I do not own Twilight. This is my first Twilight fanfic and I hope to be updating probably once a week.

Bella comes to Forks expecting to be a wallflower while finishing high school and then get the hell out of town. However, when she catches the eye of the gorgeous town doctor, her priorities change. Carlisle has never changed anyone so Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme do not exist. Alice and Jasper do however and will be included in future chapters.

Ch. 1

My first couple of months at Forks High were uneventful. I had met a few people like Angela, Jessica, Mike, and Eric, but the only one I really liked was Angela. Mike was always asking me to go out with him, which I never would…ever. He seemed like a nice enough guy but way too eager for my taste. I kept trying to get him to notice Jessica, but so far success was not on the horizon, although he had agreed to take her to the upcoming dance after I had refused his offer.

My life consisted of going to school, coming home and cooking dinner, doing homework, and sleeping. My life here was more boring than my life in Pheonix had been. At least when I lived with my mom there was always the possibility of her wanting to do something drastic and me going along with it just to pass the time. Here, Charlie was so set in his ways that I knew there was no hope of anything exciting happening under his roof.

My life was as uneventful as ever, that is until I was sitting next to Mike in biology, preparing slides to look at under the microscope. He had been hitting on me since class had started and it was really starting to get on my nerves. I had just finished explaining to him that I was busy tonight and couldn't go with him to the movies, when he reached his sweaty, warm hand over and started stroking my hand while I was slicing a cell sample with a scalpel. I jerked my hand away and accidentally sliced my finger with the scalpel. I let out a small scream and quickly grabbed my finger with my other hand as it started to spurt blood. I could smell it instantly and became light headed, nearly fainting.

The teacher was at my side almost immediately, wrapping my finger in a bunch of paper towels and hurrying me to the nurse's office. She managed to stanch the blood flow but told me I would definitely need stitches. They called Charlie who came and took me to the ER. So here I was, sitting in the waiting room of the ER, feeling like an idiot with a giant blood soaked wad of paper towels covering my left index finger and blood all over my grey fitted t shirt. I felt gross and knew I was probably as white as could be because the smell of blood grossed me out.

"What doctor is working?" Charlie asked the registration lady as she put a hospital bracelet on me.

"Dr. Cullen," the young woman replied back with a blush.

"Since when is Carlisle working the ER? I thought his specialty was surgery?" Charlie asked, confused. I just sat in the chair in front of the woman, feeling too queasy to care about who this Dr. Cullen was.

"He did a residency in ER medicine too. He works in here sometimes when the other docs are out of town. Ok, Isabella, you can go to room 4."

I thanked the woman and went to head back into the ER when Charlie tried to follow me. "Cha- Dad, I can go back by myself," I told him, trying my best to be pleasant. I felt like crap and really didn't feel like having Charlie fuss over me like I was a child.

"Oh, ok," he replied, obviously disappointed. If I had felt better I would have told him he could come back with me but I just didn't have it in me today. I left him in the waiting room as a nurse led me back to room 4 and told me this Dr. Cullen would be with me in just a few minutes.

So I sat and waited for the doctor, feeling like a complete idiot. I swore up and down that I was going to kill Mike for this; I really had to get him to notice Jessica if I had any hope of surviving the next year and a half in Forks, Washington. I missed my school in Pheonix, not because I was popular and had a lot of friends there because I didn't, but because I was able to be invisible there. Here in Forks everyone knew everyone, which meant that it was impossible for me to cut my finger in biology class without the whole town knowing about it before school was over.

I sighed, trying to turn my attention to something else. I had heard about Dr. Cullen before at school but I could not remember where. Maybe it was Angela who had been talking about him? No, it was Lauren, the pretty bitch who acted like she was too good to speak to me. She had been telling Jessica something about him a few weeks ago.

"So my grandfather had to have surgery the other day and my mom dragged me to the hospital with her to see him. So there I was, just sitting in his hospital room, when Dr. Cullen walked in. I almost died because I had almost walked out of the house in those jeans that make my butt look big but I had changed right before I left so my butt looked pretty good. Anyway, he walked in to talk to my mom about how the surgery had gone and he winked at me! He is SOOO HOTT! You could tell that he wanted to talk to me but my mom kept going on and on about my grandfather and then his pager went off and he had to leave. I could have killed my mom!"

I replayed her rambling from lunch last week in my head. So apparently this Dr. Cullen was cute or something. Of course he had not been hitting on Lauren; no one really liked Lauren, not even Mike. Sure she was relatively good looking, but you could also tell from the moment you laid eyes on her that she was a bitch. I wondered how good looking Dr. Cullen was… I really had to stop watching Grey's Anatomy because not I was internally referring to him as McDreamy.

I shook this thought from my mind just as the door opened and in stepped a man who I swear looked like a Greek god. He was tall, muscular with a chiseled body, pale white with gorgeous blond hair swept back with sideburns. His eyes were the color of fresh honey and his pale lips were turned up in a slight smile. His face was beautifully sculpted and completely flawless, not even a small scar was visible on his smooth face. He wore an expensive looking outfit consisting of black dress pants, a baby blue dress shirt, a lighter blue tie, and a white lab coat. He also wore a large, silver ring with what looked like an old family crest on his right index finger…maybe he was single… 'Oh dear god I cannot be thinking like that about Dr. McDreamy!' I screamed inside my head. 'I mean Dr. Cullen! Ahhhh!'

He held a chart in his hands as his beautiful eyes quickly swept over it. "Miss Swan," a velvety light voice sang out. "Any relation to our town's Chief of Police?" he asked, glancing up into my eyes. His voice was magical and sounded almost like there was a slight British accent in there somewhere. My heart was racing; my breath caught in my throat. He was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen and he was just standing there smiling at ME!

I swept my hair away from my face with my good hand, tucking it behind my ear. "He's my father, actually," I managed to get out in a cracked voice. 'Idiot.'

He gave me a small, almost shy smile. "I see. I was not aware Charlie had a daughter."

"I just moved here to live with him," I stated simply, gazing into his deep, soulful eyes. He was handsome, gorgeous even, but there was something else…something I couldn't pin point about him that interested me.

"Ahh, I see," he smiled again. "Let's take a look at that hand, shall we?" He removed the layers of blood soaked paper towels as gently as he could. After tossing them aside, he took my injured hand in his and began examining my finger. His hands were as cold as ice and the instant he touched me it felt like a bolt of electricity swept throughout my entire body. My breath again caught in my throat as I suppressed a gasp. He paused for just a moment, almost not even long enough for me to notice had I not been watching him closely. He quickly continued with his assessment though. "What did you cut yourself with?" he asked, placing some gauze back over the cut and applying firm pressure as it had started to bleed heavily again.

"A scalpel in biology class," I answered, giving him my best 'I don't know how I managed to be so stupid' look. "We were taking samples of pig's heart."

"Was class really that bad?" he asked with a serious expression that quickly turned into a smile as he averted his eyes back down to my finger.

I smiled back at him, giving a small laugh. "It was a really boring class," I admitted, "but trust me, it was not intentional. Let's just say my lab partner decided to hit on me and I jerked my hand away when he decided to get physical about it."

"Sounds like a real jerk," he said quietly and then immediately gave me a 'did I just say that out loud' look. "I apologize, that was very unprofessional of me."

I laughed again, "Well, Mike was a jerk today."

We were silent for a few minutes as he re-examined the cut after it had stopped bleeding. "Well, you are going to need about 5 stitches. I could close it with glue but it is pretty deep and has sliced through some muscle. I would feel more comfortable with stitching it closed."

"Great," I sighed.

"Have you ever had stitches before?" he asked, retrieving some supplied from the cabinet in the room.

"Loads of times. I'm a pretty clumsy person in general."

"I guess we will be seeing a lot more of each other then," he said, meeting my eyes again with a smirk on his beautiful lips.

He quickly stitched my finger up after numbing it. I was just grabbing my bag to go when he turned back to me just as he was getting ready to leave the room. "Miss Swan, it really is not necessary for you to come back to the ER to get those stitches out in a week. Here is my card, you can just give me a call and I will meet you and remove them as it only takes a few moments. Charlie is a good friend of mine so I am sure he won't mind," he smiled back at me.

"Wow, thanks Dr. Cullen," I said, standing up from the hospital bed I had been sitting in; my legs felt like jello.

He quickly flipped the card over, almost as an afterthought, and jotted something on the back of it. "My cell phone number is on the back. Call or send me a text if you have any problems or need anything," he gave me one last smile, this time showing his beautiful white, perfectly straight teeth.

I took the card from his icy hand, blushing like crazy, and quickly made my way out of the room after thanking him again.

'OH MY GOD! I'm in love! A gorgeous doctor; isn't that every girl's dream?'

I tried to clear my head of these thoughts as I made my way back to the waiting room to Charlie. I managed to put on a good face for him, or at least one that would not implicate me and my love for Dr. McDreamy.

"What did Dr. Cullen have to say?" Charlie asked as we drove home, a knowing look on his face as a blush crept into my cheeks.

"He said that I cut through some muscle but the stitches should close it up in about a week," I explained, waiting for the blush to disappear.

"Dr. Cullen is a brilliant doctor who could probably work in any hospital in the world and make ten times the salary he gets here. We're lucky to have him. He's an asset to the community," Charlie said, surprising me.

"He seems pretty competent," I replied stupidly.

"Some people around here don't really like Carlisle. They think he's…different," he said carefully.

"He's not gay is he?" I asked before I could stop myself. 'My McDreamy couldn't be gay! It would ruin everything!'

Charlie busted out laughing, "No, he is not gay. Some people just think he is different is all."

"Oh," I said, still confused but not wanting to push the issue.

"We hang out sometimes; bachelors sticking together. He likes the Mariners almost as much as I do so we get together to watch the game sometimes. We actually haven't hung out in a while; I should call him and invite him over to dinner soon. Would you be okay with that?"

"I guess so." My heart was racing again. Dr. McDreamy would be sitting across from me at the dinner table, making small talk with my dad! Oh god, my life was certainly about to get interesting.

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