Wednesday, September 4

Dear Diary,

Today was my first class with Professor Potsdam, finally, and I have to say that she does not disappoint. She is seriously just as hippy as she looks. Treating the body like a plant? Potentially being able to live centuries if you treat your body like a garden? Okay, that last one is probably possible with magic, but that doesn't make her sound any less like a flower child.

Also, apparently learning how to kill plants and other living things take a seriously large amount of magic to learn, never mind doing. Good to know…I guess? That blonde boy who brought it up in class has a rather strange way to thinking, and I have to say I am rather glad I am not rooming with him. Who knows if he decides to practice using Green Magic in such a way on someone, and how likely it might be that he'd try it with his roommates first?

Yeah, I'm keeping an eye out for that kid, if only to know when to run if he tries anything funny.

Seriously, I don't care whether or not it would be rude or anything, if I so much as notice him trying anything with Green magic that may have something to do with trying to force entropy on a living being I am running for the hills.

* Theresa Gainsborough