've all wished we could go to the Pride Lands and meet the characters we've all fallen in love with. Whenever I have such fantasies, I never visualize myself as anything other than human – until I discovered Fursonas, of course. I felt that having a human character might give us all a more identifiable proxy to be transported into this mythical world and I hope you were all satisfied with this decision.

Daniel: This was a difficult character to flesh out – the hardest OC I've ever worked on, in fact. I considered everything from making him a white American to an indigenous Tanzanian, whether he should be modernized or from an ancient culture, whether he should be a child or a full-grown man, and I went through four different names during the development of this story. Originally, he was going to have a Swahili name. I started out calling the character Thimba, which is a Swahili boy's name meaning "Lion Hunter." I later decided against this name as it goes against the character's essence. I then chose Kanu, a Swahili boy's name meaning "Wildcat" – I have to admit, I was never particularly attached to this name. Then, after I finally decided to make him an American character, I realized it would be equally plausible that he'd have a Euro-American name. So I changed his name this time to Lionel. This was later changed because I thought that, even though I loved the name, it was a bit too obvious to have a character named Lionel who befriends lions. Then, I had an epiphany – I love epiphanies! Daniel in the Lions' Den. I couldn't help but leap on the parallels of this Biblical narrative and my fan fiction.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, the sixth chapter of the Book of Daniel relates that Daniel was a devout worshipper of God who lived under the reign of King Darius. At the prompting of his officials, Darius passed a decree that none of his citizens could pray to anyone but Darius himself. Daniel disobeyed and continued to pray to God. As punishment, Darius had Daniel sealed in a den full of lions to be devoured. When the den was uncovered, they discovered that Daniel was unharmed and he revealed that an angel had come to him and shut the mouths of the lions so they wouldn't hurt him. Many illustrations of this tale depict Daniel sitting amongst the lions almost like they view him as a friend or a member of their pride.

Swahili Translations of my Original Character's Names:

Adia – "Gift"

Bado – "Not Ready," "Not Yet," or "Yet"

Bahari – "Sea"

Bruce – "From the Town of Bruis," Norman-French

Carter – "Driver of a Cart," English

Charlotte – "Vigorous," French

Chavez – "Keys," Spanish

Daniel – "God is my Judge," Hebrew

Faraji – "Comfort" or "Soothing"

Hasira – "Anger" or "Wrath"

Kiprotich – "Born When Cattle are Brought Home for Evening Milking," Kalenjin

Musa – "Drawn Out of the Water," Moses in Arabic

Nuru – "Light"

Nyota – "Star" or "Fortune"

Pele – "Molten Lava," Hawaiian

Timir – "Inferno," Hindi

Uzuri – "Beauty"

Zeb – Diminutive form of Zebadiah ("Endowed by God") or Zebulon ("Honored"), Both Hebrew

Hope you found this info interesting. Please leave feedback and feel free to ask questions in your reviews if you'd like. Asante sana!