Raven thought it was pointless.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that it did not take all five titans to take down and apprehend Dr. Light. They were currently chasing the villain through the boating district along the pier, as he had fled the bank on 52nd street not to long after the robbery had taken place. It had taken multiple beatings at the hands of Steel City's mightiest heros, but it seemed Dr. Light was finally learning.

Never pick a fight with the Titans, unless you want your butt handed too you on a silver platter.

Raven sighed. This little game of hide and seek was getting old. It was wet, cold, and windy; the mid morning rain gave the entire landscape a dampened appearance. Puddles loitered the ground and new storm clouds were rolling in from over the bay, meaning rain would be gracing them again. If they did not find Dr. Light soon, then pray that Azar will save us all from the blue-cloaked sorceress that is named Raven!

"I got a lock on his location. He's heading further east, away from the city." Cyborg said looking at his scanner. Beast Boy was in the form of a wolf, sniffing the ground for Dr. Light's scent.

"Unlucky for us though I can't pick up his scent because of the rain." The green changeling stated transforming back into his human form, rubbing his hand behind his head in a sheepish manner.

All eyes turned to the leader. "At this rate we won't catch him in time before he leaves our jurisdiction." Robin reasoned, turning his attention to Raven. She didn't need any other words. She knew what she needed to do. Lifting her arms, the notable dark aura surrounded each of her hands as she spoke her mantra:

"Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos!"

A black raven appeared, swallowing each of the team members whole. Rising up in all of its glory, its shape slowly disfigured and disappeared into the blackness of the night sky under the beauty of the full moon.

About another ten miles east along the pier, Dr. Light drove up in an invisible stolen bank truck to what appeared to be an unoccupied dock on the edge of the city's pier. Pressing a button on his suit, he uncloaked the truck, as well as what appeared to be a submarine floating silently in the bay next to the wooden dock. He smiled wickedly. Using the same diffraction technology that rendered him invisible in his suit on his transportation was pure genius. Pressing another sequence of commands on the forearm of his suit, the doorway to the sub opened enough to allow Dr. Light and his stolen property entrance to the water vehicle. The hatch closed and the villain made his way to the front and sat down at the main controls. "This is indeed my shining moment! My intellect outshines that of even the great Teen Titans!" Just as he thought he was about to make a clean get away, a large BOOM was heard and felt as it nearly sank the sub to the bottom of the bay. To the rear of the sub, standing now in a conveniently-made entrance (otherwise known as a gaping hole in the rear as a result from the combined firepower of Cyborg's arm cannon and Starfire's starbolts) was the Teen Titans.

"I don't know about your shining moment," said Robin, "but your tyranny ends tonight, Dr. Light." Said villain snarled at his adversaries, firing a ray of light beam attacks, bringing the battle to a blinding start. Beast Boy moved in first, morphing into a ram. He hit him dead on and smashed the villain into the main control board. Dr. Light rebounded with a blast of his own, sending Beast Boy flying back at his teammates. Cyborg caught him, but only to be pushed back himself. Starfire and Robin double-teamed, with her firing starbolts to block Dr. Light's attacks while Robin moved forward, pushing Dr. Light towards the front of the ship. Seeing that he was being pushed into a corner, Dr. Light forcefully made his own exit by making another gaping hole in the front of the ship. Debris and smoke clouded the vision of the photokinetic as he landed in the water, so much so that he did not notice the bindings of dark energy surrounding him and his suit.

"What...?" He then turned around to see Raven standing on the top of the submarine, dark energy surrounding her. She smiled darkly at him from under her hood as she tore apart his suit with her own magic, successfully putting an end to the battle. This didn't stop Raven though from bringing him closer to her eerie gaze and placing two fingers to his forehead. He let out a scream of terror before going limp in her aura's hold as he was placed into a terrifying slumber. She set the man down gently on the hood of the sub and returned to her normal form.

Raven liked her sleep, and liked to sleep at night like most people. No doubt this crazy day would affect her morning meditation, she thought. Add in a late night chase after an exhausting full day of fighting crime in the rain with no break, and you have a series of events that would easily set any ordinary person over the edge. Unlucky for Dr. Light, Raven was not an ordinary person. She was part demon. "Let this be a lesson to any nuisance who wants to push my patience levels extremely past my normal limit." She said frowning at his now sleeping form. The rest of the team had joined her on the roof of the ship to witness her frightening display. Beast Boy was the only one foolish enough to ask about what they had just observed.

"Dude, what did you do to him?" He asked, in disbelievement.

"I put him into a trance, as to make him less of a threat to the police when they arrive. They should have no trouble taking care of things from here without us."

"Yeah, but was it really necessary?" He challenged. "The guy is pretty much helpless without his suit. You of all people know that." Raven gave her teammate an irritated glare.

"Other than waking up in a jail cell and a few nightmares, he'll be completely fine."

"Still, Raven, don't you think what you did to him was a little...I don't know, harsh?"

"He was testing my patience, like you are now, and so unless you want to end up like him, then I suggest you drop the subject." Beast Boy flinched at the tone in her voice, while Robin just huffed in annoyance and Starfire and Cyborg rolled their eyes. These kind of fights were common between these two, and as leader Robin had quickly learned that when one started fighting with the other, there was no helping either side, more specifically Beast Boy's. Both Cyborg and Starfire continually asked themselves why the small green bean worked so hard to press Raven's nerves, especially since it usually ended badly, with Beast Boy being at the mercy of Raven's wrath.

Beast Boy wisely remained silent. Raven had been more irritable than usual, if that were at all possible. Normally he could tease her about certain things or just get a smart retort out of her for doing something stupid. He was well aware of the fact that he and Raven shared a sort of love/hate relationship. He cared deeply for her just like she did, but more often than not their personality differences clashed. Now though even his playful banter was enough to unconsciously send her anger out of control. He was concerned for her well being, even if he had an odd way of showing it. It wasn't his fault Raven didn't see the truth behind his actions. Raven was like a locked door, and Beast Boy a curious child who would do anything to figure out what is behind it. The only way to unlock a door without the key is to pyre constantly at the door hinges, so that eventually the door breaks and all of its contents would be spilled out for the curious child to see. To put it bluntly, Beast Boy loved figuring out how people ticked, and Raven's door had by far the strongest hinges he had ever seen.

"Friends, might we journey away from the falling water that looks to be coming from the clouds above?" All eyes turned to Starfire as she pointed to sky. Indeed, it had started raining, hard.

Cyborg's eyes scanned the area for any place that could offer comfort in this weather. His eyes landed on what appeared to be a brightly lit section of the pier. "Common, ya'll. I found us a place that looks like we can get our grub on!" With a motion of his hand Cyborg took off in the direction of the downtown area. Beast Boy and Starfire wasted no time following the robot man, while Robin shared a glance with Raven before setting off in the same direction of their teammates. Raven took another moment, debating if she should simply head back to the tower alone. As much as she wanted to head back and go about her favorite past times of reading and sleeping at this hour of night, she was hungry. Knowing she would regret this later, the dark mage set her course for the strip at the end of the pier.

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