Okay, just a little something that popped into my head a bit ago. Storyline disregarded, The Kiss ignored, CoLS unacknowledged. Enjoy! Un-beta'ed.

Robert and Maryse Lightwood strolled through a park. Their children
had given them the day off, but there was something strange about the
way they had sent their parents out. It was a little too rushed, a
little too smiley.
"Do you think there's something wrong?" Maryse asked quietly.
Robert took his hand out of his wife's, rubbing it against his
forehead. "I don't know. Isabelle was worried, I could tell. And did
you see Alec? He couldn't wait to get out of the Institute."
The Lightwoods both wore mundane clothes, and they moved strangely
like they were unused to them. It had been so long since they had had
a day off, so long that they didn't quite know what to do. Actually,
they didn't know what to do.
They sat down on a bench, rejoining their hands. It was a nice day:
The sun was bright, but not blinding; there was a breeze through the
trees that sent the leaves' shadows fluttering across the ground.
"Maybe they were just being nice." Maryse finally suggested. "There
hasn't been very much trouble recently. They know they can handle it."
Robert nodded. He glanced around. He noticed, with no small amount of
distaste, two men snuggling a few benches over, deep in conversation.
One was facing away from him, and had black hair. How he was wearing
such a dark sweater in this heat - well, not heat, but something close
- was baffling. The other one had hair that caught the sunlight with
what could only be glitter. He wore a startling amount of eye makeup
around what Robert realized with a jolt were two slit-pupiled
cat-green eyes.
"Magnus Bane?" He muttered in astonishment.
"What?" Maryse said.
"That man over there, it's Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn.
Shouldn't he be working?"
Maryse shook her head. "Shouldn't we?" She looked over at him and
frowned. The man next to him seemed familiar, and as he was whirled
around and dipped into a smiling, laughing kiss, she gasped. "No." She
murmured. "It can't be, he's not..."
Magnus pulled the man up, and turned. The face of his mysterious
boyfriend was revealed, and the Lightwoods gasped, horrified.
It was their very own son, Alec Lightwood.


I couldn't believe my bad luck. The day my siblings convince my
parents to take a day off, go on a walk, and have some time to
themselves so we could have some time to ourselves with our
boyfriends/girlfriend, and they go to the same place my boyfriend
takes me to. On the day before I was planning on coming out, too.
I hissed a curse, and Magnus frowned. "Are you okay?" I didn't
respond. "Alexander?"
"Alexander?" My mother all but screeched.
"Is that-" He started.
I scowled. "Yes."
"What are you doing?" My father jumped up, pulling Mother with him.
"Now or never, darling." Magnus whispered in my ear.
I stood up, and walked over to them. Magnus stayed behind, but I
motioned for him to come with me. "Hello, Mother. Father. I hope
you're enjoying your day off?"
"We were." Mother crossed her arms. "What was that?"
I took a few deep breaths and blurted out, "My boyfriend kissing me."
"Your - Alexander Lightwood!"
Father took a step closer to me, and I to him, not intending to back
down. "Are you saying that you're - that-" He seemed to choke on the
words, like vampires do on the name of God.
"I'm gay." I said. I took Magnus's hand. "This is my boyfriend."
"I - you - warlock? Male warlock?" Father finally managed to spit out.
"Why didn't you tell us?"
I raised an eyebrow in a way that would've made Jace proud. "You
really have to ask?"
He rubbed his beard, then his eyes. "I suppose you're right. I don't
really think I can deal with this right now..."
He turned and headed back the way of the Institute. Mother paused
before following him to say, "I think it would be best if you stayed
with Magnus for a few nights."
I put my head in my hands. Magnus hugged me, silent for once, but
sending daggers at the fleeing backs of my parents.
"It'll be okay, darling. It'll be okay." He leaned into me as he
repeated those three words, to himself almost as much as me.

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