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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin.

Naruto was currently flying through the Forest of Death, Orochimaru having somehow sealed the Kyuubi's chakra and throwing him aside for dead. He would have just gone down to the ground, but Orochimaru decided to fuck with Sakura's attempt to save him and used another Daitoppa to blow him away. He could feel his chakra leaving his body as he laid on the ground away from the battle.

Struggling to at least sit back up, he sensed some new chakra signatures around him as he heard a cacophony of voices over his head.

"You can't do this, Otnek! These humans deserve their peace; the war isn't for another eon!" The first said, an underlying sense a nobility and leadership in his tone.

"Damn to these humans! They are weak and pasty! I'll start the war now, get them out of the way so we can cover more ground against Heaven!" another voice said, the actual voice sounding exactly alike as the first, but the underlying tone was sinister and reeked of evil.

"Kento, there is a human boy in the area." A wizened voice interrupted, speaking to what Naruto could only assume was the first voice.

"Get him out of here! We can't have any casualties!" the supposed 'Kento' ordered.

Hearing a grunt of affirmation, Naruto suddenly felt a pair of arms lift him off of the ground and the air rushing in his face as the person carrying him seemed to be running extremely fast.

Snapping his eyes open, he came face to face with a pale visage of a middle-aged man with grey circles around his electric blue eyes and a short scraggly beard upon his chin, a large axe holstered on his back. He wore a sleeveless black muscle shirt, dark red armor on his shoulders and forearms and a gauntlet over his left hand. His armor seemed to be made of some odd foreign rock, with some specks of the glowing interior in some areas. He wore a pair of black cargo pants with the actual pockets using the same red color for their fabric. He wore steel-toed boots and was currently jumping through the trees, heading towards where the fuuton technique blew him away from his fight with Orochimaru.

"Who the heck are you?!" He suddenly yelled.

The man wasn't at all surprised at the sudden shriek right in his face. "That is not important. What is important is that you get out of the current area. It is not safe for humans." He answered rather mechanically.

"Whaddya mean for humans? Are you and the angry twins not human?" Naruto queried.

"Again that is not important. What is important is that you stay away. This is a war you humans are not ready for." He repeated.

Before Naruto could continue his questions, they were set upon by another figure, this one's face a wall of disinterest.

He wore a set of sunglasses that were molded more like a visor that covered both his eyes, his short dark blue hair spiked, with two more prominent 'horns' over his ears. He wore a shirt with the same dark red color as the first man, but there was a demonic symbol in the center of it, his armor dark red at his shoulders but grey down his arms, wearing a pair of gauntlets that were the same red. He wore skinnier pants like the first man, the dark red but the pockets were black with grey line, his boots grey. He was shoving his rather wicked blade through the chest of the man carrying Naruto, making its way out his back. Again, his armor and the sword seemed to be made of the odd material the currently dying man's armor were made of.

Naruto's eyes were wide in shock; this man that apparently saved him from this big fight just died for him. As he jumped out of the mans arms, he scowled at the visored man and brandished a pair of kunai, not noticing the flaming blood that fell from the wound over a cut on his arm and seeped into the cut.

Before he could threaten the man who needlessly skewered the man who tried to save him, he was pushed aside by the same man he saw die.

"Stay back, child! I shall handle him." he ordered. Naruto noticed the wound was gone, but the cut in his shirt didn't disappear. "There is no need to put the child in danger, Scion." he quipped to the scimitar-wielding man.

"Lord Otnek demanded he be the first sacrifice to his new age of order. He will not be the last. Neither will you be, Cedimine." 'Scion' replied stoically. He swung his axe back, blocking the blade the appeared behind him, Scion suddenly appearing behind him with the blade. He snapped back with a spin kick, throwing Scion into a tree a few yards away.

The heavily armored man retaliated by shooting what appeared to be white fireballs out of the cloud of dust his impact kicked up. Cedimine blocked the flames with his axe, ignorant of his burnt hand holding the weapon, which quickly healed with more flames spreading over his hand.

"It seems we'll have to bring this fight up a few notches. You youngsters always want to get things done in a hurry." Cedi commented, truly sounding the age his face portrayed. With that done with, his entire body burst into flames and his figure seemed to grow, as if he were becoming a demon. Scion followed suit, bursting into similar flames.

As the fire died down, their towering figures stood half as tall as the daunting trees of the forest, their new forms more terrifying than Naruto could imagine for such odd people. Cedimine was currently made of the flames their burst into, his corporeal body adorned with odd symbols of some forgotten race. His axe disappeared and his arms were somehow separate from his body, floating at his sides, as dark purple orbs floated within the 'shoulders' of the detached limba, glowing faintly as certain symbols on his body where his arms would grow out of glowed also. His arms and upper torso soon grew dramatized armor matching the set he wore as a 'human.' His left hand was made of the flames but his individual fingers wore armored claws, grey with red stripes. His right arm wore a gauntlet of the 'rock' armor, a glowing crack down the middle and another demonic symbol where his hand would grow out of under it. His legs wore sparse armor where the differentiated pockets of his pants were, his clawed toes matching his hand.

On top of his shoulders was a helmet with a flat top, sharp angles, and slits in the front, like the grate of a furnace. He wore a final symbol on top of his 'head' and a series of horns matching the beard he had adorned the bottom of his helmet. Suddenly, his grated face tore open, splitting at the halfway point between the slits, showing no head within, only the flames of hell as he roared a terrifying call towards Scion.

Out of the dust cloud, Scion stepped out, his new body shocking Naruto.

First came his head, another helmeted visage, the visor remaining across the grates, creating the horizontal slit across his helmet, two horns on the side mimicking the horns his hair formed. his body was made of the same flames as Cedimine, his chest holding a roughly circular piece of chest armor with cracks from the center out. His arms were also separated from his body, wearing armor similar to what he wore as his first form. The rest of his form was rather generic, matching Cedimine's, but every detail just had a sinister look to it.

"Wh-what the hell are these people?!" Naruto whispered to himself. He watched as these titans of hell battled it out in the air above him, their very forms making him break out in a sweat as some trees they stood by burst into flames.

Just as Scion was about to bring his arm down to swing his scimitar that seemed to grow with him, a thin silver blade burst from his chest and also skewered his raised arm as it continued its course. Turning his head, he spied a smirking extremely pale human with the blade currently stabbed through his body sticking out of his throat. Snapping around, breaking the blade with his sheer body, he reached down and grabbed Orochimaru within his burning claw. "HUMAN! YOU DARE STRIKE ME AS MY BACK IS TURNED?! HAVE YOU NO HONOR?!" He roared at the Sannin who dared attack him from behind as he was already in a fight.

Orochimaru was holding back screams of pain as the fires burned his body and the sheer force was crushing his body; he could already feel his ribs breaking. He also realized he couldn't Kawarimi with a nearby mud clone. He had just given Sasuke-kun his Curse Mark and sensed a great power nearby. Coming towards here, he saw two hulking figures of fire from the depths of hell fighting it out. he mused that if he struck one of them down, he could experiment on the body for his powers. He mused that the center symbol was his weakness, so he aimed for this. He was now currently fucked.

"ANSWER ME!" The demon roared again, shaking the writhing Sannin in his grip. Not getting a reply, he merely growled and tossed Orochimaru aside like the trash he was to his people and returned to his fight with Cedimine, who had the honor to wait for him to finish his business with the intruding human.

"I certainly hope not all humans are like this; otherwise, I may have to persuade Kento that these humans aren't worth our time." He commented.

Scion merely grunted and they continued their battle.

Naruto only watched from the sidelines as these hulking, burning demons as they fought and one of them almost killed the man who almost killed his entire team. He suddenly realized the burning sensation in his arm. Looking to the pained limb, he shrieked as he saw it was engulfed in the same flames that resulted in the transformations of the men from before. He was freaking out, wondering if he was becoming them. He more tactfully concentrated on how much it hurt as he fell to his knees and gritted his teeth as the fires that were overtaking his flesh grew across his body. He stared in morbid fascination as his fingers were replaced with the grey protrusions of armor with red stripes. He finally opened his mouth as he screamed in horrible pain then fell unconscious from the sheer shock of it, the flames of his body spreading still.

Pushing Cedimine back with a floating right hook, Scion spared a glance at the source of the scream he heard, and saw Naruto's current state. If he had visible eyes in this form, they would surely be wide. Impaling Cedimine down with his scimitar, knowing his enemy would not die from such a miniscule - at least to them - wound, he walked over towards Naruto as his figure shrank and he reverted to his disguise for this world. He picked the boy up and disappeared in a burst of hellfire, his weapon disappearing from Cedimine's body.

Said veteran in this timeless war looked around for Scion or the human he heard scream, and saw neither were here. Reverting to his disguise, he disappeared in his own flames to tell his leader.

(With Kento and Otnek) (Yes, it's his name backwards; this will be explained)

The forest was currently filled with the sounds of foliage burning and the crashes of two large figures in their personal fight in this war. Once they were brothers; inseparable, literally if one knew their dark secret.

In his own demonic form that one could only assume was these individuals' 'true' forms, Otnek retaliated against the thrust of Kento's blade with his cacophony of six detached limbs. His armor was truly that of a tyrant, who could hurt you just by standing near you.

His helmet was concave on either side of the flat front, the bottoms of the three surfaces sharpened, the slits of the furnace that was his face scorching with fire and small embers. Atop his head was another symbol of hellish design, a crescent moon on its side with the edges snapped out, a large circle between the new points, three small diamond symbols in the curves of the inverted tips of the crescent and under the whole symbol. His horns were sleek as they pointed upwards, as if he wanted to shred the sky with the flick of his neck. He wore armor only on his right 'shoulder', layered burnt red armor with silver trim, extenuating the deadly points of the armor, a blood-red symbol sticking out where the arm would grow out of, dark brown leather straps securing the armor to his body, a silver clasp in the center.

The armor on his separated arms were of the same design as that on his shoulder, but raised on the outer halves and extremely squat on what would be his biceps, some sort of odd 'chainmail' under the armor pieces that took the shape of, oddly enough, jaws of some hungry demon. The outer halves of upper armor had large blades trailing up the curves of the armor itself. Underneath their 'maws' floated the orbs that one could assume kept the limbs telepathically connected to the body. The armor on his forearms had a thin gap down the center, another symbol seeming to hold the halves together on the top and bottom, another blade following up the elbow, ending in those damnable grey claws in red stripes that all these creatures seemed to share.

Within each hand, he held an odd sword; a burnt orange handle the curved inward, a green gem at the bottom, as it curved into a rather ornate guard, a dark red with a curve where it meets the handle, the ends sharp and curling outwards. The blades started thin but curved to a wider girth and narrowed to their points; altogether, they were rather menacing weapons.

Around his waist he wore two loose brown leather belts with silver clasps, apparently only for aesthetics, as they held up nothing. His legs were shaped oddly; the upper hips curving into small points, snapping into another point like a stereotypical mountain range a five-year old might draw, nothing but large and small zigzags, the larger points where the knees started, sweeping into his clawed toes that matched his fingers; what stood out was the pair of grey bones that seemed to go up into disintegrating into chips within his legs.

Finally, one would notice the large tail flailing around as it slither from behind him and hooked around Kento's ankle to trip him up; a dirty move one would expect if they knew Otnek. It was entirely aflame, but it had spaced segments of dark red armor with more symbols and wicked silver blades trailing down it like a spine, ending in an armored tip with five wicked blades, like a flail only for cutting and slicing, not bludgeoning.

While the cloud of dust his dirty trick kicked up obscured the view of his brothers form, he knew it all too well, a mental frown adorning his 'face', as this helmeted visage could not contort with emotions; how he despised his brothers form, how it mirrored yet was a stark contrast to his own form, looking weak in his eyes.

He sneered as he saw the silhouette of his long time enemy shrink and realized he must be retreating or was too fatigued to maintain his form. He mirrored his actions, deciding it was time for him and his men to disappear, to build their forces. He glared at the shadow as the dust settled, showing his rival.

Kento was a pale man, which was surprising since he came from what one could, again, assume was Hell. His blood-red eyes with black slits met Otnek's own eyes, the exact same. His black hair was a mop of spikes, showing he was more laid back; how uncouth of a leader. He seemed to have already chosen human wear for this form, wearing a short-sleeved muscle shirt in black and white stripes and black jeans and steel-toed boots. He watched as Kento rose to his feet, their eyes never leaving each others' hate filled gazes, Kento scowling at him, showing his longer-than-average canines.

Otnek chose to keep his pride as his kind, a Hellbent. His hair was swept back, still a mess of spikes only from behind, as he proudly showed his horns, the right following the curve of his skull and curving up over his hair, growing from his forehead; his left was completely different, but still grew from a symmetrical area, only it was much longer, completely curving around his head to behind his ear and framing his jaw line. He grinned rather madly, showing his sharp teeth, like a sharks. He wore no shirt, showing his tone torso and a scar from his left shoulder to right third false rib. His arms seemed to be rather reptilian, as they were scaled, blood-red, only his hands completely covered like so, spines framing his forearm from his pinkies to his elbows and thumbs to inner elbows, his palms glowed an ominously yellow-orange. He wore the same pants and boots as Kento, but both were adorned with more hellish symbols, glowing faintly as if they pulse to a heartbeat. His skin complexion was a stark contrast to Kento's, a heavy tan, almost the same tone as one Umino Iruka.

"What's wrong, brother?! Tired already?! You were always weak!" He taunted, sweeping his arms open for emphasis.

Kento merely deepened his scowl as he ignored the jab, knowing it would only make him sink to Otnek's own twisted level. Before he could say his part, Scion appeared next to Otnek, that human from before draped over his shoulder, but he was different. His eyes widened as he looked closer; the boy was going through some change that was giving him their powers as Hellbent! Before he could implore his 'brother' to hand over the boy so he may not suffer, both enemies disappeared in inferno's, Otnek's taunting chuckling echoing in the now-quiet forest. "Father-dammit..." he cursed, sighing as he started rounding up his men, the others appearing from their own quarrels against his brother's other minions.

"Sir?" Cedi asked in a respectful tone.

"Speak." Kento merely said.

"If I may ask, sir, but... do you regret your decision to part your dark half from yourself? He can only drive this world to oblivion." He queried.

"He's not my dark half... He's my mad half. And to this day..." He started, turning away to face the sunset as his figure glowed slightly from the sparse fires remaining. "I don't regret my decision." He finished...

End Ch. 1

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