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"You're not gonna get away with this."

Pitch grinned to himself, turning around and facing Jamie, who was sitting in one of his many ceiling cages. The boy had his arms crossed and a scowl planted on his face, but he wasn't fooling anyone with his calm façade. Pitch could feel the fear that he was hiding behind that dangerous look of his.

"Really now…?" he asked slowly, sauntering towards him and smirking darkly up at the brunet. "Do explain your reasons for believing so, child, for I'd love to be amused." Jamie's glare intensified.

"Jack will come. I know it. He'll save me and then you're really in for it." Pitch almost felt sorry for the boy. He sounded so confident; so sure of himself.

Almost, felt sorry for him.

"Oh, I am trembling," Pitch practically snorted, rolling his eyes. "Please. Frost hardly knows how to get here, and even if he were to arrive, he would be lost to my many dark passageways. Face it, Bennett boy, both of you lost."

Jamie gasped softly, eyes widening. He shook his head a couple of times before speaking up. "No. No, we didn't lose. You're wrong. Just you wait. Jack's bound to come barging in at any moment and-" Pitch snarled, cutting Jamie off. The Nightmare King's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits and Jamie recoiled at the sight.

"Enough talk of that foolish white-haired brat! God, it's like you depend on him for everything!" Pitch disappeared in a small flurry of black sand and shadows. Jamie immediately stood and looked around nervously. He couldn't see him, but his voice carried on throughout the underground lair. "Well, guess what, Jamie?! It's time for you to learn how to be dependent on someone else for a change!" Jamie didn't like the sound of that. But before he could ask or reply, a pale gray hand shot out from the shadows and grabbed the front of his shirt.

Jamie screamed as he was dragged out of the cage and into the darkness.



"Jack, please…"

Jamie! Jamie, where are you?!


Jamie, I'm coming! Hold on!


Jack's ice blue eyes shot open and the spirit shot up with a cry of, "JAMIE!" But, to his horror and confusion, Jamie wasn't the one standing over him. In the light of the incoming sunrise, he barely made out the dark shape of rabbit ears.

It was Bunnymund.

Bunny crouched beside Jack, a concerned look on his face. "Jack, what in the bloody hell happened? Why were you knocked out like that?!" Jack looked up at the Pooka before dissolving into a fit of yelling and angry sobbing.

"P-PITCH!" he cried, banging his fists hard against the frozen lake, which he noticed he had not moved from. "Pitch kidnapped Jamie! I-I tried so hard to rescue him," Jack choked out a sob. "But Pitch knocked me out before I could even grab at him." Another sob emitted from the Guardian's throat. "I-I failed! I failed as a Guardian! I-I promised him. I promised that I-I would always be there f-for him! That I would always protect him! A-and I FAILED!" He punched the ice again, ignoring the pain that shot up his arm.

It took Bunnymund a couple of minutes to process everything.

Pitch kidnapped Jamie!

I failed as a Guardian!

I promised him!

"Pitch is back…? He took Jamie…?!" Bunny blinked, disbelief clear as day on his face. "This isn't good," he mumbled to himself before turning back to a distraught Jack. "Frostb-Jack," Bunny began, deciding now wasn't the best time for teasing nicknames. "Jack, I need you to calm down. Can you do that, mate?"

It took Jack almost thirty minutes to calm down from his state of hysteria.

"Okay, good…" the Pooka breathed, glad they were getting somewhere. "Now, Jack," the Winter spirit looked up at him with bloodshot eyes. "I need you to tell me what happened; the full story, if you will..."

So Jack began talking, trying his hardest not to break out into another guilt themed frenzy. He told Bunny about his joyride on the wind, aka, his reason for not being in Burgess before nightfall (leaving out the part in which he came to a realization about his infatuation with Jamie, of course.). He told the other about arriving at the lake and seeing Jamie practically lifeless in Pitch's arms (Bunnymund had to spend five minutes calming Jack down again after the other recalled said event.).

Jack couldn't contain his trembling as he described his and Pitch's short battle. "The attack caught me off-guard. I was…I was about to strike Pitch when I saw…" Jack took a deep breath. "…Jamie looked so small. He was shivering and whimpering and just looked like he was in pain. I stopped when I saw him like that; I couldn't move. All I was thinking was, 'how could I have let this happen to him?!'."

Bunnymund looked at Jack with sad eyes. The Pooka knew how close the boy and Jack were. In fact, all of the Guardians held a soft spot for the Bennett boy. After all, without Jamie, Pitch would've won the horrid battle two year ago.

Jamie believed in them; he saved them. And now, Bunny decided it was time to return the favor.

"The Guardians and I will help you save him." Jack's eyes widened and Bunny felt a pang of sadness when Jack practically collapsed with relief. "But, first, we need to figure out what Pitch wants Jamie for…" Bunnymund didn't miss the way Jack's hopeful demeanor crashed. "Jack? Do you know…?"

Jack was trembling again. "B-Bunny…P-Pitch said he was going to t-turn Jamie into a F-Fearling."

Bunny couldn't believe his ears at Jack's next sentence.

"More importantly…his P-Prince of Nightmares…"

Somewhere in the depths of an underground lair, piercing yellow eyes slowly replaced coffee brown ones as an older, ancient voice roared with maniacal laughter.

"I won, Frost! I won!"