Hey everybody! :) So I have decided, in my great magnamity, that I shall allow my loyal fans to decide what they want to happen on New Years. There is a poll on my profile, where you can vote. The winning choice will be featured. But you better hurry, as this poll will end on 12/30/2012 at exactly 3:00pm. So go to my profile and vote! Also, there will be a special prize to a lucky commentor. So leave some comments on this page if you want to win! And that means everybody, because I am doing this by a special number! You kinow, like when radio show's say the 100'th caller. However, I'm not telling anybody the number! So leave a comment, telling me how much you like my stories, or just to say hi! (Though telling me how much you like my stories always is nice.) What are you doing still reading this? Go vote!