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The atmosphere in the Dawson dining room was thick; so thick you could cut through it. With a steak knife. Much like the one Austin was gripping so hard the skin on his hand was white.

The air felt hot, and both Austin and Ally could feel their cheeks burning up as a million and one scenarios played through their heads. Every couple of minutes or so they would find enough courage to look up and make eye contact with one another, only to be scared into studying their plate once again when they saw Lester move out of the corners of their eyes.

Austin always imagined this day… what he would say, what he would do. He wasn't supposed to chicken out and become a quiet trembling mess when telling Lester Dawson how crazy he was about his only daughter. And yet… here he was, pushing peas around on his plate making goofy little pictures that only made sense to him; like Ally with her cloud watching.

Ally had never really thought of this day, and now that it was here, she wished she had thought more about it. Maybe then she would have rehearsed the right thing to say, the right things to do. She just assumed it would be a while before this day would come and she would eventually make time to think about what she was going to say or do to break the news to her father. When they became official they decided to keep it from their parents so nothing would change and that was where she had left it, saving any thought on repercussions for later down the road.

Then they had been so careless in the store, so wrapped up in one another without giving any thought to whether or not he would walk in at any minute. And even if he hadn't walked in right at that minute, it had been no secret to all of her classmates or customers that she and Austin were now an item. She was stupid to think it wouldn't have made it back to him relatively quickly.

And now here they were, sitting silently at the world's most awkward dinner table, each one quietly praying that someone else will be the first one to break the ice. Was it just her, or did her usual table feel one hundred times smaller, too?


It was supposed to be one of those fairy tale movie moments, where Mr. Dawson tried to tell them they couldn't be together and Austin would be the knight in shining armor and prove his love for Ally until her dad accepted it and embraced them. That one where they weren't going to let anyone or anything get in between them. The credits would roll and they would smile run off into the sunset holding hands.

He liked those endings.

Austin dared to look up at Mr. Dawson, only to sit rigid when he realized the man in question was already staring right back at him. His expression was one he couldn't quite decipher. He certainly didn't look thrilled, but he didn't look pissed either. He was just… quiet. A little too quiet and it was making him uncomfortable because he literally could not figure out a way to talk himself out of this one. And he was usually pretty good at that.

Ally was getting impatient. As much as she wanted to avoid a confrontation, she knew it would come sooner or later, and she honestly just wanted to get it over with. Her eyes shifted back and forth between her boyfriend and her father, watching uncomfortably as they were stuck staring at one another across the table.

She had had enough, and literally just as she opened her mouth to finally say something, her father spoke up.

"So how long has this been going on?"

Austin swallowed audibly, really not wanting to be the one to admit it had been a few weeks now, and that they had shared meals and worked and practiced alongside him, all the while intentionally hiding this newfound information from him.

Ally could practically see the sweat bullets running down Austin's forehead. She took a steadying breath and looked at her father, giving him a sympathetic smile. "We started dating a couple of weeks ago. Please don't be mad. We just didn't know how to tell you…"

Mr. Dawson nodded, picking another vegetable off his plate and popping it in his mouth, chewing as he appeared to mull over his thoughts before speaking.

Austin could see the distress in Ally's features. He knew the last thing she wanted to do was upset her dad, and she didn't deserve the stress she was under because of all this.

He looked over at her father and worked up his nerve to be the boyfriend Ally needed him to be. "Sir, I know you must be upset with us over this, but I am crazy about your daughter," he said, looking at Ally. "I always have been, and I always will be." She smiled back at him and shifted her eyes back to her dad.

Austin licked his lips and turned his entire body toward the older man. "I know it was selfish of us to keep it from you, but I can honestly say I was just afraid of your reaction when you would find out. You're a good father, and I didn't want you to guard her from me just because we shifted from being friends, to being something more."

Honesty was always the best policy… right?

Ally fidgeted under the table as she looked back and forth between her father and Austin, studying both of their expressions. Lester seemed un-phased as he carefully set down his fork and folded his arms on the table. Austin looked let down and disappointed in himself when he couldn't elicit a response from the older man.

"I only have one question for you…" he said, his eyebrows high on his face as he looked once from Austin, over to Ally before a sudden amused smile broke out over his features. Austin and Ally shared a confused glance before they looked back at him.

"What took you guys so darn long?"

oOo oOo oOo

Ally watched with a content smile as her father shook Austin's hand and pat him on the shoulder. To have her father's support in this relationship meant more to her than she ever thought it would. And, she wasn't really surprised. Her father had always been her biggest supporter, with Austin as a close second, and the best encouragement for everything she'd ever wanted in her life. She never should have assumed that he would try to pull her and Austin apart or be unsupportive of their love for one another.

Mr. Dawson walked with Austin down the foyer where Ally waited and smiled at his daughter.

"Well I'm off to bed. Will, uh, you be staying a while longer Austin?" he asked, his eyebrows high on his face as he patiently awaited his answer. He loved Austin, he did, but that didn't mean that he necessarily loved the idea of him being alone late at night with his daughter now that he knew the true nature of their relationship.

Austin and Ally could tell immediately by the tone in Lester's voice that he was somewhat testing them. While they were thrilled that he was okay with their new relationship and extremely supportive, he was still a dad, and they knew he was phishing.

"I've got a lot of homework to finish up," Ally smiled. "Promoting the new song has taken up a lot of our spare time," she smiled sympathetically at her boyfriend.

Austin smiled back at her before shifting his attention back to his pseudo father in law. "Yeah and god knows I'm not one to help her with that," he laughed.

Ally tilted her head and frowned at his comment, ready to object, but her father beat her to it.

Mr. Dawson stepped forward and poked his index finger firmly into Austin's chest, getting close to him with an expression of concern, and wisdom in his features. "You have it in you, to do anything you put your mind to. I've seen it," he said before gesturing over to his daughter. "We've all seen you do the impossible, Austin. Don't let that stop with just your entertainment. You've got a good brain in your head, you just have to know that too," he smiled.

And that was when Ally had felt, for the first time that, this entire new relationship - with her, and Austin, and her father - was one that would change her world forever, because this relationship with all three of them, would be forever.

Austin felt a surge of, well, pride and honor in him at Mr. Dawson's words. It was such a contrast to what he had been feeling just over an hour ago, he almost wanted to cry and the relief and happiness he felt from his night. Austin nodded at the man, pursing his lips slightly as he swallowed the ball of emotion threatening to spill. "Thank you, sir."

Mr. Dawson smiled at the pair one more time before he shook Austin's hand and kissed his daughter on the forehead. "Goodnight, you two. See you tomorrow…"

"Night, Dad."

"Night Mr. D."

Ally stepped over and looped her arm through Austin's as they watched her father ascend the stairs and disappear around the corner. She couldn't help but give his arm a little squeeze as she reflected on the exchange she'd just witnessed. She was insanely happy, and almost couldn't believe this was really her life.

She was the luckiest girl in the world.

"Well," Austin breathed with a smile after he heard Mr. Dawson's bedroom door close. "That went significantly better than I thought it would"

Ally followed him to her front door with a smile and bit her lip to stifle her own excited giggle. "Yeah, it did, didn't it?"

Austin nodded as he opened the door and turned to face her, stepping backwards out onto her porch but not letting go of her hand just yet. "You're dad's pretty cool. We should have known he would be okay with this."

Ally shrugged. "I wasn't so sure, but I see now, he loves you almost as much as I do," she laughed.

Austin smiled back at her and nodded, both of them staying silent for a few long moments before both of their faces inched closer. "Well," Austin whispered as his gaze flickered back and forth between her eyes and her full plump lips.

Ally noticed this and couldn't help but wet her bottom lip as she stepped closer to him. "So, I.. I guess I'll just… see you tomorrow?" she whispered as she hung her toes over the threshold and leaned into him, moving her hands flat on his chest. Even though he was down a step onto the porch, he was still taller than her, and the quirkiness in her found that appealing.

He smiled knowingly as he tilted his head and looked down at her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her flush against himself. "Yeah," he whispered, his lips ghosting across hers as he moved to kiss the corner of her mouth before moving to her neck. "Tomorrow…"

Ally's eyes fluttered shut and she sucked in a sharp breath, his hot tongue running down the curve of her ear before nipping her earlobe. She couldn't resist the whimper that escaped her.

Austin pulled her out onto the porch with him, quietly slipping into the shadowed area beside the doorway. Before she even had time to react, his mouth was on hers, reminding her very much of their exchange in the very same spot weeks ago. The first night he snuck over to her place and she dragged him upstairs.

Oh what a night that had been… her body shivered just at the thought of it.

Austin felt her body quake and he knew from the way she was breathing into him that it wasn't from a chill. She was turned on, and lord knew, so was he.

Ally wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling herself up into him as their heads rolled together, kissing deeply and sensuously. She let a moan escape her.

Austin pressed himself into her, letting her know exactly how much she was turning him on by just being here with him.

She could feel him, and she wished, so badly, she could do something about it, but they were outside, he was supposed to be leaving, and-

"Ally…" he father called from the top of the stairs. "Say goodnight to Austin, you said you've got schoolwork to do, remember?"

Austin and Ally pulled apart and pressed their foreheads together, smiling knowingly. "Okay dad!" she yelled before she giggled and gave him another peck on the lips.

He groaned but smiled none the less, pulling back and willing his erection to go away so it wouldn't be such an awkward walk home. "Why didn't we want your dad to know about us, again?" he whispered and Ally couldn't help but chuckle.

"Don't worry," she said as she leaned forward and gave his earlobe a good lick and a little nip before she whispered to him, "He goes out of town a lot."

Austin pulled away with a smile and rubbed his brow before running his hands through his hair. "You're killing me right now," he laughed quietly so Mr. Dawson wouldn't hear.

Ally nodded and stepped forward to him again. "You love it," she giggled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he smiled back.

They stared at each other smiling contently for a few moments before Ally grabbed his hand and pulled him to her lightly once again, entwining their fingers and pecking him on the lips. "I love you," she whispered as she pressed her forehead to his.

Austin felt a warm happiness fill him every time she said that. He couldn't help but smile and run his free hand down through her hair, playing with the ends. "I love you too, so much."

Ally smiled and pressed her lips to his once more, lingering there and inhaling his scent one last time for the evening. She really wished she hadn't told her father the little white lie about the homework. Everyone knows she gets it done during her shifts at the store. Then maybe he could have stayed for a movie or something…

Or something…

"I'll see you tomorrow, then?" she asked as she looked up at him.

He swayed with her a moment, his arms wrapped loosely around her hips as he looked straight down at her, their height difference only making him want her that much more. She was so goddamn cute. "Yeah, tomorrow morning. Night, beby."

She shivered a little at his use of the word 'baby', and decided it was her favorite thing for him to call her. She backed into the threshold of her home and watched as Austin walked down the front porch steps. "Goodnight."

He gave her a little wink as she waved him goodbye.

When he was out of sight she retreated back into her house, a permanent smile plastered on her face as she moved toward the kitchen to clean up the dishes from their not-so-dreadful after all, dinner.

oOo oOo oOo

Ally closed the door to her bedroom behind her and let out a big sigh. After all of the tenseness she felt throughout the day, and now the immense relief she felt knowing it was all out in the air now, she finally felt relaxed.

Well, mostly, anyway.

Having to say goodnight to Austin had been difficult given how much he'd worked her up out on the front porch. The things he could do to her body… That only he could do to her body… He always left her wanting more. In the best of ways.

She moved to her bathroom and pulled the bobby pins from her hair, teasing her hair after and letting it fall loose and comfortably around her face. Before she even made it to the door she already had her shirt up and over her head, lazily tossing it to the floor and setting the bobby pins on her vanity.

It amazed her, sometimes, how people looked at her as if she was just so sweet and innocent. In a way she supposed she was, and she could see how people would think that was how she was all the time, but she was also human. A flesh and hot-blooded human who knew what she wanted and yet knew how to be responsible and mature about what she wanted at the same time.

You can be a sweetheart of a person and still want your sexy ass boyfriend to fuck your brains out when you go home. People forget, girls want sex too. It's just a matter of being smart and discrete about it.

You don't have to be someone who flaunts their assets in public in order to promote good sex, and you don't have to be a shy bookworm at home just because you have good grades and respect everyone else around you. If the universe really thought that you did… well then she supposed she was special in that way.

She smiled to herself as she rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder to relieve some of the pent up energy, deciding a hot shower was exactly what she needed to get herself back on track for the night. A cold one would normally be suggested for this kind of relief, but she was pretty sure that only worked on guys. It just had a whole different effect. They shrink in the cold.

Sliding the glass door to her shower stall open she bent over and turned the nob, listening to the spray of water shower down into the empty stall and begin to fill the room with steam.

Just as Ally stood up, two large hands grabbed her from behind; one covering her mouth to keep her from screaming out loud and the other wrapped tightly around her bare waist as he pulled her backwards until his back hit the now closed bathroom door.

Ally didn't need to see his face to know it was Austin. She would know his body anywhere. It may have only been a couple of weeks of really getting to know one another's bodies, but she was always a good studier, and she knew him from any other man on the planet.

"Shh, it's just me," he whispered into her ear before he took it into his mouth, humming as he suckled on the shell and loosened his grip slightly with his hands.

Ally couldn't resist. She pressed her ass firmly backwards into his groin, eliciting a surprised and happy moan from the blonde pinned between her and the bathroom door. She could feel his semi-erect cock through his jeans, and knew exactly what he had snuck back in for.

She couldn't say she was surprised. They had unfinished business from their little tryst downstairs.

Austin smiled as he moved his lips to her neck and devoured her from behind, moving the hand that was covering her mouth to her bra-covered breast.

The second Ally's mouth was uncovered she gasped in pleasure. "Mmm… Perfect timing," she smiled as she took the hand he was using to hold her to him and guided it down so he was covering her mound through her jeans and began rubbing herself with it. "I was just thinking about you…"

Austin's head fell back against the door with a light thud as he felt all the blood rush straight to his cock because of her actions. She was so unbelievably sexy at times, and he was so happy that it was all for him. "You never cease to amaze me," he said in a breathy moan.

Ally bit her lip and smiled, using her other hand to cover his and squeeze her breast. "Don't I?"

Austin smiled and followed her lead, squeezing and rubbing her where she wanted him to, pushing his erection forward and nestling it right between her perfect ass cheeks as best he could with their clothes still on.

"Mmm, that's a good thing," he smiled and with one hand, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down.

Austin slid his hand, with her encouragement, into her panties and searched for his prize. She was dripping wet already, and not with water. "Ungh, yes…" he moaned as he bit his lip and slipped a finger easily into her opening.

Ally bucked her hips back into him and lolled her head backwards onto his shoulder, her back arched as her breathing grew harder. This was exactly what she needed.

"You know," Austin said in a deep, low voice directly into her ear as he added a second digit to her opening, swirling his thumb over her clit making her buck again. "You basically kicked me out earlier. Lying about your homework like that…"

Ally bit her lip and rolled her hips. "I know. I panicked, I'm sorry."

Austin suddenly pulled his hand away, eliciting a whimper from her as he roughly spun her around to face him before pulling his own shirt over his head.

Ally watched through the steam of the room as his hair became disheveled from his shirt and he undid his belt.

"On your knees," he demanded, and Ally swore she almost came in her pants right then and there. She was all too eager to oblige.

Austin watched as she dropped to her knees and went to work on his button and zipper for him. Her hands were practically trembling with want and need, and she make quick work of the zipper, grabbing the waistband of both the jeans and his boxers, pulling them down at once.

She looked up at him.

He arched a brow at her, feeling fierce, and he had a sneaking suspicion she liked it.

"Suck it."

Ally leaned forward and took him as far into her mouth as she could, closing her eyes and moaning at the taste of him in her mouth again. She missed this, and she loved what it did to him.

At the first feel of her hot mouth on him Austin's eyes nearly rolled back. Her plump lips surrounded his shaft, moving slowly up and down, leaving a sheen of saliva where she had been. Her tongue expertly massaged the underside of him as she looked up at him with a devilish glint through her lashes.

On her down stroke Ally hollowed her cheeks, suctioning him and extracting any fluids that escaped him early. Her hands moved to grip his thighs as she pulled him in again, trying to go deeper this time, coughing when his head hit the back of her throat. She pulled back again, gasping for air as she let him plop free from her mouth for only a second before taking him in again.

Austin tangled his fingers into her unruly hair, and gripped her with the tiniest bit of force. He didn't want to hurt her, but he had so much adrenaline rushing through him from climbing up her gutter and into her bedroom, so afraid he'd get caught or fall, and yet here he was, leaning back and watching her swallow his cock with enthusiasm.

"Fuck, you're amazing," he hissed at her, looking down through hooded eyes and she pleasured him willingly with her mouth.

Ally moaned around him at his words, and she saw him clench his jaw as a result. Watching him as she pleasured him only made her that much more horny, and she reached down with her right hand to rub her clit to relieve some of the tension.

Austin was fully erect now, and only half of him fit into Ally's mouth. He watched as she swirled her fingers around in her own juices before bringing it up to pinch her clit. She was as desperate for release as he was, and he wanted nothing more than to be buried deep inside her when he came.

He bent over and grabbed her upper arms, lifting her into a standing position in front of him as he unclasped her bra with one hand, and pushed her pants and panties down with the other.

Ally smiled seductively at him when he was face to face with her again. "I like when you tell me what to do…"

Austin lifted her up, eliciting a small squeak of excitement from her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, his dick already probing her opening from their position. He walked her over to the shower door and slid it open, stepping under the spray without even testing the water, and closing the door behind him.

Ally gasped in delight when the hot water hit her back. Trusting him completely, she let go of his shoulders and leaned back, running her hands through her hair as the water cascaded down through it and over the front of her body.

Her legs were wrapped tightly around his torso, and he enjoyed the show as she was splayed out before him, breasts bouncing as she cleaned herself under the water. Austin looked down and shifted himself so his cock was lined up perfectly at her entrance, and in one quick thrust, entered her, burying himself completely.

Ally gasped and returned her hands to his shoulders to steady herself as she once again adjusted to his size. He didn't wait for her to adjust, however, he immediately pulled out and pushed back in, rotating his hips to create a blissful friction on her clit as he let the water spray down all over both of them.

He turned and pressed her back against the tile wall, shifting his arms so they were under her thighs, opening her up to his assault as he began to pound into her relentlessly.

"Oh my god! FUCK! Austin!" she breathed, thankful that her father's bedroom was not on the other side of the wall she was currently being fucked against. "Yes!"

"Fuck, Ally… so tight…" he ground out as he tilted his head back and let the water pull his hair out of his face. He faced her again and hissed as he felt her walls flutter the tiniest bit around him.

Ally looked down and was mesmerized by watching his cock disappear into her over and over again, wave after wave of tingles coursing their way through her body head to toe. It was insanely erotic knowing that he was quite literally inside her body. It sent jolts of pleasure down her spine.

Suddenly Austin pulled her away from the wall and she gasped, loudly, as he pulled out and set her back down on her own two feet. She watched as he got down on his knees, grabbed one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder, and delved into her pussy.

He ate her out for several long minutes. Ally threw her head back and heaved a huge sigh to keep from screaming at the pleasure. His mouth was doing wonders on her over sensitive flesh. The leg she was using to hold herself up was already beginning to tremble. "Austin YES oh my god…" She held the shower bar with one hand and held Austin's head in place with the other. She never wanted him to stop.

Austin slid his pointed tongue in and around all of Ally's folds, probing her and seeking the best reactions. He switched back and forth from pointed tongue to flat, his taste buds creating the kind friction on her clit that she craved.

"You taste so fucking good," he breathed into her and dove back in. His hands moved from her ankles all the way up to her breasts, squeezing and massaging, the water creating a glorious shine all over her porcelain skin. She was like milk and honey.

"Austin I'm so close," she cried before throwing her head back. She didn't know how much more of the pleasure onslaught she could take before she exploded all over him.

He heard her pleas, and they came just in time because his cock was beginning to ache with need. Quickly he stood up, pressed his open mouth on hers and kissed her deeply before whirling her around so her back was to him.

"Oh!" she gasped as he bent her forward so her ass was lined up right in front of him, the water spraying down right on her lower back. Ally pressed her hands against the shower wall and looked back over her shoulder at him. He seemed to be staring for a long moment so she wiggled her ass at him, drawing him from his thoughts.

Austin took hold of his cock and lined himself up at her entrance, teasing her with tiny thrusts of only the head in and out of her labia.

She was growing impatient, and she bucked her hips backwards in an attempt to force him deeper. "Austin, please…"

He looked up at her, a sadistic smile gracing his lips as he rubbed the underside of his cock along her butt crack, teasing her. "Please what?"

She moaned and pushed her hips back again, oddly enjoying the feeling of his rigid shaft on her forbidden hole. She's heard some things about anal sex, that it could be painful during the first penetration but send a whole new level of pleasure through your body. She had half a mind to let him try it if that was what he was thinking about.

She would let him do anything to her.

Austin was thinking about it, and if there was ever a time to try it, it was in the shower, where everything was all lubed up and ready to go, but he needed to get off badly right now and so did she, and if that didn't feel as good to her as he hoped, it would ruin the mood, so he decided to wait and push hat subject another night.

Ally pleaded with him. "Please fuck me, I need you…"

Austin didn't hesitate after that. He rubbed the head of his cock over her puckered hole a few times to apply the tiniest bit of pleasure, then, when she was least suspecting it, drove into her pussy and began pistoning in and out of her.

He fisted handfuls of her thick flesh as he pushed all the way in to her and pulled nearly all the way out. Repeating the action over and over and over.

Ally's breasts bounced each time he thrust into her, and her mewls were growing louder and louder.

Austin was chanting Ally's name like a mantra as he drove into her, the doggie style angle doing wonders as her pelvic bone rubbed gloriously on the underside of his cock. "Oh yeah, of fuck…" he moaned as he rocked his hips against hers.

She bit her lip to stifle her screams so hard she thought it was bleeding by now. She was so close, right on the edge. She just needed…

Austin could feel his orgasm beginning, and quickly pulled her upright and lifted her right leg so he could keep thrusting as he crashed his lips into hers.

Ally held the back of his head with a vice grip as her orgasm shook her to her core. Her knees wobbled, and she saw stars as wave after wave of pleasure coursed from her scalp to her toes, her inner muscles clamping down on him in flutters as she came on him.

Austin held onto her tight as he shot string after string of hot liquid deep into her core. His tongue lazily and sloppily glided with hers while they simultaneously rode out every last shock wave of their mutual orgasms.

Austin pulled his mouth from hers, and set his head on her shoulder, breathing heavily in his now weakened state.

Ally lazily pushed strands of his wet hair out of his eyes and leaved against him, breathing heavily to steady her rapid beating heart.

"You are always so amazing," he admitted, his eyes closed as he just basked in the feel of his member shrinking within her and her hands in his hair and on his scalp.

She smiled at her sleepy lover, lowering her leg and moving to face him, feeling the loss when he slipped out from within her. She too was exhausted, but he had done most of the work, and she could see it was catching up with him now.

Basking in her loving afterglow, she grabbed her body wash and squeezed some into her hand, lathering it up and rubbing all over Austin's body to clean him up.

He stood there, content and beyond relaxed as she tended to him, doing everything as far as washing his body to washing his hair, massaging his scalp and guiding him under the spray to rinse off. When it came to be her turn, he let her wash her own hair as he kneeled and lathered her entire body with her body wash, making sure to give her a full body massage in the process. They didn't speak, just tended to each other livingly, knowing what they needed in turn.

When they were done, Ally turned to shut off the water while Austin opened the shower door and reached for a towel. He wrapped it around Ally first, drying her off and warming her up now that the cool air was hitting their heated flesh.

What they did for one another went beyond words. They cared for each other on a level most teenagers never feel. More concerned with one another's pleasure, or comfort, or safety, that was true love.

There was absolutely no denying they were in true love.

When they were done drying off, Austin wrapped himself in the towel, and Ally tight in her fuzzy bath robe and picked her up, carrying her bridal style out of the bathroom to her bed.

She watched him as he carried her, and she couldn't have stopped herself if she tried. She leaned in and kissed him while he was walking, trusting him not to run into anything or drop her. She inhaled through her nose and just smiled into the kiss as he reached the edge of her bed and carefully set her in.

Austin smiled as he slipped into bed beside her, no intention of leaving until she was fast asleep. He pulled the blankets up over them and shimmied down so he was face to face with her once again, lovingly pushing a stray piece of hair out of her eyes. "I love you," he said with nothing but sincerity in his heart.

She smiled sweetly at him, knowing he was telling the truth, and she returned his feelings, ten-fold. "I love you too."

They lay like that for several minutes, drifting in and out of limbo as their exhaustion began to overtake their bodies. Austin knew he couldn't stay the whole night, as much as he wanted to. But he also wanted to be able to continue doing this, and getting caught would mean very bad endings for that aspiration.

"So," he began before giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Ally giggled lovingly at his cuteness.

"How long until I start getting chastised for climbing in your bedroom window every night for sex?"

Ally smiled brightly at him. She knew he was expecting it to start now that everyone knew about them. They couldn't just use the excuse of 'oh we fell asleep working on a song' or 'I was just checking up on him/her.' People weren't stupid. They would know the truth of it if they were together into the wee morning hours every single day. Still, she couldn't deny the thrill she got when they did sneak off to see each other, or the heights of pleasure they brought one another because their adrenaline levels were always so high when sneaking around.

She rolled over on top of him, catching him by surprise before she lowered her head and stole a long, sleepy kiss from his tired lips.

Truth be told, she would always let him crawl through her bedroom window for any reason, but she wanted to keep the mystery alive.

"I guess I can give you one more night…"


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