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Transcending history, and the world...

A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

- Anonymous

The man gripped onto the small metal staff with an ever strengthening hold, his face grim as he stared out over the once-beautiful city of Tokyo, now reduced to rubble and flame. His white cloak fluttered in the breeze as the feeling of foreboding continued to sink into him. He felt his gaze stretch out to the skylines, and he cursed, grating his teeth into each other, his dark skin turned a baleful orange by the dancing flames.

Of all the times those swords had to reappear... of all the places they could have been...

Why did it have to be here? Why did it have to be now?

The man closed his eyes, wiping his hairless head with a piece of cloth, and then began to focus, scoping out where the weapons had gone. He let out a sigh as he opened them again, one eye a bright silver, the other a regal golden, and he started in the direction of the edge of the quake, his hand in a death grip on his staff.

He had to get both swords and put a stop to their clash before anything worse happened. Especially with the new weapon, the one that had never surfaced at the same time as the Soul swords.

A clash between Soulcalibur and Soul Edge is already a recipe for destruction, the man reasoned with himself. With the Witchblade in the middle of it... Nothing good could possibly come of it.

He abruptly stopped, turning on his heel and glaring out into the smoke that billowed out from the center of the quake. He immediately cursed again.

The Witchblade had already found a permanent host.

And those soul in the distance... mere children, a young boy and girl... and the woman, the one who now bore the Witchblade... there was no doubt as to what lay in each of their souls.

He snorted, then sighed bitterly, lowering his staff, which now sported a small, scythe-like blade on one end, then once again turned in the direction of the first sword, a blazing red glow only he could see dominating the horizon.