I don't really love this chapter but I needed a bridge between her birthday and what's going to come next. Thanks for reading as always!

That first night with Carlisle was magical. There simply was no other word I could think of to describe it. Carlisle and I had stayed up until dawn broke over the horizon, sending soft bits of sunlight scattering around his bedroom, illuminating our bodies, causing his to sparkle in breathtaking brilliance. I had fallen asleep from pure exhaustion a short time later, wrapped comfortable in Carlisle's strong arms, almost warm from my body heat as we made love repeatedly throughout the night. I slept more soundly than I ever had in the past, my dreams all holding images of Carlisle's loving face. I awoke when the sun was high in the sky, shinning brilliantly through the few puffy white clouds that dotted the sky. It was the most perfect weather that Fork's had experienced since my arrival here so many months ago.

My body was sore, but that was to be expected. There were a few bruises and scratches that dotted my body; these were sustained after I chastised Carlisle for treating me like a china doll and urged him to enjoy himself. When he noticed my injuries the next morning, he felt horrible. He repeatedly apologized to me, telling me that it would never happen again, that he would be more careful in the future if I ever wanted to be with him again. I laughed at this, explaining to him that I loved him and a few bruises and scratches were definitely worth everything that had occurred the night before. I'm sure that if I could injure Carlisle, that he would have quite a few bruises and scratches himself.

The next week passed quickly, as I seemed to be floating on a cloud. Carlisle and I were making an effort to see each other for at least a few minutes a day. When he was not working I would come over after school and we would make love before I had to return home to cook dinner. On the days when he was trapped in the ER or surgery all day I would sneak into the hospital and we would have sex in the on call room. I felt like all we did anymore was have sex with one another, which suited both of us just fine. We were so in love with one another that we wanted to be together all of the time.

There was a slight hitch in our plans, though. Jacob and Billy had started coming over about every other day. I was glad to spend more time with Jake, at first anyway. I was glad to have one friend with whom I didn't attend school with and with whom I could have an interesting conversation that didn't revolve around Fork's High gossip. It was on Thursday, however, that things took a bit of a turn. Jacob and I had went for a walk while Billy and Charlie talked baseball and fishing. The sun was shining for once, so Carlisle had volunteered to work a double shift since he could not leave the hospital while the sun was still up and they were too short staffed for him to call off. I was planning on meeting up with him in our usual on call room in a couple of hours.

"So, I was thinking," Jake said slowly as we walked down the sidewalk.

"That's always a good thing to do every once in a while," I teased.

"Haha," he said, obviously not amused. It was almost as if he were nervous, which I found quite humorous considering he was a good foot taller than myself and looked like a body builder with his muscles. "Would you maybe wanna go to dinner with me this weekend?" he asked in a rush, a slight blush creeping into his cheeks.

'Oh shit! Why did he have to go and ask something like that?'

"Um, Jake," I started, not really sure where this conversation was going to go, "I like you and all, but as a friend. I'm kind of seeing someone right now…" I faded off, instantly knowing that I shouldn't have said that.

"Oh?" Jake asked, surprised. "I mean, I just assumed you were single since you didn't have a date at your birthday party or anything. Who's the lucky guy?" he asked, obviously hurt but trying to play it off.

"Oh, you know, just this guy from school. It's nothing serious, at least not yet. Charlie still thinks I'm 10 so I haven't told him yet. You won't say anything to him, will you?" I asked, trying to make it sound like I wasn't in any kind of permanent relationship, almost wanting Jake to think that he still had a chance with me so that he would want to stay on my good side by not telling Charlie.

"I won't say anything, Bella. Scout's honor," he smiled halfheartedly.

"Come on, we'll go back to the house and I'll get you that book I was telling you about." We walked back to Charlie's in silence. Once inside, we headed up to my bedroom. I had mentioned a book that I had read to Jake the other day and he asked if he could borrow it. I thought I still knew where it was, buried on my bookshelf somewhere.

I squatted beside of my bookshelf, thinking that I had put it on the bottom shelf a few weeks back. There was a stack of dirty clothes on the floor and I tossed them onto my bed to remind myself to put them in the washer after Jake and Billy left.

"What's this?" Jake asked, holding up a maroon sweatshirt of Carlisle's. It was too big to pass off as mine.

I froze instantly. "Oh, umm, it's just my boyfriend's," I said a little too quickly. "I was cold at school and he let me borrow it," I smiled, praying that he believed me. I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't.

"Tell me the truth, Bella," he said, his eyes sharp and his voice deeper than it had been a moment ago.

'What the hell is going on with him? Why does he care whose sweatshirt I have? It's not like it's any of his business.'

"I told you, it's my boyfriend's. It's no big deal, Jake. Chill."

Jacob wouldn't 'chill', though. I could tell now that he was shaking slightly.

"Does this belong to a Cullen?" he asked, his voice still too deep for him.

My face went blank when he said Carlisle's last name. How could he know? Without thinking my fingers instantly went to the silver pendant that had hung around my neck since the night of my birthday party. Jacob didn't miss this movement and his eyes instantly narrow onto the pendant. It was then that realization dawned on his face and an angry snarl escaped his lips.

"What have you done?" he spat at me with hatred like razors in his voice. He threw the sweatshirt onto the floor and took a step towards me. I instantly took a step backwards, afraid of Jacob for the first time.

"Calm down, Jacob," I said as bravely and with as much authority as I could muster.

"Is he your boyfriend, Bella? Dr. Cullen?" he spat out the name in disgust.

"I think you need to leave now," I said, my voice too high for me. I was breathing faster now, my heart pounding. I could hear my phone vibrating from my bed where I had tossed it when we came in. I desperately wished I had it in my hand now.

"Is that him? Calling to check up on you? Huh?" he asked, taking another step closer to me.

"Why do you care who I date?" I spat back, suddenly angry at him. Like he had any right to pass judgment on me. 'Yea right!'

"I told you that he was trouble!"

"No, actually you told me some legend that you yourself said you didn't believe," I fired back at him.

"Things change," he said, his eyes still burning. "He's dangerous, Bella. You need to stay away from him."

"No," I said instantly. "I love Carlisle and he loved me." This only irritated Jacob more, which I expected. However, he started this and I was damn sure that I was going to finish it.

"If you only knew," he laughed bitterly.

"Oh I know everything about him, Jacob, trust me," I smiled evilly.

"W-what?" he asked, obviously shocked by my answer.

"Oh yes, Carlisle and I know each other…very well," I knew I was being too bold, too confident. What did I care, though. So what if Jake knew about Carlisle being a vampire, who was going to believe him if he went spouting it off?

Jake began to shake more violently, his eyes wide in surprise. "You didn't," he choked out.

I didn't say anything, just held his eyes with my defiant expression.

"So now you're just one of the leach's whores," he laughed. "I see how it is."

"I'm not having this conversation with you, Jacob. You need to leave now."

"Oh, I'm leaving, Bella. But just remember, if he hurts you, we kill him. It's part of the treaty," he smiled again, his eyes still angry. "Just make sure you remind him of that." He slipped past me and out of the room. "We're leaving!" I heard him yell at Billy downstairs. A few moments later the front door opened and closed.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only now that I realized I was trembling and there were tears in my eyes. Jacob had really scared me. My phone began buzzing again and I hurried to answer it.

"Bella! Finally! Are you okay? Alice called to say that you disappeared from her visions all of a sudden," Carlisle rushed out.

"I'm fine," I assured him before I launched into explaining what had just happened with Jacob. Carlisle was surprised, but he seemed to understand something about Jacob that I did not. He explained to me about the wolves and how Jacob had most likely already phased and was a member of the reservation's growing pack. I groaned at this, "Because my life isn't already weird enough!" I said, exasperated.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and Charlie poked his head in. "What was all of that about?" he asked, confused by Jake's actions a few minutes before.

"I'll call you back," I said, hanging up the phone. "Beats me," I said, shrugging my shoulders. "Jake asked me to dinner and I told him no and he got a little mad about it."

"Why won't you go to dinner with him?" Charlie asked, disappointed.

"Dad! Jake and I are friends. It would be weird to go on a date with him."

"Fine fine, ok," he surrendered.

An hour later I was lying next to Carlisle on the uncomfortable mattress in the on call room. "We need to think of a way to tell Charlie. Jake knows and he could tell him at any time," I said, cuddling up against Carlisle's bare chest.

"I know," he agreed, wrapping his arm around me. "We'll think of something, I promise,
he said, kissing my forehead.

"When are Alice and Jasper coming back?"

"Not this weekend but the following Saturday. Did you want to have a 'girl's slumber party'?" he asked, using air quotes.

"Oh definitely," I grinned, kissing his chest. "And maybe we'll have a pillow fight in our underwear and everything," I winked at him.

Carlisle smiled, showing his perfect, razor sharp teeth. "Oh, Isabella," he kissed my lips. "At this point I really don't care if Charlie tries to kill me for dating his daughter." He rolled me over so that he was once again on top of me. He kissed down my neck, ready to go again. I sighed, enjoying his touch. I loved him too much to care about what Charlie or anyone else would think about our relationship when it went public. In this moment it was just Carlisle and me, enjoying every second we had together while we were waiting on forever.

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