Justice? More Like Cruel Experimentation.

Their mission? To find the semi that disappeared into thin air. The company the truck was owned by was pretty shady; popping up almost overnight. Batman had decided that even though nothing visible had happened yet, he was going to send out the boys to spy on one of the trucks the Dark Knight had chipped with a GPS Tracker.

Yes, boys—he decided that he should let each gender have a break from each other. They argued so much it was hard to understand how Kaldur could keep them under control or complete any mission. But he did and the Justice League didn't question how their partners worked.

So the team was out in the country; far away from Gotham. It was Fall and freezing winds ripped their way across fields of tall grass and wheat. Snatching at caped and stray pieces of hair whenever its chilled hands could. Robin marveled as the cape around his shoulders was thrown by the air. For something so light and soft; it could truly be a dangerous weapon.

Kadlur, Connor, Wally and himself were out in the middle of nowhere—or he liked to think so—and searching the area for the semi they were supposed to observe and follow. So far there was no sign of the vehicle and they had been there for hours. Robin was starting to get suspicious. Putting his gloved hand up to his ear he pressed the com link and spoke to the other three boys.

"Robin to team; I think we should move. Search the surrounding area for any evidence regarding the truck. If we're lucky maybe we'll find something and this mission won't be a total bust" He said.

His ear piece crackled before he heard his leader's deep voice, "Agreed Robin, team, meet at the north end of the highway as soon as possible. We will split into groups and search again".

There were grunts and mumbles as reply and Robin walked to the point he was said to go. Time wound together and before he knew it he was surrounded by his team mates as they discussed partners. It was decided that Connor and him would go together and Wally and Kaldur. He knew the Atlantian would never admit it, but the reason they split this way was because Connor and Wally were both easily angered or annoyed and together they would cause chaos. So a bit of calm had to be added. That's where Robin and he stepped in.

Connor walked silently beside him as they walked through the trees that ran alongside the road. Robin was about to say something to brake the tense silence; when the clone suddenly stopped and lifted his head up, muscles contracted like he was ready for a fight. Robin instantly got into a fighting stance, birdarangs at the ready. He waited, but Super Boy didn't run or charge or attack . . . nothing. It seemed he was just listening.

"…Connor? What, what is it?" Robin was hesitant to ask. The clone usually never paid this much attention to anything, and yet it looked like he was trying his best to focus on just one thing.

Super Boy waved his hand at the Boy Wonder. Desperately trying to make him be quite, he had to listen. Needed to listen, he didn't know why; but he knew it was important he find where the sound was coming from. He strained his ears blocking every sound out but the one he wanted, even his own heartbeat he silenced.

Finally—he found it again! It was so faint yet so unbelievably loud. The vibrating of a cell -phone, and it wasn't far from their location. He had to get there before the ringing stopped so without caring if Robin followed or not he bolted through the trees. Feet hitting the dead leave on the ground and crunching loudly. If anyone was close by the sound would give away their location; but he didn't care. He only heard the noise, ten seconds and soon the sound would be gone. He had to hurry!

He felt the pounding of Robin's footsteps chasing after his, rushing to catch up. He wouldn't have to, because as fast as the clone had ran; he stopped. Robin stopped so fast he almost hit the clone but it looked like he wouldn't even have noticed as his attention was on what was in front of them.

Robin stared at what was before them with wide eyes, the semi they were suppose ti be tracking had crashed head on into a huge tree. Smoke still poured and leaked from the frill and the smashed head of the car was barely recognizable, completely demolished. Robin gulped as he remembered that someone had driven the truck—and that someone was probably still in there. Blood didn't bother him; he had seen enough of it in his life time. What did bother him was the thought of someone dyeing in such a terrible way. The gruesome picture sickened him so he shoved it from his mind.

Rushing to get to Connor who had already started towards the truck he radioed the rest of the team to get to their location as quick as possible and the situation was urgent. He received an answer from Wally that they were on their way.

Connor tried to wait, he really did. But he had a feeling that whatever was in the truck was extremely important. He had to look, had to know. So walking towards the truck he thought about why. All of his questions seemed to start with why, and they didn't have answers. He wanted to growl in frustration.

He reached the cargo hold of the semi just as Robin caught up to him. The young bird gripped his arm.

"Supey, I don't think that's such a good idea. Maybe we should wait until the others get here?" he more asked than stated the last part.

Super Boy whipped his head around and growled at the bird, "No! I have to know what's in there! I can feel it; we need to open it now".

Robin was taken aback by the clone's urgency and determination. Numbly he nodded his head. Following him to the cargo bases door, he stood ready for anything as the clone broke the lock and pushed up the cold—freezing—metal door.

His eyes widened; he wasn't ready for this.