Sunday, September 1

Dear Diary,

What a strange school this is, giving their students diaries on their first day in school. Well, I can't really make a good judgement on that, seeing as I've only gone to Muggle kindergarten and university schools. Hey, for all I know giving students diaries on their first day is probably procedure or something.

Well, I probably shouldn't be so surprised. It is a school for witches and wizards after all. Magic is strange enough as it is, and something as mundane as a magical diary probably isn't going to be the strangest thing here that I'll ever come across. To be honest, I think the uniform they've given me to wear is probably the strangest thing so far about this school. I mean, who really wears such long dresses and a cloak these days? Besides people who dress up for going to a Medieval Fair anyway. Not that I really should be complaining, it's a very cute uniform. And it matches my eyes to boot!

Ridiculous school uniform aside, so far my first day in Iris Academy wasn't so bad…

Okay, there was that time that I literally run into a teacher, who gave me 10 demerits for my clumsiness and made some disparaging remarks about my attention span while doing so. Although he didn't look too bad for an old man and had a rather nice British accent and seemed quite refined and learned, he had all the charm of a brick to the head. What a grumpy old man, that Professor Grabiner. I suppose if I had as greasy of a hair as he does I'd be just as grumpy as he is, but there was really no need for him to take it out on innocent new students like me.

But other than that one incident the day is really going my way. I had met my roommates for the rest of the semester, and they seem quite nice. Ellen is a blonde, golden eyed girl who's a bit on the chubby side and seems to be one of those honor student types and a wildseed like me. She's also from the state Virginia, though she doesn't have much of a Southern accent. Virginia is a dark skinned girl with dreadlocks born to a family of witches and wizards, with two older brothers who are also going to Iris Academy. She's a fount of information about the Wizarding community and the school in general, though she's really more into sports than reading unlike Ellen. Ellen plays volleyball apparently; Virginia likes soccer and wants to start a sports club in school.

Virginia's older brother Donald seems like quite the troublemaker, him and his friend Luke. Luke seems a bit clumsy in comparison to Donald though, he actually walked into the door frame! Really, watching him walk was like watching a documentary about deer and watching a newborn calf trying to figure out how to use its legs. He's kind of cute though, in that earnest adorable way that clumsy people tend to be. Her eldest brother William seems more mature than Donald, and he seems like quite the gentleman compared to Donald. …Then again, just about any guy could seem like a gentleman compared to Donald, but still.

Something that really bugs me though…why does everyone have such exotic colouring here? Virginia has dark red hair and eyes, her brother William has purple hair and green eyes, Luke has pine green hair and palatinate purple eyes, heck, and even Ellen has gold eyes for crying out loud! It makes me, with my darker skin, long curly black hair and my aquamarine eyes, (which I was extremely proud of before I came here by the way), seem so dull in comparison. Geez… Maybe magic makes the people who wield them polychromatic or something, because apparently being born in the same family is no guarantee of having the same color eyes or hair. Which makes me wonder…what color hair and eyes do Virginia's parents have? Hmm…

Tomorrow is apparently freshman orientation, and I have to sleep soon otherwise I'm going to end up late for it. Good night diary. I'll make another entry tomorrow.

* Theresa Gainsborough