Anastasia Steele was the typical girl next door. She was the kind of girl who was friends with everyone. She idolized her big brother Matt. He was six years older than Ana, and she worshipped him. Even though he was a senior in college and busy with extarcurricular activities, he always made time for Ana. Sure they would have the usual brother/sister argument, but it was no time before they made up. The bond between the two of them was strong.

"Mom! Have you seen my dress?", Ana asked as she was getting ready for her sweet sixteen birthday party.

"It is in your closet.", her mother Carla answered as she came into Ana's bedroom.

"No, it's not. I have looked and looked, and it's not...oh yeah... here it is.", Ana said as she pulled the dress from her closet.

"Relax sweetie. I know that you are stressing over your party, but it is going to be fine. Your dad and I have planned the perfect evening.", Carla said as she hugged Ana. "Look at you. I can't believe that my little girl is sixteen. Where does the time go?"

"Have you heard from Matt? He is coming isn't he?"

"Your brother wouldn't miss your party for anything in the world. He will be there. I am going to let you get ready."

Ana showered and prepared to get ready. She looked at the clock and realized her best friend Kate would be there soon. They were going to get ready together before heading out to the Heathman Hotel. Ana's parents has rented the banquet room for Ana's party. It was going to be a night that Ana would never forget.

"Steele, I'm here.", Ana's best friend Kate Kavanaugh said as she made her entrance. "This is going to be an awesome night Ana."

"I hope so. Every girl wants that perfect sweet sixteen party."

"And you shall have that. Any chance that your brother is bringing some of of his friends?", Kate said with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't know. I told him that he could bring Christian if he wanted. Of course, he is probably busy." Matt's best friend Christian Grey was gorgeous with his gray eyes and cooper hair. He and Matt had been friends for years, and Ana considered like a second brother. Kate always teased Ana, saying she liked Christian. Ana admitted he was handsome, but he was also troubled and mysterious. There was a part of Christian's life that he kept closed off. Matt had tried to get Christian to open up about it, but failed.

Ana slipped into her white dress. It was a princess style dress. As she looked in the mirror, her father Ray came in. He fought back tears when he saw Ana.

"My little princess. You look beautiful Ana.", Ray said as he hugged Ana. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah. Matt is here isn't he?", Ana asked.

"He is downstairs."

Ana, Kate, and Ray made their way downstairs to the living room where Carla and Matt were waiting. When Carla saw Ana, she started crying. Matt smiled as he walked over to Ana.

"Look at you Ana. The guys are going to be chasing after you, and I am going to be right there to chase them away.", Matt laughed.

"I think Dad already has that covered.", Ana said as she looked at her father. He stood with his arms folded. Ray had been in the military, and wanted to be a tough,strict father, but when it came to Ana, everything went out the window. She was a daddy's girl.

"Well, I will be dad's backup. Now come on. You don't want to be late for your own party.", Matt said as he led everyone outside. Ray had gotten a limo to drive them to the party. Just as Matt was going to get into the limo his phone buzzed.

"Christian, hey man. Hold on. I can't hear you. Ok. I will be there in a bit."

"Is everything ok?", Ana asked with questioning eyes.

"Yeah, but I have to go.", Matt responded.

"Go? Go where? Mattie, we are about to leave for my party."

"I know. Christian needs me. I promise I will be there as soon as I can."

"You better.", Ana said as she tried not to cry.

"Have I ever let you down?"

"No, you haven't."

"Be there soon.", Matt said as he hugged Ana. Ana had a strange feeling when they were hugging. She brushed it off as her nerves.

Matt left in his car and everyone headed to the party in the limo. By the time they arrived at the hotel, many of Ana's friends had arrived. Ana was excited to see everyone, but she wished Matt would get there soon.

"Come on girl. Let's dance.", Kate said as she grabbed Ana's hand and moved out to the dance floor. They started dancing to the music and having a good time. Even Ana's parents were dancing, even though Ray was doing some dance Ana had never seen before. "Your dad has some interesting dance skills."

Two hours passed, and Matt still hadn't shown up. Ana was starting to get mad. There had been times where he had left before because Christian needed him, but this was a night when Ana needed her brother. She took her phone from her clutch and dialed Matt's number. It rang a few times before going to voicemail.

"Matt, I don't know what is taking you so long. You promised you would be here, and you're not. If you miss my party, I will never forgive you.", Ana said.

"Can I have everyone's attention please.", Ray announced from the front of the room. "Anna, can you come up here please?". Ana made her way up to the front of the room reluctantly. Suddenly, she was not in a party mood. "Your mother and I are so proud of the young woman you have became. You have brightened our lives, and we love you so much." Ana looked around the room and still no Matt, but she did see a police officer enter. She wondered why he was there. Ray and Grace looked at each other. "Excuse us for one second. Everyone dance in the meantime."

Ray and Grace headed over to the police officer. He had a serious look on his face as Ana looked on. Her parents listened to what he was saying. Ana saw her father shaking his head and her mother had fallen to her knees in tears. Ana needed to know what was going on.

"Mom? Dad? What is it?", Ana asked looking at her parents and the police officer who had his head down. "You guys are scaring me. What's going on?"

"Ana... there was an accident. Matt...he...", Ray said as he tried to find the right words.

"What about Matt?"

"Sweetheart, he was in an accident. He and Christian were on their way here."

"All right. What did he do, break an arm? A leg? Dad, how bad is he?"

"Christian is at the hospital, but Matt...", Ray said as Ana knew what was coming next. "Matt didn't make it Ana. He's gone.",he said as he took Ana into his arms. She began crying and wishing it was just a dream.

Matt was gone, and there was nothing Ana could about it. She hated herself for the message she had left him. And she hated Christian Grey for asking for Matt's help. Ana would never forgive herself or Christian.