The response was instantaneous. Batman knew the kid was awake because muscles that had just been lazy with seep were now bunched tighter than a coil. Breathing that had been almost nonexistent now came in short, fast pants as the boy came alive.

The metal cuffs around his arms, legs, and waist unclasped. He was free. And every so slowly his arms and legs pulled free...

When you release a caged animal, you have to be cautious. Because you never know how much of a fight it's going to put up to be left alone. Batman knew that he should expect some form of terror, or even anger; after being held captive for so long with no free will. However, he most definitely was now prepared for the shear chaos that was unleashed from this boy.

He flew from the prison and whirled around, a pair of strange, exotic eyes dancing over everything so fast not even a humming bird could keep up. His eyes were crazed, filled with fear and confusion. Bare exposed chest glinting in what little light there was with seat, for exertion and fatigue easily caught up with him, after his muscles had not been properly exercised in who knows how long.

Acidic eyes landed on the Dark Knight, and the kids demeanor instantly switched; his back straightened and fists bawled at his sides, clenching and unclenching. Breathing sowed and legs bent until he was in a new stance. One that, vaguely, stricked Batman of an old form of fighting. One he couldn't remember the name of.

That wasn't the most striking thing though, oh no, what was the most shocking was the toxic green energy that was wafting off of the boys hands in waves. Rolling around his fists like it possessed a mind all its own. Defiance lit his eyes, as he charged at the caped man, arms flexing backwards before snapping forwards again and releasing the energy. The orb crashed into Batman's chest, sending him sailing backwards and into the side of the bunker.

What kind of power is this? he thought as he stood up, only to have another orb sent at him. What was he going to do?

Cliff Hanngerrrrrrrr. :) lots of love to all my reviewers. I just wanted to get a quick scene in there of Danny waking up and starting to kick Batty's butt, haha :) until next time! Bonsoir!