Seventeen years ago, November 2nd 1995, Kendall and Kaeya Knight were born in a small town in Minnesota. Jennifer Knight was overjoyed. Her husband, Richard…. Not so much. He hated children. He would have been able to live with it if there was just one child. But twins? He thought Jennifer was crazy when she had told him that they were having twins. The first time he saw the twins, he looked at them with pure hatred. He would do anything to get away from them. By the time the two turned four, Richard was losing his mind. He hated those children more than ever. The worst part about it, was that he didn't want a daughter, even more than he didn't want a son. He turned to alcohol. Coming home drunk every night. He started getting abusive. The first time he did it, he had gotten home at four o'clock in the morning, walked right into the twins room, picked up his sleeping daughter by the hair and threw her across the room. The twins immediately started wailing. Richard was confused for a moment at why Kendall was crying but then smiled and laughed evilly as he realised that since Kendall and Kaeya were twins, If Kaeya got hurt, then Kendall would feel it too. Jennifer rushed into the room and stopped the man from beating the twins, but that's why he turned on her. Every day, Richard would beat Jennifer and then go back to the bar to drink some more. Jennifer did it for her twins. That's how much she loved them. When the twins turned five, Jennifer started planning an escape for her and her children. But that's when the worst happened. Richard had raped Jennifer and then she found out she was pregnant. She wasn't planning on telling Richard but eventually he found out. She had went out for a few minutes with the twins when the phone rang in their house. Richard had answered it. The person calling was the doctor who was calling for Jennifer to remind her of the ultra sound that she was scheduled for a few days later. Richard was madder than he had ever was before. Jennifer and the twins got home just after he hung up. The twins went to the living room and Jennifer was unpacking groceries in the kitchen. Richard walked off into his bedroom and came out a few minutes later holding something behind his back. Jennifer got the slightest glance at it and she was instantly horrified. She quietly ran into the living room before Richard could see her to grab the twins. She picked up Kendall, took Kaeya's hand and ran to the door as fast as she could with Kaeya struggling to keep up. From behind, Richard saw Jennifer and grabbed a hold of Kaeya's other arm which caused her to fall back, letting go of Jennifer's hand. Jennifer spun around, willing to fight Richard if she had to just to get her daughter back, but then she was caught face to face with him, who was pointing a gun at Kendall.

"One more step, and both the twins die, starting with that boy right there. Leave now, without the girl, and no one will get hurt." Richard promised his wife. She was sobbing. Kaeya and Kendall were both trying to reach each other but it was no use.

"Can we at least talk to her before we go?" Jennifer asked. Richard stared at her with anger for a minute before speaking.

"If this is a trick, you die, and the kids get beaten harder than ever for the rest of their lives." He spat before letting go of Kaeya and pointing his gun at Jennifer. Kaeya ran up to her brother and her mom.

"Momma! Momma please don't leave me here!" Kaeya cried into her mom's shirt, hugging her as tightly as she could. Jennifer tried calming her kids but it wasn't working for she was crying too.

"Kaeya, sweetie, please believe me. I love you so much and I really don't want to leave you with that monster but if I don't, you and your brother will get hurt and you won't ever get to see me again. I love you more than anything in the world and I will try harder than anything to get you back. I'm so sorry! I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, so sorry that you have to go through this. You're strong. I know you can handle this. I know you can. Don't give up baby. I will get you back. I don't know how but I will. Stand strong until then. Do it for me sweetie. Do it for me and your brother. You can do it. Please try-" She was cut off by Richard grabbing the back of Kaeya's shirt and yanking her backwards, away from Jennifer and Kendall.

"NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOO! MOMMAAAAAAA! HELP ME PLEASE!" Kaeya yelled. Richard started pushing Kendall and Jennifer out the door.

"I'm so sorry Kaeya! I love you!" Jennifer yelled to her daughter.

That was the last time Jennifer saw Kaeya. Kendall, he saw her every day. It was weird. If he wanted, he could see through his sisters eyes and talk to her through his mind. If she was standing in front of a mirror, Kendall could see Kaeya perfectly, and the two could talk for hours. Kaeya could see Kendall too. Every single day, the two would talk. Kaeya would tell Kendall that Richard was starving her, beating her, commanding her to do everything for him. Kendall would watch as she did chores, got yelled at, get swallowed up into the darkness when Richard locked her in the closet to be left there all night long. It reminded Kendall that he wasn't there for his sister. He knew how much pain Kaeya was put through. He could feel it. Every time Kaeya got hit, Kendall would feel the pain. He promised every day that he was trying to figure out a plan to get her back. Kendall would tell his mom about everything that happened to Kaeya and Jennifer would tell Kendall to tell Kaeya that she was sorry. Kendall Managed to hide the pain he was getting from Kaeya who was getting it from Richard. He never told James, Logan, or Carlos about his twin. And when Katie was born when the twins were six, it still remained a secret. Every time Kaeya was locked in a closet or doing nothing, Kaeya would look through Kendall's eyes and see Mama Knight, Katie, James, Logan, or Carlos. He had told her who each one was, besides Mama Knight, and she thought it would be nice to meet them all. They were split even farther apart when Kendall moved to Hollywood with Mama Knight, Katie, and the boys. Kaeya was happy that he got to be in a band. He had wanted to be in a band since they were 3. When they were split apart, Kendall decided he didn't like singing without Kaeya cause it just wasn't fun without her. Kaeya was the one who told him to go. It was really the only reason he went. So of course she was happy for him. She was also sad. They were both sad, 'cause all they wanted was to see each other again. Physically, not just mentally. The question is, would they?