No Less Love

Triad: Teddy/Fredii/Lucy (Every Combination Challenge)

Prompts: Canoodling (Triad Diversity Boot Camp)

Warnings: Slash, Smut, Cousincest

There's no less love in a three way relationship, especially not if one of those people is your cousin, but people don't get that. People don't understand how love like ours can be shared three ways; that's why, officially, Teddy and I were together.

Fred never got jealous, nor did he care that Teddy would walk me to class, kiss me before he and Fred went to their sixth year classes and me to my fifth year ones. He knew that later on, when we all sat in the confinments of the Gryffindor Dorms that privately we could be together, besides secretly, we all knew that Teddy and I being together turned him on. You could say that there was a certain advantage to there only being two sixth year Gryffinfor boys due to the second wizarding war.

I snuck up to their dorms a lot these days; no one would care because it always looked like I was going to see Teddy, never both boys. Today was no different, at around ten-ish Teddy grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the stairs. Fred was already up there; I rushed ahead of him.

"Fred," I smiled, running straight at him and jumping onto his back like a small child.

"Hey Luce," he replied, turning his head to the side exposing his neck. Softly, I moved my face to the crook of his neck, pressing my lips softly to his skin before laughing lightly.

"Happy Birthday," I whispered.

"What have you got me?" He demanded with a wide grin as I slid off his back.

"It's a surprise," Teddy interrupted softly, undoing his tie and chucking it on his bed.

"So close your eyes," I added. Fred immediately did as he was told, and Teddy and I shared a silent look before we approached him taking a hand each and leading him towards Teddy's bed. Slowly, I moved in front of him and Teddy behind. Teddy smiled at me, moving his lips to Fred's ear and his hands to his tie.

"Stay perfectly still, and don't open you eyes," he whispered, before nipping his ear slightly and kissing his neck as he slowly undid his tie. My hands dropped to Fred's belt, unfastening it and sliding it back through the loops on his trousers. Making sure that the end brushed his groin, I dropped it to the floor and let my fingers fiddle with his trouser buttons.

Teddy, on the other hand, had now undone all of Fred's shirt buttons and was dropping kisses down his spine as he slid his shirt off. I leant forward to his chest, breathing against his nipple as I unzipped his pants and they dropped to the floor. Cheekily, I let my tongue flick out, Fred finally moned softly and I rewarded him, letting my finger trail along the bulge in his boxers. Teddy and I met each others eyes and gently we guided Fred to lie down on Teddy's bed. Using the boys ties we fastened his wrists to the bedposts and stepped back down the bed.

"Open you eyes," Teddy instructed.

"Ah, but it was so good with my eyes closed," Fred answered cheekily before daring to take a peak, "School ties? Kinky."

Teddy rolled his eyes before he dimmed the fire and I smiled, slipping off my pumps and pushing them under the bed.

"Lucy, get undressed for me," Fred said, I lifted a hand to my tie, "But ask Teddy's permission first."

A surge of warmth went straight to my lower stomach, I nodded and approached Teddy, who had already removed his shirt.

"May I undress for Fred?" I asked, looking up into his deep honey coloured eyes.
"I would like nothing more," he answered.

I turned back to Fred, removing my tie and letting it slip through my fingers to the wood beneath my feet before returning to remove the remainder of my clothes. It only felt like seconds later when Teddy stopped me before I had finished, leaving me in only my underwear. Shedding his own trousers, he held his hand out to me and we approached Fred, who seemed somewhat overwhelmed as well as eager. Kneeling at either side of Fred, Teddy caught my lips with his and we passionately kissed above Fred. I leant further forward, my right breast just above the ginger boy's face. I could tell he was restless, there was a noticeable tent in his trousers now and after a few seconds his head moved upwards to my nipple. I shuddered as he brushed against it, Teddy noticed, so we stopped.

"Fred, close your eyes," he said softly. He did straight away and Teddy moved immediately to the end of the bed whilst I straddled Fred's stomach. Running my hands along his chest, Teddy removed my bra from behind and I leant down immediately to surprise Fred with a deep and demanding kiss. He immediately submitted to it, and after a few long seconds he moaned against my mouth, making my body go somewhat tingly. I knew that Teddy was most likely attending to the tent in my cousin's pants just seconds ago. I could feel Fred's hips lifting slightly to give Teddy better access and I knew, just from the noises he was emitting that Fred was nearing his peak. Every moan got louder, every moan made me quiver and made my stomach tighter and tighter, but then it stopped and Teddy brought his mouth to my ear.

"Your turn," he whispered. I smiled, that was another thing.

Three way love made it so much easier to share.