A/N Just a poem i wrote the other day at work, love it more than i thought i would so decided to share. It's also posted with a pic on tumblr under the tag bbc-lez, my username. Hope you all enjoy :)

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A heartbeat woven through all of time,
An enforcer to help draw the line,
A guardian to protect us all,
A man who walks towards his fall.

A lord with no one left to rule,
An innocence that could turn so cruel,
A traveler without a place called home,
A visitor who just wants to be shown.

An alien who won't stop his run,
A shadow that hides behind the fun,
A light that keeps us from the dark,
A darkness that will lose its spark.

A hero who never rests,
A child who forever jests,
A little boy surrounded by blue,
A lonely life that no one knew.

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