This came from an idea I had reading Bella's True self My story is a lot more different, it's around Christmas time when she turns into a vampire Esmé doe's not have no special power, it does not affect Bella Edward dating at all because Esmé, Carlisle are her parents, they already knew they just didn't ever think they would see their daughter again or that she was a half vampire when they gave her up

Bella's Real Family

Chapter 1

At the Cullen's House

Edward- Carlisle you have to see this Bella is starting to change into a vampire "in the living room

Carlisle- Your right I just can believe it she changed so much since the last time I saw her

Bella- Do I really look that different

Esmé- Hey everyone whats going on and why does Bella look like a vampire

Alice- Did you turn I her into a vampire "comes in"

Edward- No she was like this when I saw her at school

Esmé- Carlisle and I can explain you see the reason she is turning into a vampire is because she is our daughter

Bella- I thought Renée and Charlie were my parents

Carlisle- We gave you up for adoption to protect you from jasper and his cravings because we thought you were first human

Esmé- We never knew you would turn into a half vampire so we gave you up

Bell-A how am I going to tell them that I know who my parents are without hurting Charlie

Esmé- Well tell them because as a newborn letting him near is not the best idea at this time

Bella- How about my things how am I gonna get them when he sees me I will look completely different

Carlisle- Don't worry well get them we will have to wait tell he can see you

Bella- He will be frantic of he can't see me trust me I know how he is then he will be like why can't I see her? How is she is she safe mom daddy trust me

Esmé- We will explain to home that its best for you to live with us now that we have found you

Bella- Alright mommy you know whats best

Carlisle- Someones tired it's getting late

Bella- I thought since im half vampire I don't need sleep

Esmé Nope the human part of you still needs rest so get some sleep and will be up in a few minutes to tuck you in

Bella- Alright

Alice- So Bella is moving in

Carlisle Yes she is Esmé and my daughter

Rosalie Why didn't you tell us that had a daughter ?

Esmé Because it was a long time ago

Emmett- Lets hear the story

Alice- Yes please

Edward- Yea

Rosalie- Please tell us

Jasper- Yea come on

Esmé - Alright fine but you have to keep it down we finally got Bella to sleep. It was a long time ago Bella had been born & usually vampires are born immortal but this was a weird coincidence because instead she ended up human both me & Carlisle didn't know she would be half vampire & no immortal until today when we gave her up we thought it would be the last time we saw her

Carlisle- it was only to protect her from jasper after all he was still a newborn and so she wouldn't grow up being scared that her parents were not humans like her friends a normal life. With a husband a kid and a career like all the humans but tell your mother sensed it I didn't even know she was our daughter.

Charlies House

Bella- Hi dad

Charlie- Where were you last night? "sitting on the couch

Bella- At a friend's house

Charlie- Where were you really?

Carlisle- She was with us

Bella- Dad they need to tell you something I've got to go get my things don't worry this wont be the last time you will see me it's just I wont be around as much "goes up stairs to get her things