The pounding rain came to a direct halt when she walked in through the doors of the building. Two security guards at the front greeted her as she passed by, not bothering to ask for identification. They knew who she was. Raven was rather curious as to why someone would convert such a building into a nightclub of sorts. From the outside it looked rather plain and boxy, but inside it was decorated to the max. Her mind instantly turned to the explanations of space, since the entire first floor had been turned into a bar and dance floor. It could house tons of people, she reasoned, and more people equaled more business.

"Hey, Raven!" Cyborg yelled. She looked up to see her teammates waving at her from the second story. Cyborg's one arm was leaning against the dark-wood railing surrounding it. Looking up higher, Raven saw a slanted glass ceiling poised directly above the dance floor. Her friends pointed over in the direction of the staircase. She made her way up to the second floor and sat down in the only open seat, which was next to Beast Boy, much to the girl's chagrin.

"Took you long enough," Cyborg joked as she sat down.

"Yeah, I thought for a minute there you were going to abandon us." Robin replied, referring to the silent exchange he had with her out in the rain. Raven opted to remain silent and instead acknowledged both of her teammates with a nod of her head. Their food arrived not to long afterwards, Cyborg taking the liberty of ordering for Raven. Both Cyborg and Beast Boy ate with no table manners (as usual), while Raven and Robin ate quietly. Starfire was more preoccupied in watching the people on the first floor.

"Friends! I wish us to enjoy this most joyous occasion. May we partake in what is known as the dancing?" She requested excitingly, eying Robin who was sitting next to her.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt...Wah!" He was cut off as Starfire aggressively grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the table.

"Wonderful! Friend Robin! We'll see you later, friends!" She hollered over her shoulder, dragging a shocked leader to the dance floor. Beast Boy and Cyborg snickered with mouthfuls of food as they watched their two teammates depart, while Raven sipped at the tea the waitress had brought her.

"Are you going to go dancing, Cy?" Beast Boy asked, finishing up his last piece of vegetarian pizza.

"Probably, though I might just wander around a little bit first. There was some shops across the street that looked pretty interesting. What about you grass stain? Gonna try and get yourself a lady hmmm?" Cyborg teased. Beast Boy instantly began choking on his pizza. After a few seconds of continuous coughing, Raven smacked the green man on his back with a hand covered in dark aura. He caught his throat and swallowed his food, breathing a sigh of relief as his coughing receded.

"Thanks, Raven," he said almost bitterly. Although he was thankful for her help, he often got some sort of unnecessary violence to go with it. "Yeah, I think I'm just gonna walk around and see who catches my eye. If I can't find anyone I like then I'll meet you over by the shops." He stood up out of his chair and saluted to both his friends and exited down the staircase. As his back disappeared Cyborg turned to Raven.

"I guess your not up for dancing?" Cyborg said knowingly.

"I'd much rather eat Beast Boy's tofu," She retorted. Cyborg just shivered. Raven smirked an almost unnoticeable smile while he stood up and motioned for her to follow him. They left the building and walked outside into the damp, but now clear skies of Jump City's downtown area. They explored for about twenty minutes when a peculiar store caught Cyborg's eye. It was a classics shop, mainly bargaining in older memorabilia. A sign in the window said the store had a pretty respectable game and comic book collection.

"Meet you back here in an hour?" Cyborg asked. She nodded.

They parted ways and Raven found herself wandering closer to the deserted end of the shopping district. She quickly noticed these shops were by far more unique and not commercial by any sort. A struck of thunder was heard, and Raven glanced upward to the sky. Almost immediately rain began to fall. She cursed under her breath, eying the closest store that was open. It was a magic shop. While Raven was not one to take part in Earthy magic, she figured a dry cloak was better than a wet one and made her way over to the store.

It was somewhat dark and gloomy, very much like her. The interior featured dark hues of purple on the walls. Towards the back a curtain hanged from the ceiling to the floor. It appeared to block the entrance to a back room. Raven tensely pulled back the sheet and stepped inside. There was a variety of elegant cushions, a table, some bottles for potions she believed, and a deck of cards she assumed was used for tarot readings. She was to occupied with studying her surroundings that she did not notice the presence behind her.

"It's rude to go rummaging through an old lady's belongings. Wouldn't you agree with that, young lady?"

Raven jumped.

Beast Boy leaned cooly against the back wall surrounding the dance floor. No one of interest had caught his eye. He saw a group of girls about his age not to far from his spot. When he started to approach them he saw their dance circle enclose tightly, a clear sign they weren't in the mood to get hit on. He quickly changed the direction of his movements, so as to make it look like he was heading over to the bar for a drink. Sitting down at the bar, the bartender gave him a weird look.

"Sir, I respect that you are a superhero and all, but I still can't serve to minors." He politely stated. Beast Boy just looked at him.

"I don't want a drink he said. A soda is fine." He replied. The bartender poured him a drink and sat it down in front of him.

"On the house he said," with an apologetic grin. The titan smiled at him in response and gladly accepted the drink.


He quickly came to the conclusion most of the other occupants were older, college or above. Shrugging his shoulders in boredom he decided it was way to early to go looking for Raven or Cyborg. It had barely been an hour. He noticed a side-door across from where he sat. Busboys and busgirls were frantically moving in and out through the swinging double doors. Raising an eyebrow his curiosity got the better of him.

"Is that the kitchen?" Beast Boy asked the bartender, pointing over at the door.

"We are a multipurpose event business. That door leads to the ball room. It connects to the outside deck along the pier. We mainly use it for larger parties such as weddings."

"Did someone get married today?" He asked with mild curiosity.

"Usually, but tonight was a Italian coming-of-age party. The girl turned eighteen today and her entire family is celebrating." The changeling's ears perked at the mention of someone around his age.

"Just family, or friends too?" 'Please be both. Please be both.' He silently prayed.

"Last time I heard, her friends were taking up the entire dance floor," the bartender mindlessly replied, to busy laughing at his own joke to notice the devious look on the young man's face. "Would you like a refill?" He asked, expecting for a figure to occupying the seat across from him. He eyes widen as he noticed no one was there. It would appear to anyone in hearing distance that he was taking to himself.

In the shape of a fly, Beast Boy made his way over to the swinging doors, sneakily making his way through the entrance and to the other side.

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