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"Hey"- Human/Disguised Hellbent speech

'Hey'- Human/Disguised Hellbent thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin

"What shall we do with him, sir?" Scion asked his master, Otnek, as they walked down the charred halls of their hidden base in the human world.

"Throw him to the human dogs. Perhaps he will provide entertainment as they tear him apart for our experiments." Otnek ordered, smirking at what transpired just hours ago.


"Let me go, you sick creeps! I don't want anything to do with your fight with those other guys!" Naruto yelled as he struggled against his bindings against what appeared to be some hellish slab of rock supported on a stem like some examining table in a lab from the underworld.

"Silence, boy! Lord Otnek demands we experiment on you to see the full extent of your supposed transformation into a Hellbent hybrid. Now just be quiet; this won't hurt a little." Scion offered as he loomed over Naruto, brandishing some sort of fire in his palm. Looking closely, one could see the writhing mass of some parasitic creature as it screeched lowly. "It'll hurt a lot!" Scion added, showing a bit of his own dark side as he shoved the parasitic demon that was formed with the combined strains of power gathered from himself, Lord Otnek, some of the other generals in Otnek's army, bits of blood he took from Scion in their scuffle, the same for Otnek's fight with his brother and supposed original, and even some strains of power from the first Hellbent in recorded history, the Unnamed One. He even managed to throw in some bits of promising human abilities Lord Otnek had sent him to find; some pale human who could control his bones and another who was incredibly insane, but his morphing abilities showed incredibly promise if he would learn his place and keep his outbursts to himself. These humans got stranger and stranger every second they stayed in this backwater world. Anyway, Scion had injected the mentioned strains of DNA into the blonde human and stepped back as he watched the changes happen.

He writhed and he screamed, but no one would hear him. And even if they did, no one would care. He's only a human. There's plenty more to use. But there was something about this particular human that intrigued Lord Otnek and himself; he could feel a strong presence within the child. Perhaps it was one of those lower demons these humans called 'bijuu.' Yes, it must be one of them.

Naruto struggled as his skin turned to flame, his visage turned to iron tempered by the embers of hell, his bones somehow remaining and sprouting out his 'skin' as some odd black marks spread over his body, much like how that orange haired human Scion took the DNA from experienced when he attempted to retaliate. Didn't he know this was for the betterment of science?!

He watched impassively as the child become some mutt hybrid of human, Hellbent, and these special humans. He believed one of them was called Kaguya. Such an odd name. Then again, he was an odd human, spouting off some nonsense about his own lord, Orochi-something. Unimportant, as are all humans.

Curiously, the one tail the child sprouted split into nine, and a single wing burst from his left shoulder-blade. The horns upon his helmeted face sweeping back like fox ears and his bones bursting in uneven places and amounts. He grew in overall size but in the end, he was nowhere near true Hellbent stature, and the experiment was a failure. The child reverted to his human flesh and lay unconscious.

"Disappointing." Scion muttered to himself as he took the child from his lab.

(Flashback end)

"As you wish, Lord Otnek." Cedi bowed away and disappeared in his flames, returning to the forest where they first appeared and threw the child into the trees, unknowingly throwing him to his teammates. Sakura yelped in surprise when her orange-clad teammate fell from the darkness beyond the trees to her 'secret' hiding place with the unconscious Uchiha. She cautiously made her way to his form. "N-Naruto?" She asked shakily.

Naruto only groaned in horrible pain and exhaustion. "S-Sa…kura…-chan…" He managed to grunt out as sweet blackness consumed his vision.

"Naruto!" She yelled in surprise deciding it was him since no one else called her that and an opposing team wouldn't know to say that. She dragged him into the hollow tree she put Sasuke in and attempted to treat his wounds. She found he felt inexplicably hot to the touch.

(One hour later)

"Come on, Dosu; he's right there. We just gotta kill his bitch, and he's open to us. We don't even have to do anything to that blonde kid; he's dead to the world!" An Oto nin pleaded to his leader, his black hair done up in a style similar to Kakashi's, wearing a face brace on his head and a yellow shirt with the kanji for 'Die Die' on it.

He spoke to the leader of their genin team, Kinuta Dosu. He was an odd one, bandages on every inch of his face save for his right eye, a lavender long-sleeved shirt, purple camo pants, black sandals, and some weird shaggy thing on his back.

Their third member, Tsuchi kin, an attractive girl with cascading black hair down to her waist, tied at the very bottom with a small ribbon, sleeveless flak jacket and camo pants matching her teammates, stayed to the back, silent, knowing her opinion on the matter was less than nothing.

"Very well, Zaku. Kin, you handle the pink-haired one; she seems weak enough even for you." Dosu ordered.

Kin grit her teeth at the jab at her abilities but merely nodded.

Upon Dosu's signal, team Oto fell upon Team 7.

Sakura swayed to and fro, fighting the desperate need to sleep, but jumped, alert, when she saw blurs of color come into her field of vision. Shaking the blurriness from her head, the colors cleared, showing the smirking, and one bandaged, faces of that Oto team that attacked Kabuto-san when he commented on the new Otogakure. She readied her kunai, preparing to spring her traps.

(Thirty minutes later)

So much shit happened in the short thirty minutes that led up to this point.

Dosu pointed out Sakura's poorly hidden trap, Zaku blasted said trap, a swinging log, with the tubes in his hands, Rock Lee came to Sakura's rescue, only to be fell by Dosu's Melody Arm, as it damaged his inner ear and Zaku's blow knocked him unconscious, Sakura was bashed around a bit, and Kin held her by her long hair, admonishing her for her less-than-satisfactory skills as a kunoichi, saying she spent more time making herself look pretty.

Just as Kin went to strike, Sakura cut her own hair, freeing herself from Kin's grasp, and attacked with a weak uppercut. Kin only stumbled one or two steps back. She sneered at the weak attack, saying it only proved her point, when an overwhelming feeling of dread and malice exploded from within the hollow tree, freezing everyone in the present vicinity.

"Sakuraaaaa…" A grave voice hissed out, as a torrent or red flaming chakra stepped out of the shelter, encasing one Uzumaki Naruto. But he was drastically different.

For one thing, his spiky mop of blonde hair was marred with black streaks, and swept back like Otnek's. Speaking of the malicious Hellbent, Naruto bore a pair of horns mimicking his style, only they were black, with red tips. From the junction between his neck and left shoulder-blade came a wave of grayed skin in splotches of the color, as his entire left arm was transformed into a distorted grey gauntlet of a limb, large fist and all, with what appeared to be a piston at his elbow. His right arm appeared to be covered with bone, which was moving. It formed segmented plates down his forearm and hand, the bones within his fingers consuming the digits as his arm was now changed to a bone claw. His legs appeared to be made of the fire the chakra imitated, grey bone-like claws for toes and bits of bone fragments within the flaming limb.

The grey blotches marring his skin stretched across his face, his left eye, being caught in the cloud of transformation, changed to black sclera and dark yellow instead of his normal cerulean.

"Who did this?" He asked in that hissing tone, scaring Sakura out of her mind.

She shakily pointed towards the Oto team, who were still frozen in fear at the malformed child before them that commanded such power. Such was their shock that Zaku had no way to defend himself when the orange-clad genin swung his bone claw, the demonized hand extending on what appeared to be a spine, as it separated his right arm from his body in a bloody fashion. Zaku screamed at the pain and clasped his remaining hand over the remaining stump. Gritting his teeth, he glared furiously at Naruto. "You fucking shit! You'll pay for that!" He threatened and aimed his remaining hand at Naruto. "Zankukyuokuha!' He yelled, launching his attack of air at Naruto.

Naruto merely stood there, lifting up his deformed left arm, as the grey substance that made it up grew and became a shield for him, blocking the entire attack, the blonde feeling nothing. "Insignificant trash. Teshi Sendan." Pointing his fingers forward, bone ad deformed, the tips of the bones within said fingers shot out like the name suggested, bullets, and headed for Zaku, only for Dosu to block by pouring his chakra into his Melody Arm, just barely able to hold them back.

"Zaku, Kin, we're getting out of here!" Dosu ordered, tossing their scroll, Earth, to Naruto as he procured his injured teammate and fled with Kin.

"COWAAAAARDS!" Naruto roared after them. As he regulated his breathing, he felt a miniscule amount of killer intent wash over the area. Vaguely noticing Team Gai and Team Asuma appear around him, Naruto turned around to face the tree hollow, finding a shaken Sakura looking within, towards Sasuke, who was awake, with flame patterns blackening his skin much like his own grey blotches. The Uchiha merely glared at Naruto and rocketed towards him in a blind fury of speed and corrupted chakra, only to reappear, his neck seized by his target. Finding he couldn't overpower the grip on his throat, Sasuke settled for glaring fiercely at Naruto. "Put me down!" He managed to growl out.

Naruto didn't answer or comply, merely raised his deformed arm, the piston in his elbow rearing back, and punched him in the face, the piston adding extra force that surely knocked Sasuke out, deactivating his curse mark. Dropping him to the ground, Naruto added an extra measure and punted Sasuke with his damned legs of those demons from before, throwing Sasuke into a nearby tree and burning his stomach.

Everyone was silent at Naruto's fierce discipline of his teammate, the Sasuke fanclub duo surprisingly silent at what their object of affection endured as Naruto merely walked over to the scroll Dosu left and picked it up as his limbs reverted to normal, the marks shrinking away to his neck. The horns upon his head disappeared as well, the only change to Naruto being the black streaks within his hair. Turning to glare at the other teams, silently challenging them to do anything about his actions, his usual bright blue eyes now dull and full of contempt for all things human, Naruto hefted the fallen Uchiha over his shoulder. "Sakura, let's go." He said softly, already heading towards the tower in the center of the forest, pocketing the Earth scroll with his Heaven scroll.

Sakura, possibly afraid for her life, merely nodded and followed. The remaining teams were shocked at what happened; Uzumaki Naruto, the supposed dead last of their graduating class, just went through some weird transformation and almost killed that Oto nin and beat Sasuke like a ragdoll. And his eyes; they're glow gone, now dull and empty. Suddenly breaking out of their stupor, they turned to each other and nodded, silently agreeing to not piss of Naruto.

Team Gai collected the unconscious Lee and went on their way, Team Asuma doing the same to find their own scrolls.

On their way to the tower, Team 7 was beset upon by a team from Ame, only for their army of ink clones and the originals hiding amongst the crowd to be brutally slaughtered by Naruto as he swept his hand over the crowd, a trail of hellfire following his silent order, roasting the Ame team alive as he strolled pass their pained and dying carcasses, Sakura emptying her stomach in the nearby bushes at the scent of burning flesh and their screams. She quickly followed Naruto, not daring to question how, or why, he did that.

Team 7 arrived at the tower within the hour, tossing the pair of scrolls to the ground as the began to smoke after Sakura read some speech on a board about training in qualities of Earth and Heaven.

They were greeted with their Academy teacher, Umino Iruka, who first greeted them, only to be silent as he saw the condition of his precious students.

Sakura was shaken and seemed afraid of Naruto, who stared down Iruka with those frozen eyes, as he hefted an unconscious and battered Sasuke. Before he could ask what happened, Naruto's gaze hardened somehow, and the words were caught in his throat. He then merely showed them to their resting quarters and disappeared in a shunshin to tell the Sandaime of this new development.

Naruto walked to their quarters and dropped Sasuke on one of the beds like junk and turned to Sakura. "Stay. Here." He ordered coldly. He left the room, going to the training room in the tower, somehow knowing where it was.

Naruto spent the entire day training in the Dances of Shikotsumyaku that he already knew thanks to his DNA from the remaining Kaguya, Kimimaro. He even managed to make some new dances: Dance of the Toadstool, Dance of the Black Poppy, and Dance of the Cherry Blossom Tree. In terms of the 'curse mark of nature' from Jugo, he found he didn't suffer the boys bouts of rage and insanity. He mused that due to the DNA of Kimimaro, the only person that could keep the orange haired boy calm, this was the case. He then trained in the powers of each of the Hellbent he received power from. Due to the sheer amount of Pureblood Hellbent he received power from, including the case that first began the process, he had attained a level of potential power greater than even Kento and Otnek, and possibly just for Kami to humor him due to his tenant, he had nine arms, the odd man out symmetrical. He also had the power to create the portals Scion had on his chest in his Hellbent form; from them, HellSpawn crawled out, tied to his will and word. He could also turn the armor on his limbs into weapons, much like Cedi could with his axe. He found he could fly even with one wing. Upon his back sprouted a piece of armor that grew from the base of his neck, holding what appeared to be nine sheathed swords; he mused he would have to learn kenjutsu to use them properly. Now was not the time for that. Not knowing of any of the other generals he received power from, he stopped his training for today, completely knowledgable to his audience of one. His teammate, Haruno Sakura, was watching him, and he could tell she was absolutely afraid of the power he possessed. He smirked, relishing in her fear. With a start, he realized his complete personality switch. Before, he was happy-go-lucky, always smiling, head over heels for the pinkette, argumentative with Sasuke, and surely not this strong.

Thinking back to his behavior when he returned to his team and sent the Oto team running away, such as his calling them 'insignificant trash' and 'cowards', and how he glared at the other teams and friends. He mused it was a combination of Otnek's and Kimimaro's arrogance, a splash of Jugo's madness, and the negative nature of the other generals under Otnek. Perhaps the small bits from Kento and Cedi kept him from snapping Sasuke's neck when he attacked using the curse mark. Perhaps it was his own patience and need to play with the boy's mind. Even he didn't know.

Anyway, now was the time to approach the situation of Sakura. "I thought I told you to stay in the room." Naruto called over his shoulder, hearing Sakura yelp in surprise.

"N-Naruto, what happened to you? This isn't who you are! What the heck did you just do?!" She shrieked at him, only to be stopped before she could ask more questions by Naruto shushing her with his finger to her lips.

"I don't know, Sakura-chan. Something happened to me when Orochi-teme threw me into the forest, and now I'm like this. Please don't be afraid of me because of my gifts or how I acted in the forest. I'm still Naruto, and I'll still protect you. I promise, and I don't go back on my word. That's my nindo, dattebayo!" He assured her, ending with his foxy grin. Sakura smiled a bit and nodded, agreeing to not let his secret out. Waving goodbye and saying she was going to check on Sasuke, she left. Turning around, he summoned an army of Kage Bunshin and set them to train in each of his new powers, including Fire Release, which he found he had a high affinity for. It would only make sense; demons of the infernal Makai would control no other.

He watched on the sidelines as his clones working in the Shikotsumyaku worked on some new techniques, creating a new type of clone: Hone Bunshin.

Interesting. Realizing he hadn't approached the issue of his transformation with his tenant, Naruto sat in a meditation, going to visit Kyuubi.


Naruto appeared in his mindscape. Looking around, he found it was different from the sewer from when he first met Kyuubi; now, it was an open field, beautiful flowers and adorable fox kits jumping around. Following them, a few jumping onto his shoulders and licking his cheeks, Naruto chuckled as he walked through the forest.

Looking around, Naruto saw in the distance parts of his mindscape he mused were the result of his new changes; to the west, he saw dead trees that were stark white, made of bone, reminding him of the Sakura no Mai he created. Shikotsumyaku. To the north, instead of forestry, there stood a facility that Naruto mused was for the criminally insane. Jugo's prison, perhaps. east of that, the terrain was the picture of hell; ground of molten rock, cracked and bursting with flame, the sky black, screams in the distance of suffering souls. Hellbent; lovely.

Ignoring those, Naruto followed the kits to Kyuubi, by proxy, her lovely cottage in the forest. Yes, her. Naruto was incredibly surprised when he found out the Kyuubi was female, and quite beautiful and motherly. A feral beauty, crimson eyes, slit pupils, jagged, darkened whisker marks like Naruto's when he went into a rage in Wave Country, a heart-shaped face, light, almost glowing skin, unblemished except for the alluring beauty mark under her right eye. Her crimson hair a waterfall of red down her back, a pair of cute fox ears on top of her head. She wore a red kimono with black trim, orange foxes down the entire length, holding in her generous bust that reminded him of that insane Exam proctor, Mitarashi Anko, yet bigger. From her tailbone sprouted nine fox tails, her dainty feet bare so she could feel the grass under her feet.

Naruto knocked on the door and was greeted with this site. She smiled kindly and hugged Naruto, seizing his lips with her own.

Okay, motherly perhaps isn't the best term.

Upon their first meeting, Kyuubi, or rather, Kusai as she told him, he was indeed motherly, apologizing for his damned life of abuse, but agreeing to help him from now on, in a deal. She could see, hear, and feel everything he could, if he could have access to her youkai. Agreed upon after the incident in Wave, Naruto had begun training in her demonic chakra. From then, he could control about a tail's worth of chakra, able to form a shroud of the red energy around him in the shape of a humanoid fox.

Thus was why, in the outside world, Naruto also had a group of bunshin training in it. Thankfully the overbearing force of the youkai was snuffed out with special seals Naruto set up in the training room. Oh yes, I must explain that also. Alongside his youkai training, Naruto bought a book on sealing, and took to it like a fish to water. The supposed extremely difficult art of fuinjutsu was as easy to him as breathing. And thus, he was a master of storage scrolls, explosive notes, and chakra suppressors. Thus, no one noticed the overwhelming force of multiple clones accessing youkai.

Anyway, we're getting off topic. After their first meeting, Naruto developed feelings for the demon queen, and she him. One day when Sakura's rejection of his confession broke him down enough, he turned to her, and their feelings came out as they shared their first kiss. Since then, Naruto felt nothing for Sakura, and only loved Kusai. He still called her Sakura-chan, only out of old habits. He would fix that soon enough.

"Hey, kit." She greeted as she hung off Naruto's shoulders, their foreheads touching as she looked in his eyes, their shine returning only for her.

"Hey, Kusai-chan. I came to see if what those freaks did to me is affecting you." Naruto explained as he stared back.

"Ironically, they're doing absolutely nothing to me. They took their parts of your mindscape and have been silent since then. Now for those 'freaks,' I can explain. They are Hellbent; greater demons from the demon home of Makai. Kit, believe me when I say that they are stronger than some of the bijuu." Kusai started, seeing Naruto's eyes widen at this news. "The first two you met were the co-generals of Makai's army, though at first, they were one. Kento led the army under the Greater Being, the unnamed Hellbent that commanded power on par with me. Unfortunately, he was a kind spirit, and the world of Makai corrupted him. Not all demons are evil, kit, and he was one of them. With the corruption came madness, and with it, a second personality. A complete opposite to Kento, he called this persona 'Otnek.' Knowing that one day the evil would consume him, Kento cast Otnek from his mind and soul. Thus, Otnek was created. With their completely opposite personalities, came a division of warriors. Those who served Kento, and those Otnek. When the Greater Being died, Otnek took control, saying 'might was right', a campaign to conquer or slaughter all other demons. Kento believed a demon should only listen to themselves, not the tyrannical orders of a dictator, so he was against his surrogate brother. I don't know how they appeared in this world, but they did, and they brought their war to us." Kusai finished, letting Naruto soak in all the information.

"Wow..." Naruto simply said. "This Kento guy sounded bored when he tossed Otnek out." Naruto commented.

Kusai giggled a bit. "No, kit, it was a matter of decision; keep him inside and be consumed by the evil and hate, soon becoming the one who would make millions suffer, or cast him away and fight what remained, getting rid of the problem forever, even if their connection kills him also." She explained.

"Oh. So what was with my attitude when that Oto team came in?" Naruto asked.

Kusai shrugged. "A moment of the powers bursting out all at once. It will be the only time, but you made an impression on those other genin." She explained.

Naruto nodded. "So what happens now?" He asked.

Kusai shrugged. "You could keep training, go meet the other teams, or stay with me." She offered, snuggling against him.

Naruto chuckled. "It seems you made my choice for me." He said, smirking at her innocent pout as he laid down with her, snuggling together.

Naruto was an experiment of demons that brought their war to his home and he was gifted with their powers, including powerful abilities that were supposedly the last of their kind. What could go wrong?

End Ch. 2

So, whaddya think? Naruto might seem overpowered, but I won't try to make him as such. He has the abilities of my Hellbent characters, including some you haven't seen yet, Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku, Jugo's nature energy manipulation, and at least one tail of Kyuubi's chakra. Pretty good start, I'd say. Tell me what you think.

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