A/N: Ok for those who have been waiting for a new chapter for "The Kissing Game", I do greatly apologize for taking such a long time. I've been very busy and I wanted to make the 4th chapter really good. I don't like disappointing people. I'm weird like that.

So when I was about to start writing the 4th chapter, this story popped in my head and I wrote this story instead. I hope you like it. It's probably going to be three chapters to this story. Think of it as a Christmas present.

"Here Sora, merry Christmas!"

"Thank you Kairi, but it's not Christmas yet."

"I know, but I didn't want to forget. You better not open it before Christmas."

"I know sheesh!"

Kairi gave Sora her gift as they both laughed and chatted. From a far where the two were sitting in the park, Xion stood behind a tree nervously holding a Christmas gift. She shouldn't be there; it was a mistake but she couldn't move. She felt ashamed and tried to lower her head to hide beneath her white scarf like a turtle going into its shell.


"I'm such a fool." Xion mumbled as she walked in the school hallway, "I thought I could give him the present when he was alone but I didn't know Sora was going to see Kairi! I feel like a stalker."

"Who's stalking who?"

Xion quickly turned around and then sighed in relief, "Oh, it's just you Roxas!"

"Who else would it be?" asked the blond teenager as he tousled Xion's black hair with his hand. "So when can I open my present? It's just sitting under my tree."

"Already you want to open it? It's not even Christmas." said Xion.

"But it's so tempting!" whined Roxas.


"I'm just kidding, don't worry!"

The two friends broke into a laugh and walked together to class. They opened the door to a classroom full of students with the same uniforms Xion and Roxas wore. The girls wore a white blouse with a blue plaid skirt while the boys wore a white collar shirt with blue plaid pants. Xion and Roxas sat into their usual seats side by side in the middle of the classroom. The ebony haired girl could see Sora talking to Kairi and his silver haired friend, Riku, on the far side of the room.

"Eventually, I have to give Sora his present. Just need the right time to do it." Xion thought to herself.

But Xion was not able to find the right chance to give Sora her present. Every time she would see him, Xion would get flustered and be too embarrassed to go near him. She hated herself for not being able to go up to Sora. What was wrong with her? If she was able to act normal with Roxas, why not Sora? She began to freak out and tried to force herself to run up to Sora but ended up running to the bathroom to hide in the stalls. In her room, Xion would roll around on the floor screaming "Why?" into her pillow. It was the last day of school before the winter break and instead of being brave, the cowardly girl left her gift on top of Sora's desk early in the morning. Feeling defeated, Xion decided to not talk to anyone, not even to Roxas, for the whole school day.

After school ended, Xion decided to go to the rooftop of the high school. She needed to be by herself and sitting in a roomful of students didn't help. It was pretty windy and her black coat didn't help her that much. All she could think about was the gift for Sora. Xion could remember Sora seeing the the gift on his desk and attempting to open it but Kairi smacked him lightly as Riku shook his head.

"See Roxas, Xion was here all along. And you were freaking out for no reason." Xion looked up from where she was sitting and saw a tall, red head coming out the door.

Then a blond boy emerged yelling, "I wasn't freaking out! I was just worried."

"Worried? You were practically running all over the place yelling "Xion! Xion! Where are you?" That is what I call freaking out."

"Axel, Roxas what are you guys doing here?" questioned Xion.

"To see you of course." said Axel.

Roxas ran pass his friend to Xion and bended down so his blue eyes were the same level as her eyes. It was strange for the girl to see Roxas' eyes so frantic than his usual calm look.

"Xion, are you okay?" asked Roxas.

Xion gave him a half smile and said, "I'm fine. I just…needed to be alone."

"Why? Did something happen to you?"

"No, it's nothing." Xion fell silent.

Then Axel said, "I think it's time to eat some ice cream. Who is with me?"

Roxas and Xion both gave him a puzzled look. "Axel, it's like 30 degrees and you want to eat ice cream?"

"Blondie, there is no limit to when you can or cannot eat ice cream. Come on, I bet the store is warmer inside than out here."

Xion and Roxas followed as Axel led. They all went inside the store and ordered their usual sea salt ice cream. The trio sat at an empty table and ate silently.

Then Xion asked "Have you guys ever wanted to do something but couldn't and later regret you didn't do it?" The two boys stopped eating and looked at her with curiosity. They thought she was joking or trying to make a friendly conversation, but Xion's face was dead serious even though she wasn't looking at them. From no response from her friends, Xion added "Never mind I asked that. Just forget it."

"Well, we probably all have that problem Xion." said Axel, "It's probably hard to admit it out loud to others." Xion looked up when Axel started talking. Noticing her paying attention, the green eyed senior continued, "Well take me for example. I'm the most gorgeous and smartest student in my senior class. But one time I had an exam coming up and I should have studied. But instead, I played Skyrim and ended up failing. But then again, I did recently buy Skyrim and it was an awesome game!"

"Axel that was a horrible example!"

"Well smarty pants, you give us a better story!" Axel retaliated. The spotlight was on Roxas and Axel and Xion stared at him. Roxas got embarrassed and blush a little.

Trying to respond to Axel's challenge, Roxas tried to trickle out some words, "Uh, well…um, what do I say?"

"Anything man! Just say it! Don't worry Roxas, we can wait."

"Actually Axel I think I have to go soon…"

"Nonsense Xion, you don't want to miss this!"

All eyes were on Roxas as he tried to find the words to his answer. Then Roxas started, "Uh, ok…so there is this person I knew for a long time. We were friends…very good friends. And we did everything together. And I sort of started to like my friend a little…"

"Was it a boy?" interrupted Axel.

"No it wasn't! It was a girl!" shouted Roxas. Everyone in the store jumped and looked to see where the source of the noise came from. Roxas' face turned from a light blush to a sunburn red. He began to gather his things and bolted for the door.

Axel and Xion tried to stop him but Roxas was too fast for them so the two could only stand at the exit of the store. Then Xion blurted, "Oh, Roxas forgot his coat!" and ran over to the chair Roxas previously sat in and picked up the coat. "I hope he doesn't catch a cold."

"Naw, I doubt it." Axel said and went back to the table, "By the way, who do you think Roxas was talking about?"

Xion thought for a minute and responded, "I don't really know. I moved to Twilight Town when I was twelve so I don't know who Roxas used to play with. Maybe…maybe it's Namine? They seem really close."

"Of course it couldn't be Kairi." Xion thought to herself. The girl clutched onto Roxas' gray coat, trying to hold back her anger and sadness.